FIFA World Cup 2010: England vs. Germany...Shut Up, Franz Beckenbauer

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 25, 2010

Franz Beckenbauer, the famous German World Cup winner, has hit out at the England players about their fitness and the way they play.  

England's failure to top Group C means they will have to meet Group D winners Germany in the the last 16 match.

Beckenbauer said he would rather have seen the two nations go head to head later on in the competition.

''A game like this should be a semifinal, not a last-16 game.''


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Then he said that the English team are stupid for how they played in the group.

''Stupidly, the English have slipped up a little by finishing second in their group.'' 

Beckenbauer also believes Germany are fresher than the England side, which will work in their favour on Sunday.

''The English look a little tired,'' he said. ''There is a good reason for that: the Premier League players have got to play far more games than their Bundesliga colleagues, including two national cup competitions.

''Therefore, when it comes to a World Cup or a European Championships, they are burnt out.

''Our players, on the other hand, seem to be in a physically better condition."

He thinks that, due to England's recent form, it will be just another stepping stop on their way to the final. However, England will make it as tricky as possible for the Germans to go through. 

''Of course we respect them, but we certainly don't fear them.

''England's first two appearances at the World Cup were paltry, but they improved against Slovenia.''

Franz admitted it will not be an easy game for the Germans, as he expects England to be more motivated. It not just a match to get through to the next round, its an age-old rivalry between the two nations.

''What makes them dangerous is that their key players Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, and John Terry sense that this could be the last chance in their career to win a World Cup,'' he added.

''And after all, England have been waiting since 1966 for a title."


On the positive side  

He did, however, compliment the England coach for what he has been able to achieve with the team since he took over.

''Fabio Capello appears to have brought discipline to the troops. After they failed to qualify for Euro 2008, England hit rock bottom.

''Capello has brought in a new structure.''

The game is going to be ''another fantastic football battle'' on the world's stage. Both teams what to win, both teams belive they can win, but only one of the old foes can progress.

''England against Germany—they were always the biggest, most unforgettable games in our history."

''Football fans can only look forward to this classic.''


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