Would Jose Mourinho Be a Good Fit at Liverpool FC?

Tim AndersonCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2012

'It didn't cross the line!'- Mourinho and Benitez in recent EPL times.
'It didn't cross the line!'- Mourinho and Benitez in recent EPL times.Ben Radford/Getty Images

The time is drawing near for Liverpool FC to consider embracing one of it's most antagonising rivals of recent years, Jose Mourinho.

While King Kenny has re-energised and galvanised a club that for the past couple of years was launching from pillar to post, question marks are coming to the surface about whether he can turn back the clock on his coaching success and close the gap that appears to be opening between the top of the table and Liverpool FC.

Clearly the owners have ambitions beyond the current league table position and certainly while the Moneyball experiment is still in its infancy, Dalglish should be allowed to continue to address the lack of quality and depth of the squad .

Why the club aren't seemingly trying to add to this depth in the transfer window is disappointing. (Although, like last year, the final day of January could be one to watch).

But the abject league performances in recent weeks, which have provided just one win out of six, is triggering alarm bells. A League Cup win would go a long way to providing reassurance that the club are exiting the doldrums, but a further slide down the league table would be humbling.

The question will hover anxiously over Anfield if Kenny is unable to fashion the appropriate response.

Would Liverpool fans accept Jose Mourinho into Anfield?

It would have been unthinkable during Jose's Chelsea years, when a deep rivalry emerged between Rafa Benitez's Liverpool and Jose's Chelsea.




Recent pathetic behaviour by Mourinho at Real Madrid (particularly in El Clasicos) has lowered his stock even further in the eyes of several Liverpool fans and he would be under intense pressure to adopt a more respectful tone at Anfield, if he took the job on.

But while Benitez left Liverpool under a sea of diabolical ownership and squad circumstances, Jose has gone on to take Inter Milan to a Serie A and Champions League double and is on the way to another League title at Real Madrid.

Mourinho has also stated that a return to English football is next and has long admired Anfield and a desire to manage Steven Gerrard.

Whether he would be willing to play the NESN Moneyball approach, when at his most recent clubs he has played joyful banker when acquiring players, is another question. Whether he could resist a return to Chelsea or a crack with United or City is also unknown.

But with a hungry media pack analysing Liverpool's every decision, who better but a stubborn psychology master to head the ship.

It would be a bitter pill for fans with angry memories of recent Premier League battles, but may be the right decision to finally resolve the League title monkey that weighs down on every Liverpool fan's back.

Would you be happy to see Mourinho at Anfield (if Kenny's slippery season slides downhill)?

Would you be happy to see Mourinho managing one of Liverpool's rivals in the near future?

Time to look the Jose devil in the eye...