25 Best Holiday Gifts for the WWE Fan in Your Life

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2011

25 Best Holiday Gifts for the WWE Fan in Your Life

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    When it comes to producing merchandise to advertise their product, WWE is among the best in the world. They produce everything you can imagine and then slap images of their best superstars on them.

    This is a great thing for WWE as it brings in tons of profit, but it is also great for wrestling fans as you can get pretty much anything your heart desires.

    From drink coasters to umbrellas, WWE has a product line that will suit your needs. This is the time of year when everyone is trying to think of gifts they can buy their loved ones.

    Anyone with a wrestling fan in their life has plenty of items to choose from that would make them happy. From the smallest of children up to full-grown adults, there are products that everyone will love.

    Here I will take you through 25 of the best gifts you can buy for the wrestling fan in your life this holiday season.

WWE Superstar Gnomes

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    I had to include these on the list because of the sheer ridiculousness of them. These little gnomes stand 11.5 inches high and weigh 1.5 lbs.

    They are constructed out of resin and there are seven to choose from: CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Hornswoggle, The Undertaker, HHH, John Cena and Stone cold.

    These are a different kind of item than your standard WWE merchandise item. They are clearly meant for seasonal use but given that they are not decorated for the holidays, you could display them all year.

    Zack Ryder's is the funniest looking out of all of them, Hornswoggle's is the closest to a real-life depiction and Triple H kind of looks like Odin, especially given his hammer has the cross on it.

    These cost $29.99 and are available through WWE's website.

WWE '12

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    With the newest WWE video game having just been released, it would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any fan of WWE and video games.

    This game is WWE's newest venture, a change from the traditional SvR series. It also uses a whole new game engine to provide more realistic animations.

    THQ went to a lot of trouble to make sure this game had a lot of the things fans have been wanting for years.

    Things like the arena designer, old championships and better legends have been included.

    New this game costs $59.99, and with it being new, I would expect a used copy to go for about $55, so get the new one because you get the free code for online access—otherwise you have to pay for it.

Zack Ryder Broski Wig

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    Think the only way to support Zack Ryder is by watching Youtube and fist-pumping? Think again.

    With this Zack Ryder broski wig you can look like your new favorite superstar without the embarrassment of having to actually have this kind of hair.

    Combine this item with the Ryder shirt and you have a Halloween costume for next year already set to go.

    This item may be one of the more ridiculous on the list, but I could not resist putting it on here.

    It goes for $21.99 on WWE's website.

The Rock Holiday Package

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    With this Rocky holiday pack you can help put boots to asses with the stocking, keep your head warm and decorate the tree, all at the same time.

    This Rocky holiday gift pack is a great item for children who are fans of the Great One. The items each come with Rocky's new logos and catchphrases.

    There are other holiday sets available for guys like John Cena and The Miz, but Rocky's was the coolest looking of all of them.

    This three-item set runs $29.99 on WWE's website.

JR's Ultimate BBQ Package

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    Good ol' JR may be a legend when it comes to announcing, but he is also makes a damn fine BBQ sauce.

    JR has been making his signature sauces for years, and now you have a chance to own the whole package.

    This great set includes two bottles of BBQ sauce—original and hot—Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, JR's All-Purpose Seasoning, a package each of JR's jerky varieties—Mexicana style, Pepper Power Slam, Slobber Knocker Hot and Triple Threat Teriyaki—and a signed card!

    These items can all be purchased individually as well, but getting them in the package will save you money. I have to admit I am curious about the jerky.

    This great set runs $59.99 on WWE's website and JR's website.

WWE Pizza Prints

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    I saw this item and sat in confusion for several minutes. Not only did I not know this existed or was even possible, but I could not imagine who would buy them.

    That being said, I decided to include them on the list because this would be the ultimate cheap gift. This item costs a low $5.99 and could be used a stocking stuffer for a child.

    Unfortunately, the description does not say how many you get, but it does mention they are made of corn starch and food coloring. They are also gluten free for the healthy folks out there.

Stone Cold DVD Package

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest of all time, and WWE is still capitalizing off his name to this day.

    With the newest DVD out to chronicle the Rattlesnake's career, WWE decided to offer a package of other items to go with it.

    When you order this package you get the new Stone Cold shirt, hat, pendant and DVD for $39.99. If you want the Blu-Ray, you have to shell out five more dollars.

    This would be a great item to get any fan of Stone Colds.

