Miami Marlins Logo: Will Marlins New Look Rejuvenate Team?

Alex KayCorrespondent INovember 12, 2011

The Miami Marlins, yes the Miami Marlins, revealed a change of name, uniform and logo for the upcoming 2011-12 MLB season. They desperately needed this.

Yesterday, the Marlins unveiled their new digs in style, hosting a gala with 700 attendees and a runway type feel to show off the uniforms.

The Marlins seriously needed to change after becoming irrelevant for most of the past decade.

Sure, they won World Series titles in 1997 and 2003, but those were the only two successful seasons in franchise history and they made the postseason through the wild-card spot both times.

They have never won an NL East pennant and consistently struggled to garner attendance at their games.

The Marlins are now going to move closer to the Miami metropolis and with that they changed their name. They are expecting 30,000-plus people per game now, instead of the paltry 19,000 that showed up on average last year.

Hopefully they can sell some merchandise because I think the new uniforms and logo are just flat out ugly.

The hats, which would be the No. 1 selling piece of gear, is a colored block "M" with a Marlin jumping over it. The team has embraced the black shirt and hat color with orange, blue and yellow in the logo and team name.

Their Florida baseball mates, the Tampa Bay Rays, employed a similar tactic in 2008 and re-branded from the Devil Rays to the Rays.

It worked for them and they won the AL pennant that year, but were defeated in the World Series by the Philadelphia Phillies.

It will be interesting to see if these ugly new uniforms will help propel the Marlins towards greatness once again. I highly doubt it will be the uniform or the logo, but the increase in fans and accessibility to Miami should definitely help them. 


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