FIFA: Why Blatter Must Go and Take All Members of Ex-Co with Him

True BlueCorrespondent IMay 30, 2011

Are you listening Sepp?
Are you listening Sepp?Michael Steele/Getty Images

A sure sign that an organisation is in deep do-do is when its leader is forced into hosting a press conference, especially if that press conference turns into a farce live, on-air and beamed across the globe.

It may be that Sepp Blatter is so vainglorious as to think that he and FIFA are hugely popular and that alone explains why the live streaming of today's 'presser' is the most watched FIFA stream ever.

But the only reason for the huge audience for his presser, the acres of news print and multitude of radio and TV broadcasters who chose to beam his words live across the globe is because people love football.

And now Blatter and the other remaining members of his executive committee (or his parliament as he called it live on TV in a Freudian slip) are in the sights of supporters, governments and sponsors alike.

So far there is apparently no direct evidence linking Blatter to any sort of corruption or abuse of power. He is of course innocent until proven guilty. That said he is also only likely to be investigated by people who owe their livelihoods to his patronage.

Last time I checked, turkeys don't vote for Christmas. 

But the simple and honest truth is that Blatter is the head of an organisation that is rotten to its core. As well as rotten it is also run by people patently incapable of organising a p***-up in a brewery.

If Sepp thinks that FIFA are simply having some difficulties then what does the suspension of four of the 24 members of the top executive committee mean? Let's make that clear, the 24-member executive committee has had four of its members suspended on allegations (two now proven) of corruption.

All of this has occurred and developed whilst Saint Sepp has been in charge so he is guilty at best of being an idiot at worse he is part of the most corrupt sporting body in existence.

FIFA members also live a five-star lifestyle at the expense of grassroots football. Sepp earns a basic salary of $1 million per year but he also has free use of cars, hotels and food on expenses that would shame a British MP.

Every time Sepp spends a dollar it is one less dollar that can be spent on football development or equipment or pitches in Sierra Leone or Belize or Thailand.

But Sepp isn't alone there are literally hundreds of people on huge salaries because they backed Sepp in the past. 

Let's remember that each five-star hotel room they use makes it much harder to employ a football/soccer coach in Africa, each meal they eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant takes goalposts away from a field in Bosnia, each first-class flight they utilise means that kids stay on the streets and in danger in South Africa.

As FIFA is a registered charity it seems odd that its head earns so well and is treated like royalty of course,  but it FIFA also only allows the World Cup to be hosted in countries if FIFA has to pay no tax. A tax dodging sporting body doesn't seem that charitable to me.  

So ignoring the corruption allegations the simple fact that Sepp has overseen FIFA in the years that it became a plaything for rich fools and overpaid politicians means that he should go.

But of course he is surrounded by sycophants and yes men so that wont happen but it will mean that governments will have to get involved so Blatter could well be ousted by the very governments he so despises.