Hart and Soul DVD

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    WWE is offering a limited-time special on the Hart and Sould DVD, which documents the Hart family's impact on the world of wrestling.

    This is probably the only DVD we will get for a long time featuring Owen Hart, and he deserves his own set, but his widow will not allow it to happen, so this is what we have to get our Owen Hart fix.

    WWE put this item on sale for only $10.49, which is 70 percent off the normal pricing. This is a great DVD for any fan of the Hart family or wrestling in general.

Old School British Bulldog Shirt

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    The British Bulldog was a cut above the rest of the big guys in WWE. He was able to stand up to any other powerhouse who stepped in the ring, but he could also wrestle anybody down to the mat just as easily.

    Bulldog left us way too soon, and with his son now a goner from WWE, this is the best chance you have at getting any Bulldog merchandise.

    This shirt was designed intentionally to look worn, and I think WWE did a good job with creating a Bulldog shirt that is high quality and low key.

    This is available for $27.99 from WWE's website.

Greatest Rivalries: Bret and Shawn DVD

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    WWE's newest DVD format is one I am excited about. In this DVD, Jim Ross gives an in-depth candid interview with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart going over their whole careers.

    This is a peek behind the curtain, which is something WWE does not do very often, but it is an intriguing story that rivals any storyline written by writers.

    To have this real-life feud go on for so long and then end in front of a live WWE audience was really something to witness.

    As a fan of both men, I have to say this is by far the best DVD WWE has put out in quite some time.

    It is currently on sale for 45 percent off, costing $16.49 on WWE's website.

Sin Cara Shirt

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    Sin Cara may have gotten injured during Survivor Series, but that does not mean you can't buy his new merchandise.

    This new shirt from WWE is one of the more basic, yet interesting designs I have seen in awhile. Sometimes WWE fans don't like to wear their shirts in public; this one could change that.

    Unless you know who Sin Cara is, you probably won't know what this symbol means.

    This shirt goes for $29.99 on WWE's website.

The Million Dollar Championship

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    Did you ever want to feel like Ted Dibiase walking around with a million dollars worth of gold and diamonds around your waist?

    Now you can with WWE's Million Dollar Championship replica belt. The cost is somewhat high at $199.99, but considering this is an adult size replica, it is not bad compared to other prices I have seen.

    When I think of all the replica belts, this is by far the coolest because it represents a specific superstar, which can really only be said about Stone Cold's smoking skull title and this one.

    This is a great gift for any WWE fan if you are willing to shell out 200 bucks on it.

The Miz Bib

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    Do you have a new child, a friend with a new child or are just a messy eater? Do you also hate The Miz?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further because The Miz bib is for sale.

    This allows you and/or your child to spit, throw up and drop food right onto something representing the most egotistical person in all of WWE.

    This is perfect for any WWE fan who is starting a new family. They also come in designs for Zack Ryder, CM Punk, Undertaker, John Cena and Randy Orton.

    They are available for $9.99 on WWE's website.

WWE Crashdown Ring

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    If your child is anything like I was as a kid, then they would love this present for the holidays. WWE's Crashdown ring is another in their line of gimmick toy wrestling rings.

    This ring in particular has a hanging belt, destructible supports and launching pads for children to launch their favorite superstars from.

    While this is more fantasy than reality, the reduced price makes it a good deal for a parent looking for a big, but inexpensive gift.

    This items runs $44.99 after the 25 percent discount WWE is offering through their website.

Child's Replica World Heavyweight Championship

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    If the Million Dollar Championship is a bit out of your price range and you want a good toy for your kid this year, then the child's replica belts may be the way to go.

    At $24.99, this is a good deal for a toy any WWE fan is sure to use for several years. The strap has to be fitted the first time, so make sure you make it big enough for them to grow into, something I overlooked when I had a replica IC title when I was about 10.

    These replica belts are often seen in the hands of those in attendance for WWE shows, which should tell you how popular they are among kids and adults alike.

Sin Cara Silver Mask

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    Just because he is injured does not mean you can't enjoy your new favorite luchador. This mask is known as the one Sin Cara wore twice—and was injured in each time.

    Despite that bad luck, it is still a cool-looking mask and a good gift for any young WWE fan who likes to dress up like their favorites.

    This mask runs $49.99 on WWE's website.

Kid's WWE Superfan Rey Mysterio Package

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    Is your kid a huge Rey Mysterio fan? If they like wrestling, then they probably are. Children like to root for underdogs, and who is the best underdog in the world? Rey Mysterio.

