Pau Gasol: Snoop Dogg's Dis Gives Insight into Lakers Fans' Feelings on Gasol

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 22, 2011

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Snoop, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

Wow—did he ever go hard on Pau Gasol. The hip-hop legend and Lakers fan spared no feelings and no element of profanity to voice his displeasure with Gasol amid the Lakers' second consecutive preseason loss to the LA Clippers at Staples Center on Wednesday night.

Snoop tweeted the following three messages about Gasol's performance, his heart (or lack thereof), Kobe's power in the organization and finally Blake Griffin and Andrew Bynum's play.

I offer this disclaimer, the following is rated R, at best:

"Pau gasol is soft as f### we need to get his bi&## a$$ on the 1st thing smoking hes a fu%$#$# weanie. this is comn from laker fan #1..."

"F&*# gasol hes a bi#$% we need mark gasol this ones a punk b^%#$. We need a pointguard bynum ballen his a$$ off!"

and finally...

"Kobe make the call get his hoe a$$ outta here! Blake ballen a lil bit!"

Whoa!! Has there ever been more said over the span of three tweets? 

Believe it or not, Snoop is not alone in his feelings about Gasol, even if the average fan wouldn't put it as eloquently as Snoop did.

There is actually a Facebook page entitled I Hate Pau Gasol, and it has more than 11,000 likes. Talk about a lack of fan support. You'd have to believe that there are tons of fans who feel the same way that haven't happened upon this page to chime in yet.

Gasol is certainly a finesse player, but I think what is most bothersome to fans like Snoop is his demeanor. Gasol is a bit whiny and appears to be very sensitive, which a lot of big men are. It's ironic that giants sometimes seem to have these types of personalities, but it is often true.

It doesn't help that his brother is the exact opposite. Marc Gasol is a physical, hard-nosed, grind-it-out style player, even though, from skill standpoint, he pales in comparison to Pau.

The Gasol brothers are the perfect example of a situation where if you could only combine them, you'd have the perfect center.

Still, Snoop should ease up a bit before somebody questions him about the Doggfather album—that was not a high point in his legendary career.

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