WWE Survivor Series 2007: Top 5 Moments from the Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterNovember 13, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2007: Top 5 Moments from the Show

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    WWE Survivor Series 2007 was a good show. It was not as good as 2008's version, but it was a fun event. The major point of discussion will be the main event, but this show really was well rounded.

    For those that remember, this was in the middle of Hornswoggle being a McMahon family member. What a great storyline that was! Anyways, here are my top five most memorable moments from the event...

5. Great Khali vs. Hornswoggle

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    I loved this build up. The story was very easy. Vince McMahon was trying to show Hornswoggle some "tough love," so why not face off against The Great Khali? The best part came when Shaq (sitting ringside) was being cheered for to enter the ring!

    Of course, it was not a classic bout, but it was entertaining. JBL on commentary is absolutely gold here. I still remember how great their weigh-in was a few days before this actual event!

4. Miz Shows off

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    This was a triple threat match for the ECW title. It was CM Punk defending the gold against Mike "The MIz" Mizanin and John Morrison. In the end, Punk won. However, The Miz had a great night.

    You could see "something" in him here. Nobody is going to take credit for predicting his major rise in WWE, but many took notice on this show. Great job by Punk and Miz in this match!

3. Team HHH vs. Team Umaga

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    Triple H and Umaga had a great series of matches back in 2007. It is a shame Umaga is no longer with us. If there is any bright spot in this, I really am happy to see a similar man (Brodus Clay) getting some shine right now in 2011.

    Back to this match, it was a great battle. Triple H's team was at a four on five disadvantage from the beginning, but it did not matter. Triple H and Jeff Hardy stood tall in the end, and the rise of Mr. Hardy was just starting...

2. Orton Beats HBK

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    Randy Orton was the WWE Champion. Shawn Michaels was the challenger here, and he could not use his Sweet Chin Music. Orton, on the other hand, could not get himself disqualified. It was a strange rule, but it ended up working out just fine.

    Both men worked hard, and the crowd loved it. I won't spoil this match, but it was a wonderful ending sequence that had me on the edge of my seat. This was an amazing match, but it was not the best moment of the night...

1. Main Event Story

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    Batista was the World Champion here, while The Undertaker was dead set on regaining the title. The feud had been going on for months on end, so there was only one conclusion to this story!

    A Heck on a Deck match at Survivor Series!

    These two did not disappoint one bit. It was worthy of the main event spot, and I believed every single near fall at the end. How did the match end four years ago?

    Well, Edge (back from injury) returned as a "hidden" camera man and attacked Taker. Batista was out on his feet, but he made the cover and won the match. Edge was back, and the hype for Wrestle Mania 24 was alive and well!

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