Enough Hypocrisy! "Big Four" Fans Are Scared Of Manchester City

illya mclellanSenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2008

With the recent action at Manchester City it seems that all of a sudden a lot of fans of the larger and more financially able clubs in the EPL have forgotten something.

This is that the clubs they support have been engaged in the behaviour that Manchester City have demonstrated—and hint at doing more of—for decades.

I have recently read of all this doom and gloom that will come upon Manchester City because they have just got wealthy backing.

Excuse me? I don't quite understand. They are in a crisis now because they have loads of money?

Damn, I wish I was in that sort of a crisis.

I have noticed that many of these naysayers are actually fans of the club not far removed from City residing at Old Trafford. Have these same fans forgotten about the history of their beloved Manchester United? Louis Edwards? Martin Edwards?

Louis was rumoured to be as corrupt as they come, using his money in the fifties to bribe parents of potential youth prospects. He was also responsible for sacking a lot of managers, in the fashion that many say that Hughes will now be sacked at Man City.

Martin Edwards, his son, took over later and was exactly the same. Sacking managers through the eighties before Ferguson arrived. He was rumoured to be about to sack Ferguson at one stage as well.

What I cannot abide is the ridiculous comments about this being "the end of City" etc.

I think the biggest motivator for comments such as this is the collective fear from fans of the bigger clubs that there is now a new contender on the scene. Another club capable of upsetting the apple cart.

I find it laughable that Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal fans are writing articles stating that business does not mix with football, and Hughes will find himself alienated blah blah blah.

For United fans if you get a chance check out a book called, "Manchester United, The Betrayal of a Legend", for some insight into the history of the business mentality of that club. While it is an old book and parts are not so relevant, it does give a very good outline of the forces at work within the club after the "Busby years."

Manchester City now have money, it is fact. The players there will now be very aware that there is now added reason to perform, as will Mark Hughes. It is the nature of the game for Hughes and his players, and something they have seen since their days of playing schoolboys.

If someone better comes along, you are out. I have heard people saying, "Think about the poor squad, they have no reason to play", absolute hogwash. Players lift themselves to new things when they are placed under pressure, and I am sure all of them will be excited at the prospect of playing for a potentially successful club.

If they don't make it, they don't make it. It has probably happened to them before and may well happen again. Its football, not kiddie cricket (Freddy got the wicket but its Johnny's turn to bat).

I think it is time to get back to the football and leave this debate behind.

With Manchester City playing Chelsea next weekend, shouldn't we be more excited about the possibilities this game throws up?

I certainly am.

Lets stop the hypocrisy, and get back to the game.