    This set is a great gift for kids because there is so much included. When you buy this set you get the new Mysterio shirt, hat, DVD, pendant, autographed card and WWE wrapping paper to wrap it all in.

    The price is $56.99, not super cheap, but a good deal considering you are getting several items instead of just one.

    Check this out on WWEshop.com

Royal Rumble Cap

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    This item is available by pre-order from WWE as a part of their new retro series of merchandise.

    This hat has the old logo for the Royal Rumble, but there are more to choose from. You can get hats with the classic logos for Raw, ECW, WrestleMania, DX, The Rock, King of the Ring and even WCW.

    WWE is clearly entering into a nostalgic phase with some of their merchandise, which is a good move considering how many fans have entered adulthood since these items were current.

    This hat is available for pre-order with the others for $24.99 each.

The Rock Jacket

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    Do you already feel like the Great One? Now you can dress like him with the new Team Bring It jacket from WWE.

    This jacket is an adult size and is the same one we have seen Rock wear a few times on Raw. It has his new red, white and blue logo over the Team Bring It name.

    The jacket is a 50/50 material with two front pockets and runs $44.99 on WWE's website.

Rumbler Blast and Smash Ring

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    When I was a kid we had these toys. Maybe you have heard of them? They were called Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, and they were awesome.

    Maybe the concept of two robots boxing does not sound appealing, but they made a whole movie out of it, so you are wrong.

    But really, this is a great bit of nostalgia for me to see something with a similar concept making its way to a WWE catalog.

    This may not be the same design with the popping heads and everything, but it is as close as we are going to get. This items costs $24.71 on WWE's website.

    On a sidenote, they should just make a WWE Rock 'em Sock 'em robot toy. I would imagine kids would love being able to pop Miz or Del Rio's head off with a punch.

WWE Encyclopedia

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    This is a gift for the hardcore WWE fans out there. The WWE Encyclopedia is a comprehensive guide to all things WWE.

    From stats to stories, this book has a little something for any WWE literary fan. This item has been available for sometime but with the recent price reduction to $39.00, it makes for a great gift.

    There is word of a second WWE Encyclopedia coming out soon, so this is a good way to start the collection early.

Cross Rhodes: Golddust out of the Darkness

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    Dustin Runnels AKA Golddust may be one of the most magnetic personalities to ever set foot in the ring.

    The son of Dusty Rhodes and brother of Cody, Golddust was Dustin's way of standing out from his family legacy and carving his own path.

    The character was very controversial due to his use of homophobic scare tactics against his macho competitors.

    He is one of the hardest-working men in the business and his recent work with the Divas has yielded surprisingly good results with some of the women.

    This book is a great deal at only $10.49 and would make a great gift.

Everyone Taps Shirt

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    Daniel Bryan has come close to being world champion on two occasions, and if his rise to stardom does not slow down, then you may want to get your hands on this shirt while it is available.

    Daniel Bryan is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, and with all the time he spent making his way to WWE, you would think he would have more merchandise than Zack Ryder, but this is his only item on the website.

    The shirt is $24.99 and available in all sizes.

Brothers Hug Poster

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    This item is only available through Bret Hart's website www.brethart.com and it is one of the better items for sale involving wrestling on the entire Internet.

    As a wrestling I fan, I miss Owen Hart enormously. He was one of the first people who really made me hate a heel wrestler while at the same time want to see him week after week.

    He left this world too soon, and with his widow not having a good relationship with WWE, we have to thank our lucky stars that Bret put out his own Owen merchandise.

    This image may look familiar, that is because Bret wore the shirt with the same design one night on Raw during his stint as GM I believe.

    This item is a great deal because it comes autographed by Bret and only costs $20, plus shipping and handling.

    You can purchase the item here. For an additional $25, you can have the autograph made out to you.

Bret, Stu and Owen Tradition Poster

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    There is no denying the impact the Hart family has had on the wrestling world. Whether it was Stu Hart's sons and sons-in-law out there or his students, there has been a Hart impact for years in the ring.

    This poster is another item from www.brethart.com, which caught my eye for many reasons. This poster features Owen, Stu and Bret, which is something I had never seen before.

    It also shows the three men in the famous Hart Dungeon, which was the training ground for so many great legends and current superstars.

    This is another poster that comes autographed for only $20.

    You can purchase the item here.