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2010 FIFA World Cup: Rumors Emerge Of Landon Donovan's Love Child

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2010 FIFA World Cup: Rumors Emerge Of Landon Donovan's Love Child
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The tabloids have been circulating stories about USA's star, Landon Donovan, and a possible mistress claiming to be the mother of Donovan's love child.

The news comes as a shocker to many after the USA midfielder announced that he was trying to fix his marriage.

This could be quite a step back, because a paternity suit could soon follow.

The rumors are all being bred by a British tabloid magazine or newspaper that could soon publish the entire story. But in fact it could be just that—a fabricated story.

This could all be some plot to ruin the American's reputation, especially when you hear that this is coming from Europe. We aren't the best of friends and this won't make the relationship any better when it comes to soccer.

They might have also been trying to distract Donovan and put him off track throughout the round of 16 and onward.

Donovan seemed on point throughout the game, but there could have been a little thing bothering him within. That little thing has the possibility of being this story. 

Donovan has allegedly decided not to comment on the matter. He is an athlete who appreciates his private life. He did the same when asked about his marriage. He likes to keep his distance from the spotlight.

What's interesting is that he doesn't deny fathering a love child.

Many point out that Donovan could have gotten into this mess during his stay in Europe for ten weeks last winter. 

Donovan has a clean record and this could be the first smudge, but lets hope not.

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