Real Madrid: How The Players Have Fared So Far This Season

Munachimso Nnebe-AgumaduContributor IOctober 11, 2010

Real Madrid: How The Players Have Fared So Far This Season

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     This is a brief look at how the individual players have done so far this season. The new signings seem to be settling well while many of the older ones are consistently improving. Yes, many may say that the team has not played the most attractive type of football lately but there are so many positives to look at. So far, the defense has looked nothing but solid conceding only two goals. Ronaldo and Higuain each scored goals against Deportivo La Coruna. Who knows, that might just be what they need to end their goal drought.

      Real Madrid is yet to meet any fierce opponents, but from what they've displayed so far, the future does looks bright.

    N.B:- These ratings are all on a scale of 1 to 10.

Iker Casillas: 8

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        The beloved captain has not done much wrong and has only conceded two goals this season, thanks to his defense. He has also acknowledged that he had gotten bored on a number of occasions  but he has stepped up the few times he was tested. All he needs now is consistency.

    Drawbacks: He was a little lackluster towards saving the goal that Raul Tamudo scored against him in the Real Sociedad match. He should have made an attempt to deflect the free kick.

Sergio Ramos: 6.5

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         Sergio has not had the best start to the season. His performance against Real Sociedad was probably his worst so far but, in his defense, he was just coming back from an injury. However, with the faith Mourinho has in him, we can be rest assured he'll find his footing sooner than later, Besides, he was one of the best players (if not the best) in Spain's match against Lithuania where he assisted two of Spain's goals.

    Drawbacks: He was demolished by youngster, Griezmann, in the Real Sociedad match.

Pepe: 7.5

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         The Portuguese has been rock solid at the back and has contributed immensely to the continually improving Madrid defense. His strength and agility have worked to his advantage and he has even scored a goal from a Ronaldo free kick which he deflected into the net.

    Drawback: He already has one red card and is in search of an enormous pay rise when he still has two years left in his contract.

Ricardo Carvalho: 9

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         The 32 year old has added some steel to the whites' defense and is rated the best signing of the summer. His experience is priceless and his calmness, exemplary. His partnership with Pepe has been splendid and one can be certain that the Portuguese National team coach agrees with me. in addition, he  scored the team's first goal of the season. Eight million Euros for this guy was an under-payment.

    Drawback: He almost made the team concede an easy goal against Derpotivo when he slipped and lost possession of the ball very close to the eighteen- yard box.

Marcelo: 9

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         The young Brazilian has been a revelation this season. After an ordinary 2009/2010 season, one begins to wonder what Mourinho said to him to cause such a dramatic increase in his performance. His attacking runs have been as entertaining as usual and his defensive skills have not been bad. There's no denying that with consistent improvement  and hard work over the next few years, we'll be looking at probably the best left back in the world.

    Drawback: He almost took an unnecessary red card in the game against Deportivo La Coruna when he tried to save a header from Juan Rodriguez with his left hand. Luckily for him, the ball was already inside of goal before he made the move.

Alvaro Arbeloa: 7

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         As usual, the Spaniard has been good defensively and he filled in very well for Sergio Ramos during his absence. He has not done much wrong.

    Drawback: He is still not very confident going forward.

Sami Khedira: 6.5

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        Not the most exciting start to the season for the German, but he has done well in his partnership with Alonso. He has played as the more attacking of the two  and might just be gradually retiring Lass to a bench role. So far, he seems to be doing just what Mourinho wants from him and he also hasn't disappointed us with his stamina. In one of the matches, it was recorded that he ran an amazing eleven kilometers in ninety minutes.

    Drawback: He has been slow in possession and has just not been spectacular.

Lassana Diarra: 6

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         The French man has been as hard working, strong and agile as usual and has featured in six out of the eight games played so far, but he doesn't seem to be satisfied.

    Drawback: He still makes some unnecessarily rough tackles causing the team to concede dangerous free kicks. These traits may cost the team in big games.  There have also been reports from France that he is not satisfied with his playing time and might choose to leave in January. Even though these reports might be mendacious, I don't see why he should complain considering the amount of time others like Diarra and Granero have had this season.

Xabi Alonso: 8.5

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         The passing machine has been a captain on the pitch. Even though he doesn't bear the captain arm band in person, he has been a leader on the field. His long range passes have been as good as usual and even his tackling has improved. He has established himself as one of the few indispensable players in Mourinho's line-up.

    Drawback: He did not have a very strong game during Real Madrid's visit to his former club, Real Sociedad.

Mesut Ozil: 8

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         The lazy eyed killer has enjoyed a decent start to his Real Madrid career after receiving two standing ovations from the home crowd during his first two home games. He has assisted a few and scored one. So far, the sixteen million Euros that was spent on him, was not a waste.

    Drawback: He has varnished in some games and he still can't play for ninety minutes.

Angel Di Maria: 8

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         There has not been a scarcity of love signs with this guy around. He has scored two and assisted one this season. He has not failed to entertain us with some of his slick dribbling skills while also scoring a screamer against Real Sociedad.

         So far, the player who Mourinho seemed to have wanted desperately is just beginning to fill the space that was left by the likes of Robinho and Arjen Robben.

    Drawback: His passing has let him down on some occasions and he still needs power and accuracy in his long range shots. 

Cristiano Ronaldo: 6.5

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         CR7 has experienced a rather frustrating start to the new campaign and there is no denying that he's been a little off his game lately. However, he had a remarkable game against Deportivo before going for the international break where he also led Portugal to a comfortable victory over Denmark. These may just be signs that he is back. All he needs now is some confidence and a good control of the pressure from outsiders. Besides, there is nothing to be scared of since the coach has already declared him untouchable meaning that all he has to do is keep up with his hard work, and all will be well.

    Drawbacks: His shots this season have been wayward and sometimes unnecessary.

Gonzalo Higuain: 6.5

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         I rate him the same with Ronaldo because they are both having the same problem, which is, lack of goals. Pipita has missed some sitters this season but has scored two goals and assisted two. He's hopefully just suffering from a temporary loss of form because I'm quite certain the lad is a quality striker. His previous two season stand as testimonies to his abilities.

    Drawbacks: Amongst so many missed opportunities, he missed a sitter during the dieing minutes of the game against Levante. A goal that would have salvaged the team from a frustrating draw.

Honorable Mentions

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    Jose Mourinho:  Not a bad start to a new season in a new league. So far, he is yet to suffer a defeat and his defense is looking strong. His team may not be playing fancy football yet, but the man is setting his priorities right. Is he a defensive coach? I don't think so, he just happens to make his teams defend well. There's a huge difference.

    Karim Benzema:  Another slow start to the season for the French man but with the help of his coach, we might see his best soon.

    Estaban Granero: He hasn't been given enough time this season for me to rate. Hopefully, he'll see some more games in the future.

    Juan Carlos: He had a decent debut match and he looked calm on the ball. It feels good to see some of these young lads play but I hope he gets to see more games sooner than later.