World Cup 2010 Preview: Will Safety Issues, Security Problems Overshadow Games?

Patrick McKennaContributor IJune 8, 2010

After six long years the 2010 World Cup is just four days from kicking off in South Africa for the first time ever.  Despite stadium issues and financial issues it looks as if South Africa is ready for the start of the tournament and isn't going to look back.

Although, there is still one question on the mind of everyone!  

How safe will the World Cup be?  

Still fresh on everyone's mind is the attacks on the Togo team during the 2010 African Cup of Nations.    

Also South Africa boast one of the highest murder rates in the World.  South Africa has a lot to do in order ensure players, coaches, fans and nations that they will be protected from a security breach or even a disaster.  

Countries are asking what security precautions are going to be intact for our players and fans?

The response - South African officials are reporting there will be nothing to worry about once the tournament starts!

Officials have provided over 41,000 police officers and trained military to cover all the games and ensure safety and protect to all in attendance.  On top of that South African has also prepared 200 standby officers who are specially trained in terrorist situations in case one arises.  

They will also be working with other countries in order to catch known troublemakers before the cross the boarder or enter the country.  

With The United States heading into one of its biggest games in the history of the World Cup on Saturday against rival country England, fellow country members are asking what is being done to protect these two countries?

With numerous threats made to FIFA, England, South Africa and the United States, promising that there will be a bombing during the game.  South African officials have this one the for-front of their minds going into the game.  As this is something that shouldn't be taken lightly!

In the build up to this match fans are being told to arrive three to four hours in advance of the match in order to get through the large forces of security that will be intact.  This isn't just coming from FIFA but from the United States itself, who is still in conflict with many countries.  Some of which may try to use the World Cup as a way to take revenge.

The United States has also been helping to provide South African officials with advanced security training in order to better protect its own players.  They have also sent over their own undercover security officials in order to protect the team at all times while they are in South Africa.

With all the security precautions intact and many more that we will never know of, there should not be any concern for worry.  

It would be a disaster and a huge setback to the World Cup if FIFA and South African officials where to let anything happen to attendees of the 2010 World Cup.  

Be safe and knowledgeable, but at the same time enjoy the beauty of the game as it unfolds under our eyes!