2010 FIFA World Cup: England vs. USA Referee in Charge Is a Cheat

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 7, 2010

The referee, who will be in charge of England’s opening World Cup game against the USA, was suspended last season for being “unambiguously inconsistent, unfair and inequitable.”

Carlos Eugênio Simon is a former journalist. He was shown the red card himself when as he was banned last October for the final month of the season after the Brazilian FA accused him of “a repetition of mistakes.”

Just over a year ago, the Brazilian club Flamengo sent a DVD to FIFA of the ref. They urged FIFA to drop Simon from its list of referees for the World Cup, “for the sake of good order and for the good of the game.”

Simon has been regarded as one of the best referees to come out of South America. He officiated in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups. 

However, the 2010 World Cup isn’t going to go as smoothly for him. 

This year, his appointment to the tournament has attracted criticism from around the world after numerous errors in the Brazilian league.

Flamengo called him “unambiguously inconsistent, unfair and inequitable technical performance,” and Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo, the Palmeiras president, accused him of being “a scoundrel, without shame.”

He has been appointed to be the referee for England’s match against the United States on Saturday. It will bring added scrutiny to his performance, as it is also expected to be one of the most watched matches in the group stage.

England will prepare for their encounter with the US with an unofficial warm-up match this afternoon against Platinum Stars.


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