WWE TLC 2011: Power Ranking Every Money in the Bank Cash-in in WWE History

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IDecember 19, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: Power Ranking Every Money in the Bank Cash-in in WWE History

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    Since the first Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 21 in Los Angeles, the superstars from Raw and Smack Down have laid in waiting until the best opportunity arose during the year to cash in their brief case on a defenseless champion.

    With Daniel Bryan cashing in his Money in the Bank brief case last night at TLC on the Big Show, we will rank in this slide show each of the past 10 different Money in the Bank winners when the superstars cashed in their brief cases.

No. 10: Jack Swagger Cashes in on Chris Jericho on Smack Down

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    As his first attempt to cash in on John Cena went wrong on Raw for the WWE title, the All-American went to Smack Down the next night and successfully cashed in his briefcase with an assist from Edge after an Rated R Superstar attack left Chris Jericho defenseless in the ring.

No. 9: Kane Cashes in on Rey Mysterio at Money in the Bank

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    After winning the Money in the Bank ladder match earlier in the night, Kane took no time in cashing in his briefcase as the Big Red Machine attacked Rey Mysterio, just after his title match against Jack Swagger to become new champion at the 2010 Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

No. 8: Edge Cashes in on the Undertaker on Smack Down

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    Unlike any other superstar to win the Money in the Bank ladder match, Mr. Kennedy actually never had the chance to cash in for a title shot during his time in the WWE, as he lost his briefcase in a match with Edge on RAW in May of 2007.

    Edge would go on to cash in that Money in the Bank briefcase on the Undertaker on an episode on Smack Down after the Phenom was decimated by Mark Henry.

No. 7: CM Punk Cashes in on Edge on RAW

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    After getting assaulted by Batista on an episode of RAW in June of 2008, Edge was on the receiving end of a Money in the Bank cash in as CM Punk ran to the ring with a referee to win his first World Heavyweight Championship of his career.

No. 6: The Miz Cashes in on Randy Orton on RAW 2010

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    Just like Jack Swagger in an earlier slide, the Miz attempted to cash in his briefcase on WWE Champion Sheamus twice in July of 2010 until finally cashing in his Money in the Bank opportunity on Randy Orton after being attacked by the Nexus on Raw in November later that year.

No. 5: Daniel Bryan Cashes in on the Big Show at TLC 2011

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    Even though he said he would wait until Wrestlemania 28 to cash in his Money in the Bank brief case in the main event, Daniel Bryan ran to the ring to seize the opportunity presented after Mark Henry laid out the new World Heavyweight Champion Big Show at last night's TLC pay-per-view.

No. 4: Alberto Del Rio Cashes in on CM Punk at Summerslam 2011

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    The Mexican Aristocrat finally fulfilled his destiny of becoming WWE champion at Summerslam as Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase after Kevin Nash returned to lay out CM Punk following his WWE title unification match with John Cena.

No. 3: CM Punk Cashes in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules

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    Following his second straight Money in the Bank ladder match win at Wrestlemania 25, CM Punk successfully cashed in his second briefcase on new World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy after his ladder match with former champion Edge at Extreme Rules 2009.

No. 2: Edge Cashes in on John Cena at New Year's Revolution

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    After a grueling Elimination Chamber match, John Cena was nearly defenseless as Edge became the first superstar to cash in his Money in the Bank, delivering a spear to the wounded champion and becoming WWE Champion at New Year’s Revolution.

No. 1: Rob Van Dam Cashes in on John Cena at ECW One Night Stand

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    At the ECW One Night Stand event in 2006, Rob Van Dam cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase for a match with John Cena in an extreme rules match that saw the first Money in the Bank winner, Edge, come interfere costing the title once for Cena.

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