Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona Needs To Happen Quickly For Everyone's Sake

Kitt BlaisdellContributor IMay 25, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 31:  Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal reacts after being shown a yellow card by referee Massimo Busacca of Switerland during the UEFA Champions League quarter final first leg match between Arsenal and FC Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium on March 31, 2010 in London, England. Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal will now miss the next match at the Camp Nou in Barcelona.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

If the rumor mills have any semblance of truth to them, Cesc Fabregas is keen to make his return to the Camp Nou this Summer, and the only thing that's left is for Barca and Arsenal to agree upon a transfer fee. However, it appears the negotiations will be protracted and tedious, with neither side wanting to give the other a concession in price.

I beg of both parties, please, end the negotiations as soon as possible, at least before June 10th.

First with Barcelona

If you truly want your man, then make an offer. I realize the coffers are looking rather empty, but your constant flirtation amounting to nought frustrates player, fan, and business. Treat the situation delicately, by all means, but get off the fence as an organization. With the recent board resignations, there should be little disapproval of your pursuit, so if you are honestly interested in signing back a hometown boy to the Blaugrana, then be decisive.

Much has been intimated in blogs and the press about your method in bagging players for the squad. Many consider the process by which the organization operates shady and underhanded. They acknowledge the constant media pressure, the players answering questions regarding players and squads, and your apparent tepid interest and promises of delicacy and respect. We all get it, you want to project an image to the public while remaining bullish behind closed doors (I would expect nothing less from a former lawyer and ardent nationalist).

However, what you are doing is not going to be good for the psyche of the player, and with the upcoming World Cup, Cesc—a man working himself into an integral role—needs to be in the most ideal mindset if Spain are to bring home the trophy.

Finally, if you're unsure of whether or not you should acquire the player, and you realize talks could be drawn out as long as August, then make an announcement on your website that your official pursuit of Cesc has ended. In a business sense, I know this is not the best plan, but your decisions can have repercussive waves which develop into tsunamis.

Now to Arsenal

I have always respected Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal organization. I find myself rooting for you more often than not, especially in EPL play. It is my personal opinion that Arsenal are a class act organization, and Arsene a fantastic manager.

But if the rumors are true, and Cesc has expressed his desire to play for Barcelona next season, please, allow the player to move on. I am not saying sell him on the cheap (though ideally his price for Barcelona is about $10-20 million less than what you value him). Ask what you think he is worth, and if Barcelona are unwilling to pony up the dough, then Cesc will remain at the Emirates.

My plea here is the same as it was for Barcelona. If you do not want to sell, and Cesc hasn't asked for his marching orders, then tell Barcelona no, hold a press conference, and end the debate. If he has, then be decisive, and let the battle end as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A brief to the Arsenal Fans

If such rumors are founded, I do realize that Arsenal are losing their captain, and a phenomenal player which they have watched develop into a man on their pitch. I know this is especially painful (I bitterly watched Figo sign for Madrid). However, as I could not affect the situation for Barcelona with Figo, I ask of you prudence and allowance regarding Cesc's will. If he wants to leave, for all parties considered, it would be best if he did.

(Regarding this: I do realize a lot of the speculation is peddled by rumor mills, which do seem to be spinning something from nothing, and do realize this is not a plea to you, but rather an olive branch, a hand offered in reconciliation. I know that if he wants to leave, Barcelona will be getting your player, but I also want there to be no animosity between fans and organizations).

There are three weeks before the official kickoff of the WC, and three or four days after that before Spain play their first official group-stage match. There is no need right now to hurry through negotiations, but playing slow-motion patty-cake while Cesc and fans from both sides sit on edge will inevitably result in bad performances at the top level, as well as the club.

For the sanity of the player and the fans, and the cohesion of the national team, heed my plea.