Greek Soccer Player Gets Every Last Piece of the Goal and Still Misses

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 15, 2013

Like the unassisted triple play or a quadruple-double, hitting the ball off the post four times is truly a wonderful spectacle to behold. 

Well, maybe not for striker Egeas Plomariou. 

Big Lead spotted this unlucky strike that may never be duplicated.  As Yahoo! Sports reports, the shot comes during a Greek football match between Lesvos and Papnikolis. 

Plomariou takes a shot on goal that is both perfect and completely doomed. It hits the post and begins rattling around like a pinball, only to get kicked to safety by the opposition. 

Let me say that I never played football, because my lack of speed and overabundance of girth prevented such things. 

I do, however, consider myself a master of the finer art of FIFA. Other than minor glitches that pop up every now and again, the most annoying aspect is kicking a ball off the post and seeing it spiral back away from the goal. 

While this was an actual match played in a real league, I have no problem telling Plomariou that I feel his very genuine pain. Sure, my frustration may have come sitting on my sofa with a bag of Funyuns keeping me company, but the anger I feel after seeing Fernando Torres do what he does best and ricochet another off the post is no less real. 

Simply put, there is something worse than missing the goal completely, and it just so happens to be hitting every last part of the post and still failing. 

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