WWE WrestleMania 28: Goldust Wants 'Title vs. Career' Match with Cody Rhodes

T. Schaefer@@t_schaefer_Analyst IIINovember 17, 2011


Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes took to twitter yesterday to begin a personal campaign. The three-time Intercontinental Champion said:

“With your voices heard to @WWE, goldust vs cody at wm28…..ic title versus career. For the haters can hope i lose to cody and retire, teamgoldie can hope for an ass whoopin for the ages and new ic champ.”

"Heres the deal.....the fire in me is too strong to lose to my move stealing lemmule of a brother....experience everytime"

For those who are curious, a "lemmule" is what Goldy calls a "Smart Mark." According to SEScoops.com, Goldust has been blocking people who bring up his old gimmicks of "Se7en" and "Black Reign."

Given the history of those gimmicks, I don't really blame him. Some things are best left forgotten.

Anyway, he went on to say:

"His ic title .....my career.....i would whoop him, take back My ic title and shatter all his dreams"

"Only teamgoldie can make this happen...u know how much it means to me"

If Dustin is sincerely bent on retiring, a "Title vs. Career" match at WrestleMania 28 against his brother Cody would be as appropriate a venue as any. Given that the biggest wrestling event of the year is still six months away, there is more then enough time to build a storyline for these two. Not to mention that it will be pretty easily done.

Such a match could only accentuate the hype going into Miami. The rub that Cody could get as a heel could be amazing, while Dustin goes out in a blaze of glory that seems appropriate for his character.

Dustin is a multiple Intercontinental and Hardcore champion and has held 11 different titles over his 20-year career. He currently works backstage as a producer and heads the booking for the Divas' division.

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