Tottenham Hotspur: Who's Out the Door This Summer?

David JacobsCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

LONDON - MAY 16: Tottenham Hotspur Manager Harry Redknapp (C) gives instructions with first team coach Joe Jordan (L) during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City at White Hart Lane on May 16, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Tottenham have had one of the most turbulent seasons out of any clubs this year.

They've experienced 20th place humiliation, losing to Manchester United twice in two months and also felt the relief of being somewhere above the relegation zone and within touching distance of a place in the Europa League (the new name for the UEFA Cup).

A roller-coaster ride if you like. A big dipper if you wanted a bit more detail.

The entire club has been on red alert trying to save their blushes and every individual within it has been equally responsible for contributing. Yes, even the players.

What I'd now like to speculate about is who's going to be out the door in the summer.

Whose wheel has kept spinning, but with the hamster still dead? Who's all foam and no beer?

It's time to vote off...The weakest link! (DUH DUH DUH DUH!!!!)

I'll give my possibilities and a reason for my decision. Just a warning before I start moaning; I might be a little bit brutal. But after all, this site is about opinion, right?

Daniel Levy (Chairman of the club)

He has been in the chair for a long time, making executive decisions such as player transfers, what will go where in the new stadium and what suit he was going to wear today. Big decisions like that.

However, he did screw up with a few transfers of players while colluding with Damien Comolli. They scooped out the flesh of the squad 'orange' leaving nothing but pith for a considerable period of time; and it reflected in Spurs' terrible start and Juande Ramos' ominous frustration and eventual sacking.

I'm talking about influential players like Malbranque and Defoe who were transferred unnecessarily, leaving Darren Bent to deal with the pressure of being a lone striker up until Pavlyuchenko's arrival.

Even though I am fully aware that Defoe is back at Spurs (check my parody archive).

There’s only a slim chance of him being sacked because of his level of business acumen which has kept Tottenham Hotspur so financially secure despite the recent economic downturn.

He has to either be a bit more careful with transfers or, even better, give Harry Redknapp and any other future managers (not implying anything) FULL control of transfers to and from the club.

Jermaine Jenas

Secret truth be told, I only started watching Spurs matches about two or three years ago and so I only know a minimal amount regarding what Jenas used to be like as a player. But what I’ve seen from him has been mere inconsistency.

When he puts his mind to it, he can be very influential in the running of the match and even score a goal. This was shown a few weeks ago against West Brom. He did play and scored the only goal. Not many people can doubt that he has commitment to the club and I can’t either.

However, he mostly tends to push the boat out for the North London Derbies.

This may be a good thing as far as the particular game is concerned, but the way this season has gone for Spurs should have been a wake up call for Jenas to play to the best of his ability constantly.Gareth Bale

He looked promising when he first started. Young, left-footed and Welsh. What more can a team ask for? He even scored a free kick against Arsenal on his debut which, coincidentally, was against Arsenal. So it possibly made him out to be a better player
than he is.

As time went on, he looked more and more like a one-trip pony.

He was injured over his time at spurs like any other player could be, but when he got to play in the starting XI, it seemed as if he didn’t make much of an impact on the game (e.g. kick the ball).

I gauge players by how much they get involved in the game and my gauge is going into minus readings with him.


Now then. My piéce de resistance. I would’ve thought that with his first-team experience at Blackburn Rovers (in his ‘prime’, which Redknapp says he’s looking for when the transfer window opens this summer, but I know it wasn’t his signing), he’d be decent enough for Spurs.

However, since October’s Arsenal game, or the home game against Manchester United (depends how lenient you feel), he hasn’t influenced the game much at all.

He did get a few games to re-awaken the form he had at Blackburn, but no cigars. They had already been smoked.

I heard he was doing wonders for the reserve side recently. But is that enough for Harry Redknapp to jeapordise a more regular player’s position just to put Bentley back in the first team when there’s a Champions’ League place to fight for in the forthcoming season?

My idea is to just sell him on to Everton or Aston Villa for his own good. I’m pretty sure that no player wants to be stuck playing in a second-string team away from TV cameras and International team managers.

Then the cash will become available for buying one Materazzi from Inter Milan. I would only pay cash for that player, not swap him for Luka Modrić as transfer rumours suggest.

I now invite you to put the fruits of your wandering minds forward to me for discussion purposes.

Because if THFC aren’t going to listen to me, who else is?


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