Soccer Player Rips Off Shorts After Scoring Goal; Yeah, He Got a Red Card

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Add taking off your pants to the list of violations that will get you thrown from the pitch. 

Big Lead brings us a video that features a smashing goal as well as a player who thought it wise to take off his shorts and dance victoriously towards the crowd. 

According to its report, the moment comes during a Thai Premier League fixture when Muangthong United's midfielder Mario Gjurovski (also spelled Mario Djurovski) scores to put his side up two goals. 

Wanting to add a touch more flamboyance to the moment, Gjurovski goes from pointing to the fans to, well, something else altogether. 

I understand scoring a goal is a momentous occasion, so much so that you feel the need to shed your clothes like a victorious Hulk about to smash the world with your prolific prowess. 

Still, it's advisable to keep as much clothing on as you can for the duration of the game—really just sound advice for most of life's ventures. 

Our friend here, who felt far too encumbered by shorts, received the full wrath of the referee, who came over with full red. 

The shocking part of the video, of which there are so many, is that the player is actually stunned that he is being sent away for taking off his pants and motioning towards his pelvis. I actually just got a little woozy after typing that. 

Look, we are all for grand and imaginative celebrations. However, there has to be some limits. If we allow for shorts to come flying off then shoes and underwear come next. Please, think of the poor streakers who would then be rendered obsolete. 

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