Cesc Fabregas: WIll He or Won't He?

Akhil VyasCorrespondent IMay 22, 2010

Today was the day that Cesc Fabregas told Arsene Wenger that he wanted to leave Arsenal and join his boyhood team Barcelona.

Today was a massive day in Arsenal’s future. The reasons for Cesc wanting to leave are not yet disclosed; however, a lack of ambition could be one of the reasons.

The media have said he asked Arsene Wenger about possible signings and names have not been mentioned to the public as yet and if no names were said or the names that were said were not up to Cesc’s standard then this could be a major reason to leave. Cesc wants to win titles and cups, and if he felt he was not going to at Arsenal then perhaps this could have triggered his decision.

Another reason that has been touted is that Barcelona has hinted that if Cesc turns them down they may not come back for him. I feel this was done to put pressure on him and I am convinced they would have come back for him every year until he went. Barcelona have tried to use tactics to get their man and have scared him that if he doesn’t move now, it may never happen.

Another reason could be the fact that Arsene Wenger has not signed his new contract and Cesc feels if Wenger were to move, he wouldn’t be sure on where the team would go.

For Arsene Wenger, this must be a real kick in the teeth. He got Fabregas in at a young age and brought him into first the squad then the team and was even prepared to let the great Patrick Vieira leave and give Fabregas his starting position.

Wenger has spoken publically about him getting sick of contracts not being respected. Wenger has never broken a contract and expects his players to do the same. This will disappoint him.

Also, when his project gathers pace, someone leaves and more planning needs to be done. Wenger thought the midfield of Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, and Rosicky could dominate the league, but two have left, one seems on his way out, and one has had a bad spell with injury.

Arsene Wenger is someone who believes in his players and gives them a chance. He backs them publically even when things go wrong. He was brave enough to give Cesc the captain’s armband and wanted to build the whole team around Cesc.

The reason why Cesc Fabregas is a world star is because of Arsene Wenger, let’s make no mistake about that. Wenger bought him, played him, made him into a star, and this is why he would be most disappointed that at the age of 23, Cesc wants to move on. He always knew it was coming but no one expected it so early.

You cannot blame Cesc Fabregas for wanting to leave because Barcelona is in his blood. He has family and friends in Barcelona and has always wanted to play in his home city with his good friends from the youth set-up, such as Messi and Pique. At Barcelona, the current team is playing with a sense of style and in regards to Messi; they have the best player in the world.

In my personal opinion, I am hurt and disappointed at this potential transfer. As Arsene Wenger respects his contract I expect the players to do the same. If a contract is signed, then it should be respected unless an agreement can be made from both parties.

Unless a deal was made privately that Cesc signs a long term deal and if he wants to go, he is allowed to and the long contract was done more so Arsenal get paid well in terms of transfer fees. Contracts do not seem to mean much in football and this is wrong in my opinion.

In Cesc Fabregas, we have one of the most talented footballers on the planet. He is our captain, our top goal scorer last season and is a young man that Arsenal fans have taken to heart. He is loved and supported every day of his life. I remember this season him kissing the badge after scoring against Blackburn at home and that’s when I thought he would be here for a long while yet, but the lure of his home land must be just too much.

At first I thought their could have been a gentlemen’s agreement that was made when Fabregas signed the long-term deal, but I have been assured by Fleet Street’s finest that this is not the case. If this is true, then can a player sign a long-term deal and choose to leave when they wish.

Many have said that when a player wants to go, the club should let him and some have said that a club should not just let a player go if they do not want to.

Other players who have asked to leave have left, such as Thierry Henry for Arsenal or even Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, although United got an extra year out of him. It becomes a situation where sometimes it is better to sell a player who does not want to play for you and will not give 100 percent then keep them.

By selling a player of Fabregas’s skill, money can be made and spent elsewhere, by not selling him, we may not get a player at 100 percent and not get the financial benefits either. Also, if he stays and has a bad season, would his value go down? Would clubs still pay as much as they would this year? There is always a risk.

On the other hand, Arsenal got him at a young age, gave him first team football, made him skipper of a great club, and got him into the Spanish national side. So therefore, Arsenal should decide what the future holds for Cesc Fabregas. He is on a long-term contract and Arsene Wenger has built the team, certainly the formation around Cesc Fabregas.

For me, Fabregas does owe Wenger something, even if it’s only an extra year.

No one is bigger then the club (people compare this to the Henry and Vieira situation, but it's totally different as Cesc has not even entered the peak of his career and the others were slightly past it) but the club will go on, regardless if it has Cesc Fabregas in the team or not. But personally, I would love him to give us another year at least because he does owe Arsene Wenger this.

Whatever happens, I am in the WENGER WE TRUST boat and will always believe in the man.


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