WWE Fantasy Booking Week 3: Raw Edition

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2011

WWE Fantasy Booking Week 3: Raw Edition

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    Every wrestling fan dreams of having creative control over the WWE output.

    We all think that we have better ideas than the writers and that, if we were in charge of the show, ratings would soar.

    We, as fans, know what we want. What we definitely do not want to see is storylines cut short, just as they are about to gather momentum.

    This weekly series, a collaboration between myself and Alex Rivas, will attempt to book Raw, SmackDown and all WWE pay-per-views.

    This is the fifth article in the series, we will detail the Raw that took place in the week leading up to Vengeance.

    So far we have the debut of the Kings of Wrestling, the formation of a new heel stable for Del Rio and a masked attack on COO, Triple H.

    The Miz and R-Truth are still a constant menace and they brutally attacked Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase in the backstage area a week ago. They are also heavily suspected of having a hand in the assault on Triple H.

    All of this begs the question, who let them into the arena and who gave them a backstage pass?

    Triple H will be back from the hospital tonight to address the issue and to answer CM Punk's accusations against John Laurinaitis.

    If you want to go back and look at previous articles in the series then you will be able to find them in my archive.

    Enjoy the show!

Triple H Enters Accompanied by John Laurinaitis

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    The show opens with Triple H making his way down to the ring accompanied by the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis.

    Triple H: "Last week I was brutally attacked by a hooded stranger in the backstage area. I have spent almost the entire week in a medical facility being examined for a concussion and luckily I have been released with no lasting damage.

    Myself and John Laurinaitis have examined the archive footage from the CCTV cameras and it has proved inconclusive as to the identity of my attacker.

    But we know that Miz and Truth were in the building that night; they distracted John Cena in his match with Mark Henry and they were somehow able to get into the backstage area to attack Daniel Bryan and Ted Dibiase.

    It pleases me to be able to tell you that Daniel and Ted have both made a full recovery. But the question has to be asked: who let them in?

    I heard what CM Punk said on Smackdown and a lot of it rang true. Miz and Truth must have an accomplice on the inside that has helped them to continually disrupt WWE events.

    The same man that opened the door to them last week probably lowered the cell at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

    If the hooded stranger that attacked me was not Miz or Truth, and that possibility cannot be ruled out, then I believe it was their ally on the inside.

    Now CM Punk has levelled accusations against John Laurinaitis, he believes that this man is conspiring against me.

    Unfortunately Punk, I believe that your accusations are based on nothing more than a personal grudge against the Executive VP of Talent Relations and have no basis in the truth.

    Rest assured, I will be investigating this matter but I can promise you that this man had nothing to do with it."

CM Punk Interrupts Flanked by the Kings of Wrestling

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    The "Cult of Personality" hits and CM Punk comes out flanked by the Kings of Wrestling. Punk does not look happy and he looks as if he is about to drop a "pipebomb!"

    CM Punk: "Is that right, Hunter? You can promise us that Johnny Ace had nothing to do with the attack on you last week? 

    Are you actually as clueless as you look? Maybe the chair shot last week has addled your brains, I don't know, but it is obvious to me that the deer in the headlights standing right next to you has been behind all of this from the start!

    It was no coincidence that Miz and Truth targeted my tag team partners, it was because Laurinaitis does not want to see me as WWE Champion. Maybe I do not fit the company mould, maybe I don't have the appropriate physique or maybe "Funk man" over there is still taking instructions from his hero, Vince McMahon!

    I would not be surprised if Laurinaitis was working with Kevin Nash from the beginning, attempting to cost me the WWE title at Summerslam.

    Who is he constantly on the phone to?

    Who stands to gain the most from your demise, Hunter Hearst Helmsley? The power-hungry ratings killer standing right next to you!

    Triple H: "First of all, Punk, if you do not want to be stripped of your title right here tonight, I suggest you show some respect when you're talking to me.

    Now Laurinaitis and I have discussed this at length and I may not like the man but I am damn certain he is not working to bring me down.

    Now I can see why you're upset, Miz and R-Truth seem to keep targeting you and as a form of public recompense, we have agreed to sign your friends the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli.

    Now we could have taken legal action against them for appearing in a WWE ring without being under contract but we have decided to let that slide.

    However you still deserve to be punished for slandering a senior WWE official based on no concrete proof, just a petty grievance.

    So tonight you will be in a Handicap match against Sin Cara Azul and Negro and the Kings of Wrestling are banned from ringside.

    But they will be in action as well! Chris Hero, you will be competing with Alberto Del Rio and Claudio Castagnoli, you will be competing against an old friend....Daniel Bryan! And at the pay-per-view, the Kings of Wrestling will face the two Sin Caras!

    CM Punk: "I am being punished for speaking my mind, I guess it wouldn't be the first time! But you will come round to my way of thinking eventually, Hunter! Just you wait and see! 

Six Man Tag Team Match: Sheamus, Orton and Big Show vs Henry, Rhodes and Barrett

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    This six man tag team match will include all of the competitors in the Six Pack Challenge match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance.

    A really exciting match to open the show with the Smackdown main event talent showcasing their abilities.

    Big Show seems determined to get his hands on Henry whilst Orton is desperate to revenge himself upon Rhodes.

    The match breaks down at the ten minute mark with Big Show knocking both himself and Henry out of the ring.

    Barrett and Orton start brawling outside the ring which leaves Sheamus and Cody Rhodes as the two legal men in the ring.

    Sheamus ducks a Beautiful Disaster and takes the IC Champion's head off with a Brogue Kick.

    Winners: Sheamus, Orton and Big Show

Backstage Segment with Mason Ryan and Zack Ryder

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    Zack Ryder, the US Champion, comes across one of the men that will be challenging for his title at Vengeance in the back.

