Where the Hell Does ESPNsoccernet Get Their Information? Senna Stays

arafat abdirahmanContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

“I know nothing about everything that is being said and I have not spoken to anyone at Manchester City,” Senna said in Marca.

Well wow. That certainly gives off a sign of relief. To think that Man City could actually obtain Senna…*shudder*. Money doesn’t buy you everything, City, and your loss today proves it.

Senna is focused and staying at Villarreal until the contract is up, or maybe even later.


Real Madrid

If you haven’t read it already, Corey made quite the preview post on the match tomorrow. Seeing how he has most of my information on there, this will be a shorter post than usual (thanks, buddy).

I could just go on and write about music and stretch out my post (not much of a classic rock fan Corey, gotta stay with my Prog Rock) but I think I’ll let that one go.
As you could tell from the previous 3 games in La Liga, Villarreal has not been at its top form.

Both the defense and midfield are lacking in power. Was it due to the rotations, player changes, chemistry, or maybe just plain bad lack? I don’t really know.

All I know is that we have been slowly reaching our previous form. You know, the eight-game undefeated Villarreal...


Champions…League? Oh yeah that.
I guess I’ve missed the big post about our draw in the Champions League. I thought I posted this earlier but I guess not. Better late than never, I suppose.

We’ll be taking on Panathinaikos on Feb. 25. Quite some time away, but still close enough to get ready for. Panathinaikos are by no means “easy.” Not as in your girlfriend easy, but skill terms.

I’ve always had large amounts of respect to Jose Mourinho, whether it was his team or his puppet show (Yes I know he doesn’t actually do the voice). All the games I saw them play with Inter were interesting.

Italian football is a little more slower paced, but aggressive. Villarreal does play a fast type of football, but I don’t think we are up to par with Panathinaikos on that.

They’ve played fast football with the rushes going forward. I don’t think I’ve seen a rest for any of the players during the match, which is God impressive.

I think we do have the skill on them. A lot of their goals were quite simple, and due to a mistake in the defense for Inter’s sake. We need to get that D up, and I think we should be able to get by Round 16.

Why not, musics!
Mogwai and some Chemical Brothers for me :D.
Vamos Villarreal!