Penn State Riots: Incredible Images from Student Outrage

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2011

Penn State Riots: Incredible Images from Student Outrage

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    Penn State University fired legendary coach Joe Paterno Wednesday, Nov. 9.

    Naturally, the Penn State students didn't take very kindly to it.

    The 84-year-old coach was in power for 46 years. When you think "Penn State Nittany Lions football," you think "Joe Paterno."

    As the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal continues to shock and appall the country, the university had no choice but to act.

    The students of Penn State felt the same way—except they chose to act in a different manner.

    Here are some incredible images from the riots on State College campus after the news of Joe Paterno's firing.

Joe Paterno Is Fired

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    Students, media and fans have mobbed Paterno's for the past two days.

    Here, Paterno and his wife stand just outside their doorstep addressing the media and students just after the news of his firing came down.

Countless Students Swamp the Streets in Outrage of JoePa's Firing

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    Thousands of students took to the streets of State College to show their frustration and anger with the university's decision.

The Crowd Continued to Swell in Support of JoePa

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    Student numbers continued to grow as students walked from the Old Main administration building to Beaver Canyon.

Police Presence

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    Police in riot gear lined the streets and maintained a heavy presence at Beaver Canyon throughout the night.

Civilized Anger

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    The police, for the most part, held things in check and there wasn't a ton of destruction.

    Penn State sports reporter Ben Jones described the scene on Twitter: "When I say 'riot' we're talking general shenanigans."

The Van

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    The most violent and outrageous part of the night was when a group of students rallied around a news van and toppled it over.

    It appeared nobody was hurt in the incident and that the students took out their frustration on the windshield rather than each other.

Human Roadblock

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    Some students took actually laying down in the street in another example of peaceful protesting.


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    At one point police used mace to try and usher the crowd away from the van.


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    Not everybody kept things completely peaceful as the cops were forced to use their handcuffs at least once.

Joe Paterno Will Be Remembered for More Than This

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    There may never be another coach like Joe Paterno.

    In time, his legacy on and off the football field will ultimately overshadow the riots, his removal and the heinous scandal currently engulfing Penn State University.