Christian Jimenez Leads Cruz Azul in a Come from Behind Victory

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IAugust 21, 2010

11 Aug 2001:  David Mendoza of Cruz Azul runs with the ball during the Teresa Herrera tournament match against Penarol played at the Estadio Riazor, in La Coruna, Spain. Penarol won the match 2-1. \ Mandatory Credit: Shaun Botterill /Allsport
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Cruz Azul has been able to shine again after defeating Jaguares in Chiapas.

Christian Gimenez was instrumental in helping the team recover from its humilliation in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Christian Jimenez scored the first goal at 15 minutes with a free kick that surprised and shocked the Jaguares goalie, Jorge Villalpando.

He proceeded to repeat the same performance with two goals at 63 and 78 minutes.

The Jaguares proved that they were still dominant with Rodriguez and Andrade in spite of the initial shock.

Jorge Japo Rodriguez scored an equalizer at 30 minutes secondary to a free kick from a right angle which surprised the Cruz Azul goalie Jose de Jesus Corona even though his state of alertness was minimal.

Edgar Andrade took advantage of the continued lapse in a state of alertness from the Cruz Azul goalie Jose de Jesus Corona to surprise the Machine (nickname for Cruz Azul) with a second goal at 49 minutes.

The Jaguares dominated the field and game in the beginning with a disciplined and organized football/soccer play while Cruz Azul appeared weak and disorganized.

While it appeared that Cruz Azul was going to take control with the first goal by Jimenez, the Jagaures proved that they were still in control with the equalizer.

Afterward, the Jaguares were dancing around the ball and passing it among each other to the crowd at their home stadium of Victor Manuel Reyna.

The goal that was scored by Edgar Andrade placed the Jaguares in an advantage to win the game.

Unfortunatly, the Jaguares repeated the same mistake that many teams make, which is to rest during a game. It was their downfall.

Cruz Azul decided to apply the same medicine it received from Jaguares to the host team, although with some defects in their play.

Gimenez was able to surprise Villalpando with two goals for Cruz Azul with an equalizer and then a come from behind score.

His play was organized, disciplined, and his goals were to the point in their sense of direction.

The last goal for Cruz Azul was assisted by Emmanuel Villa, who was another key figure in this important game.

Christian Gimenez and Emmanuel Villa were the only players that kept Cruz Azul cohesive.

It is for this reason that I consider the Gimenez and Villa the most valued players.

Jose David Escobar Barba was the referee and his rulings were irregular.

He expelled Joel Huiqui, who is the central defense of Cruz Azul for his violent behavior and then pardoned him.

This ruling leaves me puzzled because this is the first time in my experience with football/soccer that such a ruling can occur.

Jaguares should learn to maintain on the defensive in games while Cruz Azul should continue to find a way to be consistent in its games.

Jaguares 2-3 Cruz Azul

Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna Tuxla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

Christian Gimenez and Emmanuel Villa: Most Valued Players