Soccer Player Drops Goalkeeper with Awful Kick After Being Red Carded

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 15, 2012

I guess if you are already leaving the pitch, you might as well drop the opposing goalkeeper with a tremendous kung-fu kick to the chest.

A tip of the hat to BuzzFeed, who tweeted out this video to the masses on Thursday. It features an irate footballer deciding to show off his martial arts ability at the worst time. 

Sports News Ireland seems to have the report shedding some light onto this bizarre moment when a player who was already shown red decided to dig himself an even bigger hole. 

Chilean club Union La Calera’s striker Gaston Cellerino is looking at a six game ban and possible criminal charges after a vicously [sic] kicking Santiago Wanderers goalkeeper Mauricio Vian in the heart.

The report goes on to say the 26-year-old was being sent off in the 90th minute and managed to get in a little shove on the goalkeeper as he walked off the pitch. 

That's when Wanderer players came over to defend their keeper. Little did they know that it was about to go down, Mortal Kombat style. 

Here's the thing: I understand that many of you with skills would love to show off that martial arts mastery of yours, but it's rarely a good idea, especially when unwarranted. 

You can't go from a shoving match to some sort of kick that Ryu from Street Fighter would be proud of. 

The good news is, it seems this striker may get what's coming to him in the form of a six-game ban. As for the rest of you, never bring a kung-fu kick to a shoving match. 


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