Premier League 2010-11: Top Signings This Season

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIMay 11, 2011

Premier League 2010-11: Top Signings This Season

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    As always, fresh faces graced the premier league this season. Some players were brought in from abroad, others made short trips across England to join new clubs.

    Every team has signed players this year—not all have had success. Some have. But who has had success? In this article I will rank my top 10 signings of the year.

    Please, don't forget, this is my opinion only.


Strikers: Andy Carroll, Liverpool, £35 Million

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    This man became the most expensive British player ever, with a value of £35 million. That is a lot.

    The young Englishman has been labelled the next spearhead of England's attack and a future Liverpool hero. Since joining Liverpool on deadline day in January, Carroll hasn't played as much as he would have liked due to injury and the form of Maxi Rodriguez.

    Carroll scored two against Manchester City but is a key player when Liverpool advance forward, as he (naturally) is good in the air. He provides space for Luis Suarez to run into, and when Gerrard returns, he may well be lethal. All Liverpool need are wingers.

    It is only his injuries that prevent him from being further up this list, but his performances in a Newcastle shirt are not counted.

    A future star—well done, son.

Asamoah Gyan, Sunderland, £13 Million

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    A good friend of mine supports Sunderland, and his talk is always "Gyan this, Gyan that."

    Well, I would be excited if this man came to my club.

    Since a promising World Cup, Asamoah Gyan has gone from strength to strength. He shows incredible ball control, good movement, an ability to finish and strength on the ball. He is hard to deal with, basically.

    Statistically, Gyan scored a goal every three games, which is respectable, especially in a debut season in England.

    With the departure of Darren Bent, Gyan has, at times, had to cope with leading the line alone. He has done it well, but the question must be asked: What happens when he gets injured?

    Well, he was injured, and Sunderland had no out-and-out striker—disaster.

    A bright future for this man is in the cards.

Darren Bent, Aston Villa, £24 Million

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    I mentioned this man earlier—he left Sunderland in January. Since then, he has never looked back. He has scored important goals for Villa, at times setting an example to the rest of the side.

    Bent has scored seven goals in 13 matches—that is not bad. However, it is not that that puts him on this list. It is his awareness, positioning and constant threat.

    Darren Bent has that instinct for goal. He is the kind of striker no one wants to mark. He never stays still! He is always looking for the next pass, the next opportunity, that next goal.

    It is such that makes him lethal. That and an amazing finishing ability. It's true, sometimes his finishing is questionable, but when on form, he makes that goalkeeper sweat like a pig in a porkshop.

Luis Suarez, Liverpool, £24 Million

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    His trademark orange boots have lit up the Anfield pitch time and time again. His flair, skill and movement are some of the main reasons why Liverpool have improved so much—he gives them an extra dimension.

    There is not one match I can think of where Suarez has played badly. Hailed by Kenny Dalglish, El Pistolero shows startling similarities to the Liverpool legend.

    He has years to work on his partnership with Andy Carroll, and I feel they can forge a brilliant partnership. In the absence of Fernando Torres, Suarez has been given the responsibility of leading the line at times. He has done it admirably and is definitley a fan favourite.

    He's certainly my favourite player.

Javier Hernandez, Manchester United, Unidisclosed Fee

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    A brilliant signing, Chicarito has made a habit of scoring in big games.

    Bought as a future prospect, Javier Hernandez has made an impact sooner than expected, scoring 13 goals. Statistically, Hernandez scored once every two games. That is very impressive.

    Most players that come over from South America find it difficult to adapt and end up elsewhere, usually Spain. I get the feeling, however, that this young man will be staying at Old Trafford, and all United fans will be hoping that, too.

    Or, maybe you sell him in a couple of years for a huge fee. One of the two.

    This signing, for me, epitomises the skill of Sir Alex. Not many take risks these days—it's expensive. Yet, Ferguson showed nerve, and his nerve has definitely payed off.

Midfielders: Raul Meireles, Liverpool, £13 Million

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    Bought as a quick replacement for the departed Javier Mascherano, Raul Meireles has been more than what we bargained for.

    Meireles plays in a more offensive role in the Liverpool midfield and has played well consistently throughout the season. With Gerrard out for long periods of time, Meireles has had to step in his boots and has done a very, very good job.

    Many Liverpudlians appreciate the Portuguese midfielder—he has shown dedication and patience, something that some other players didn't show.

    Recently, Meireles went on a bit of a scoring streak, helping Liverpool to victories, most notably against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

    Magical Meireles has been magnificent.

Yaya Toure, Manchester City, £24 Million

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    Signed in summer for £24 million, Toure has never looked back. His strength on the ball has seen him receive a starting place in the Manchester City side, who are improving rapidly.

    Toure plays just behind the strikers, which was a surprise for me. A player of his build suits a more defensive role, similar to Steven Gerrard. However, like Gerrard, Toure has shown brilliance in the final third, scoring six times for City and assisting many more.

    He has improved as the season wears on, and next season, I expect to see him bullying defenders even more.

Van Der Vaart, Tottenham, £8 Million

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    What a bargain, what a player.

    Rafael Van der Vaart played for Hamburg once upon a time, and I was lucky enough to be living there during that period. Therefore, I can assure you that every Hamburg shirt had No. 23 on the back.

    He is phenomenal—fact.

    He has proven himself to be a prolific goal scorer, scoring 12 times for Tottenham. His experience in the Champions League was invaluable for Spurs, driving them on at times.

    Back to the league, Rafael has shown composure in front of goal and skill when approaching it. It's no surprise he's on this list.

Defender: David Luiz, £22 Million

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    The last player on this list is one of the best players on this list.

    David Luiz has flourished in Chelsea blue—he has scored important goals and made important tackles.

    Though, at times, Luiz has shown defensive frailties, he more than makes up for it with his offensive prowess. He has filled the gap alongside John Terry and they have forged a solid partnership, hence Chelsea's improved form.

    Luiz will continue to flourish, I am sure of it.


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    Thanks for reading. These are my favourites. Daniel Sturridge and Welbeck were close to making it, just to let you know.

    As always, it's a pleasure writing for you. Comment if you feel anything was wrong. I am 15 and only want to improve.

    Alright, cheers lads.