The Pros and Cons of Selling Cesc Fabregas

Matthew Celentano@@Gunner_NYCFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Selling Cesc Fabregas

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    For the past few summers, there are always rumours about how Cesc Fabregas will join his boyhood club, Barcelona.

    People always talk about how Cesc has a burning passion to go back to the Nou Camp—his guilty pleasure—but the transfer never seems to materialize, as either Barcelona don't offer enough or Arsene Wenger convinces Cesc to stay.

    Although me and every Arsenal supporter would hate to see our captain leave, there would be both pros and cons to his transfer.

The Pros

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    This is the part I'm assuming most people want to read. In his time with Arsenal, Fabregas has been a standout player on the squad, being the PFA Young Player of the Year and being included in the PFA Team of the Year.

    Cesc is undoubtedly one of the most valued members of the club, as the World Cup winner is currently the wearer of the captain's armband, as well as being the main playmaker in the Arsenal starting 11.

    We all love Cesc Fabregas, we even have a chant for him, so what could possibly be good about selling him, right? You'd be surprised. Here are the pros of selling Cesc...

The Funds from His Transfer

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    In response to Barcelona's many transfer bids for Cesc, Arsene Wenger has stated that he will not accept any offers below the realm of 40-50 million pounds.

    With that kind of money, Arsenal could bring some serious talent to the Emirates, and could afford to fix the issues that troubled them this season. That includes bringing in some world-class players (who wouldn't be cheap), improving the medical staff or lowering the ticket prices (something that has infuriated Arsenal supporters in recent weeks).

    Going into the summer transfer window, a period of time where Arsenal have a chance to repair the leaks in the club, an extra 40 million pounds won't hurt.

    Although Cesc's transfer would mean, well, losing Cesc, it would bring in a significant amount of money for Arsenal, allowing them to solve their ever-growing list of problems with the club.

Possible Replacements

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    Because Cesc Fabregas is so vital to the Arsenal midfield, and is considered to be the Gunners' best player, he wouldn't just leave without having a successor. Arsene Wenger would need to sign a young, talented, and skillful playmaker who's good enough to be tagged as the "next Cesc Fabregas."

    Possible replacements for the Spaniard include Eden Hazard, Mario Goetze, Yoann Gourcuff or even players like Wesley Sneijder or Kaka.

    OK, those last two are a bit unrealistic, but still, bringing a player to the Emirates who's good enough to replace Cesc would be extremely exciting.

    His replacement could be the future of Arsenal, and would undoubtedly be one of the few good things about selling the Arsenal captain.

Room for Players Like Wilshere and Ramsey to Grow

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    It's safe to say that Jack Wilshere was Arsenal's stand out player this season, which is pretty impressive considering he's only 19.

    However, there's another player who should've been in the midfield this season to show the world his talent, but was unable to due to a horrendous injury. That's Aaron Ramsey.

    He had his first start for quite a long time against Manchester United a few weeks ago, and scored the winner during his first time playing in 2011. There's no doubt that he's got talent.

    If Cesc Fabregas' transfer came through, it would make way for Wilshere and Ramsey, the midfield duo that seems to be the future of Arsenal.

    Cesc's performances in the past year have been poor by his standards, and if he left it would get rid of his confusion about returning to his boyhood club, letting Wilshere and Ramsey emerge as a power duo.

The Cons

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    Although these are the more obvious things about Cesc Fabregas' hypothetical transfer, they're important nonetheless.

    Despite the fact the Fabregas was created at the Nou Camp, he was still formed as a professional with Arsenal, bought at the young age of 16. Cesc is arguably Arsenal's best player, so here are what the cons would be if the Spaniard was sold.

Cesc Fabregas Is the Heart of the Arsenal Midfield

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    Sure, he's had a mediocre season, but Cesc is still a world-class player and more importantly, the main playmaker at Arsenal. He has an incredible vision of the pitch, and although he's only scored three  times in the league this season, he's had 12 assists, and has created dozens of chances that turn into goals.

    Many say that Arsenal don't play nearly as well when Cesc Fabregas isn't in the starting lineup, and for the most part, it's true. Cesc provides through balls both in the air and on the ground to players like van Persie, Chamakh, and Walcott. He gives them the ammunition to score goals, and we all know that a gun doesn't work without ammunition.

    Cesc is a vital member of the squad, and like it says above, he's the heart of the Arsenal midfield, so losing him would be like, well, losing a heart (not literally).

His Inspiration to the Arsenal Youth

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    As the youngest player to ever start in an Arsenal shirt, Cesc is the perfect role model for youngsters at the Arsenal academy, or even young first team players like Wilshere and Gibbs.

    As well as that, Cesc is also living proof that Arsene Wenger's "youth project" is successful. Many question the methods of "the Professor" in recent years.

    People say that Arsene Wenger should focus just as much on the transfer market as he does on the youth academy, and should provide a healthy mix of experienced players and young players, rather than heaping pressure onto a squad that is for the most part under 25.

    However, Cesc Fabregas is the ideal example of how a young, aspiring footballer can become a consistent first team player.

    There's no doubt that Cesc Fabregas has got a tremendous influence on the younger members of Arsenal Football Club, and if Cesc left it would be devastating.

No Playing Time at Barcelona

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    Okay, there's one thing I simply don't understand about the Cesc Fabregas transfer saga: Why do Barcelona want him so badly?

    Barca have already got tons of midfield firepower, with Pedro, Iniesta, and Xavi, so it's not clear as to why they want Cesc so badly. The only reason Cesc would ever start at Barcelona would be if Xavi was injured, but even then he wouldn't be nearly as useful to Barcelona as he is at Arsenal.

    Cesc would be just like Thierry Henry: a hero at Arsenal, but a mere substitute at Barcelona.


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    The cons outweigh the pros.

    Even though Cesc has had a substandard season, he's still desperately needed by Arsenal, and to see him go would be a tremendous change to the club. He's still got unfinished business at the Emirates, to win a trophy as the captain, and to bring his side to glory.

    On the other hand, it's looking more likely than ever that Cesc will leave this summer, but then again, doesn't it always?

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