Sergio Ramos Video: Watch Madrid Star Drop Copa Del Rey, Gets It Run over by Bus

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2011

There's a Sergio Ramos video sweeping across the sports world today, after the Real Madrid star managed to get Spain's most coveted trophy (the Copa Del Rey) run over by the celebratory bus he was riding on, when he dropped it to the ground. 

Ramos has just finished playing an integral role in Real's winning the coveted trophy, and was standing atop a double decker bus designed to help the team celebrate the glorious victory holding the cup for all to see, as the delirious crowd cheered their heroes. 

But, of course, he promptly drops it.

The driver of the bus doesn't see the Copa fall and continues driving, until security personnel realize what has just happened, bringing the parade through the streets to a screeching halt. 

The best part is that Madrid's fans don't seem fazed by the possibility that the cup they'd waited 18 years to win had just been crushed by the bus celebrating that same trophy.

Madrid players hear Ramos tell them he dropped the cup and a few of them hit him with their scarves, clearly irritated by his immense stupidity. 

Eventually, the bus starts moving again and the celebration continues, but Ramos looks downright crestfallen atop Madrid's party bus, now that it's clear the object he'd been working so hard to win has been broken. 

Madrid officials told reporters that the Copa was damaged by being run over, and that the team was working to fix it.

Ramos later admitted the Cup had been damaged, but jokingly told fans:

"The whole thing about the cup was a misunderstanding, it didn't fall ... it jumped off when it reached Cibeles and saw so many Madrid fans," Ramos tweeted.

"Hahahaha ... but don't worry ... have a good day."

Smooth one Sergio. Smooth.