Portugal vs. North Korea World Cup 2010 Live Blog: Results, Scores, Play by Play

Rich WilcockContributor IJune 21, 2010

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 21:  Portugal fans enjoy the atmosphere ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group G match between Portugal and North Korea at the Green Point Stadium on June 21, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Both teams are looking for their first victory in Group G, with Portugal's last outing ending in a 0-0 stalemate with Ivory Coast, whilst North Korea went down 3-1 to the mighty Brazil.

All eyes will be on Cristiano Ronaldo, as he looks to finally bring his club form into the World Cup. Whilst nobody knows whether anybody will be watching North Korea back in their homeland, or whether or not the full squad will be present. The elusive Koreans are a tough team, and will surely give Portugal a good go.

The match is live from Green Point Stadium, Cape Town and the team sheet for both teams reads


  • 1. Eduardo
  • 2. Bruno Alves
  • 3. Carvalho
  • 13. Miguel
  • 23. Fabio Coentrao
  • 08. Mendes
  • 16. Raul Meireles
  • 19. Tiago
  • 7. Ronaldo
  • 11. Simao
  • 18. Hugo Almeida

North Korea

1. Myong Guk Rei 2. Cha Jong Hyok, 3. Ri Jun Il 5. Ryi Kwang Chon, 13. Pak Chol Jin, 04. Pak Nam Chol, 08. Ji Num Yang, 11. Mun Im Guk, 17, Ah Jung Hak, 09, Jong Tae Se, 10 Hong Jo So (c)



93.00- Its all over. A tight affair for 45 minutes, but afterwards, Portugal opened up and played some fantastic football. A truly imperious performance from start to finish. 8 goals in 1966, and 7 today. It seems Portugal really do like playing the Koreans. Portugal 7- 0 North Korea.

91.00- Portugese fans are going loopy. Rightly so. North Korea fans/ Chinese Actors not so loopy, more reserved. Heaven knows whats up with them.

88.00- Goal- Tiago scores his second. Fabulous header that landed by the back post. I can hardly keep up. Portugal 7- 0 North Korea

87.00- Goal- Ronaldo scores just as I say he hasn't. I would love to describe what happened, but can't do it justice. Lets just say, Ronaldo runs, ball bobbles on head, he puts it in.

86.00- Coentrao has been Man of the Match for me.

85.00- Portugal score 5 goals, Ronaldo not on the score sheet. This World Cup is truly topsy-turvy.

80.00- Goal- Liedson, with his first touch after coming on for Hugo Almeida, buries the ball in the back of the net after Ryi Kwang Chon miscues a clearance. Portugal are so clinal today. Portugal 5- 0 North Korea

79.00- Jong Tsae Jae takes a shot which is miscued and almost puts it in place for Hong Jo So, but Eduardo smothers

75.00- Ronaldo falls to the ground and looks utterly dejected that the ref has not given a free kick. He subsequently sits down for twenty seconds. Ridiculous

74.00- North Korea have brought on Nam Chol Sok whilst Duda has been brought on for Portugal.

71.00- Just shown an image of some rain soaked North Korean fans/Chinese Actors. They look truly miserable

70.00- Ronaldo cracks the crossbar with a fantastic 30 yard strike. He seems to be playing with real freedom at the moment

69.00- Hugo Almeida has just been booked. and Raul Meireles has gone off for Miguel Veloso

67.00- Ronaldo looks like he is enjoying this. He plays in Coentrao who takes it forward and gently chips over Myong. Very close to 5-0.

63.00- Portugal look imperious. Simao, Tiago and Meireles have just combined for a chance for Meireles. Couldn't convert it at the back post

The Dear Leader is not going to be happy. Would not want to be the one who tells him

59.00- Goal- Ronaldo dribbles down the right, and sees Tiago in the box. He duly tucks the ball away and makes it 4-0. Portugal 4- 0 North Korea

58.00- North Korea make some changes. Unlucky for them they don't have Eto'o, Messi or Ribery on the bench. Kim Jong Hun will have to do.

55.00- GOAL- Ronaldo feeds Coentrao who pops the ball into the box for Almeida to head a sublime header past Myong. North Korea are unravelling before our eyes. Portugal 3-0 North Korea

52.00- GOAL- B- E- A- utiful play by Portugal as Meireles, Almeida and Simao all link up for Simao to run into space and slot the ball under Myong's legs and make it 2-0. Portugal 2-0 North Korea

50.00- North Korea had a free kick and Portugal put up a wall. Then as the ball was just about to be struck, the Portugese all ran in separate directions. Very strange indeed.

48.00- Ronaldo takes a shot, Myong spills it, Almeida almost gets on the end of it. The rain has caused the ball to behave erratically too say the least

47.00- North Korea need to do something about Tiago, Meireles and Coentrao, all of them are ripping them apart.

45.00- Portugal start as they mean to go on. Tiago has a great shot that Myong tips over.

Half Time- Portugal 1-0 North Korea

45.00- Ronaldo looks incredulously at Ref after Mun In Guk had the audacity to tackle him

44.00- Near to half time and Simao and Meireles linked up well for Meireles, but he couldnt get his head on to it.

42.00- Ronaldo takes a shot which goes wide. First time we've truly seen him in this match. North Korea look a little lost at the moment. They've strangly reverted to a long ball game last 15 minutes

40.00- Queiroz and Ronaldo having words. Probably about Ronaldo's abject performance so far.

37.00- Free kick to North Korea just outside the box. Mendes looks at referee with sad puppy dog eyes, but to no avail.

37.00- First corner for North Korea

35.00- Ronaldo is being tightly marked, which has minimised his influence. But Meireles, Tiago and Simao are roaming free.

No mention so far by my Commentator of Portugal and North Korea's last meeting. Where Eusebio scored four and North Korea went three nil up before losing 5-3 in 1966. So I thought I'd mention it for him.

30.00- North Korea looked slightly deflated now as Portugal seem to be getting into their flow. Booking for Chol Jin Pak
27:00-  GOAL! Raul Meireles has just scored a brilliant goal. Fed through by Tiago, Meireles got into the box and tucked it away in the bottom corner. Great Goal. Portugal 1- 0 North Korea

21.00- Portugal pressure, quite sustained. Great cross from Miguel, almost found the head of Almeida at the back post.

17.00- North Korea gave another warning as Cha Yong Hyok stormed down the left and launched a shot whcih Eduardo failed to hold and Jong Tae Se headed just over

16.00- Still havn't located the North Korean fans. I heard they were chinese actors, not quite sure thats true, but would add to the North Korean mystery.

14.00- Portugal looked dangerously open at the back then. Jong Tae Se was quite close but couldnt get a touch on it

12.00- It only took Ronaldo twelve minutes and three touches of the ball to do the step over. Must be a record
10.00- From nowhere, Cha Jong Hyok had an excellent effort, that whistled by the post. North Korea seem slightly more adventurous in this game

7.00- Portugal corner lead to a great delivery and a header from Carvalho. Ball cracked against the bar, lucky escape for North Korea

5.00- The game seems open. Quite surprising for a World Cup match so far. Just had a close up of Ronaldo. You can see it is raining really heavily in Cape Town
3.00- Ronaldo just charged with the ball at the Korean defence. didnt amount to much other than a huge cheer from the crowd

1:00- North Korea have started brightly. Although heavy rain has meant the pitch is slippy, several gone over already.



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