'Lurking Ashley Cole' Takes Off After Incredibly Awkward Picture Surfaces

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterJuly 30, 2014


New Roma man Ashley Cole was pictured rather oddly with his new squad. The picture makes Cole look like a complete outcast. 

Of course, no one knows the actual context of the picture, just that it's hilariously awkward. 

In the hours afterward, "Lurking Ashley" was born, with Cole "lurking" into well-known situations. 

He found his way toward the famous Oscar selfie

And admired Robin van Persie's now-famous World Cup goal. 

He's an outcast in Roma's XI, too. 

Cole hit the fairway with Tiger Woods. 

And checked out Muhammad Ali. 

Even Luis Suarez's bite was fair play. 

He hung out with some dolphins. 

Lastly, he was caught longing to hang out with his former club, Arsenal. 

It appears as though Cole himself is rather enjoying the Internet's hard work.