NBA: LeBron James' Top 5 Commercials

LeBron BryantAnalyst INovember 27, 2011

NBA: LeBron James' Top 5 Commercials

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    Whether you love him or despise him, one thing is sure: LeBron James has had a slew of memorable commercials.

    We admire the King's five best to date.

    Ranging from his hilarious "LeBrons" take, to the controversial "Rise," here are LeBron James' top five commercials ever.

    Enjoy the show...

Did You Win the Championship?

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    You can't help but cringe when the girls asks, "Did you win the championship?" Foreshadowing...

    Check out the little boy's look at 0:22. It's priceless...

The Chalk Commericial

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    This commercial may have been at the height of LeBron's popularity in Cleveland.

    The "chalk" is still a big deal even now.

The Chosen One Didn't Ask for Hops

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    As you can see, we have been "trying" to make LeBron James something special for quite some time.

    This commercial is bananas when you look at all the legends LeBron was able to muster up.

What Should I Do?

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    You can't have this countdown without "Rise."

    It was an in depth look at how James felt about his "decision." It takes shots at nemesis Charles Barkley and "His Airness," Michael Jordan.

    Overall, I thought it was a great commercial considering everything going on at the time. It was good to see LeBron not back down and stick to his guns despite the criticism.

The LeBrons

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    This commercial was our introduction to "The LeBrons."

    It was the first time we knew LeBron was seriously funny and extremely marketable.

    "Swimming Pool" easily wins as LeBron's best commercial ever!

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