    Ryder: "Hey Mason, bro! Did Triple H tell you that we were teaming up tonight? Against Drew McIntyre and a partner of his choice!"

    Ryan: "Listen Zack. I like you a lot and I respect what you have done to get yourself noticed but I have my own career to think of. I just wanted you to know that when I defeat you for the United States title at Vengeance, it's nothing personal!"

    Ryder: "Are you serious, bro? The Ryder Revolution has only just begun! No offence but I plan on being champion for a very long time and I am super-confident about Vengeance!"

    Ryan: "We'll have to see what happens then. As for tonight, I'll see you out there!"

Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne

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    The latest in a series of matches between the individual members of the two tag teams that will be competing for the titles at Vengeance.

    Swagger and Ziggler have both recorded victories but Evan Bourne is looking to change that against Dolph as Swagger, Vickie and Kofi look on.

    Ziggler dominates but is then hit by a knee to the skull and Air Bourne connects for the victory.

    Winner: Evan Bourne

John Morrison In-Ring Promo

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    John Morrison: "I have been on somewhat of a losing streak of late. At the start of the year, I was competing for the WWE Championship in the main event on Raw and now I am struggling to make the card.

    I could blame injuries, bad luck etc but the fact of the matter is, I have not been performing up to scratch.

    From this moment on-"

    Alex Riley's music hits and the former apprentice of the Miz comes out to cheers.

    Alex Riley: "You would do well to shut up and listen to me, John! Don't cheer me! I learned a long time ago that you don't need the fans to be successful in this business. I don't need your support and I don't care what you think!

    Now, Morrison, while you stand there taking up valuable air time boring everyone to tears with tales of woe, you forget the real reason your career is in the doldrums!

    No, it's not because your bargain-basement girlfriend, Melina, rubbed too many people up the wrong way!

    It's because you were never good enough to be a star in this business to begin with! You never escaped from the shadow of the Miz, I was able to do so as only the "Varsity Villain" can! 

    Morrison, quite frankly you're wasting everyone's time because everyone hear knows that sooner rather than later, you will wind up just like Melina... on the unemployment line!

    It's too bad you can't sell your body like her to make ends meet!

    Morrison finally snaps and starts to attack Riley! The two get into a nasty brawl that has to be broken up by security. 

Mason Ryan and Zack Ryder vs Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd

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    The combination of Ryder and Ryan enter first and they await the arrival of the third participant in the Triple Threat match scheduled for Vengeance.

    Drew McIntyre comes out and introduces his partner as Tyson Kidd.

    A short match follows with Mason Ryan cleaning house and eventually allowing the "Woo Woo Woo Kid" to pin Tyson Kidd with the Rough Ryder.

    Winners: Mason Ryan and Zack Ryder

    The Welsh giant then performs his devastating finisher to McIntyre, sending a clear signal to the United States Champion who looks on nervously.

"Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig vs David Otunga

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    The new-look Michael McGillicutty, now styling himself as "Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig takes to the ring to compete against his former tag team partner, David Otunga.

    Hennig shows off his in-ring potential and wins with a Perfectplex.

    Winner: "Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig

Claudio Castagnoli vs Daniel Bryan

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    Claudio Castagnoli enters first to Diamond Eyes by Shinedown and he is accompanied by his accomplished tag team partner who is going to join the announce team.

    Daniel Bryan comes out and shakes Castagnoli's hand, making it very clear that this is a babyface match between two old friends who have a great deal of mutual respect for each other.

    They proceed to put on a classic ROH-style match full of exciting spots and electrifying chain grappling sequences.

    Castagnoli utilises much of the moves that have served him well in the "indies" including the Stalling Vertical Suplex and the Swiss Death.

    But after a war of European Uppercuts, Castagnoli tries for the Match Killer but Bryan is able to counter into a LaBell lock which forces his opponent to tap out.

    While on commentary Chris Hero states the Kings of Wrestling's ambition to become the tag team champions and to truly cement their reputation as the "best damn tag team in the business!"

    He says that himself and Claudio will support Punk in anything he does and they are grateful to him for helping them secure their WWE contracts, but that ultimately, they are in the company for themselves.

    He puts over Bryan as a long-time friend and a formidable opponent, describing him as the future of the business.

    Hero is also eagerly anticipating his bout with Alberto Del Rio as he prepares to "wipe that smug smile off his face". 

    Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Christian In-Ring Promo

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    Christian: "This past week on Smackdown, I laid my hands on Teddy Long, actually I slapped him full in the face, for making yet another incompetent decision!"

    I have already been fined and now I face a suspension as a result of Theodore Long's incompetence.

    He refused to give me the opportunity to qualify for the Six Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight title, saying that it was time to give fresh faces a chance.

    Who was saying that when I was trying to break into the main event scene as a youngster? Nobody! I was constantly overlooked and denied opportunities while less talented wrestlers were elevated to superstardom.

    I have proved time and again that I am better than Randy Orton and Sheamus and with all due respect, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes may represent the future of this business, but they are rookies compared to me!

    So Teddy Long, I am going to give you fair warning! I have consulted with David Otunga who tells me my best option is to stage a sit-in protest on Smackdown refusing to compete until you resign as GM.

    I am confident that enough wrestlers will side with me on this to really force Triple H's hand and he may even have to-"

John Cena Interrupts

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    John Cena's music hits and he runs down to the ring in classic fashion with the crowd cheering him wildly.

    Cena: "Christian, you complain about lack of opportunities, you cite management as holding you back but I think the real reason you're in this situation is because you no longer relish competition.

    You were one of my favourite wrestlers and one of the opponents that I respected the most but lately you have ducked every opportunity handed to you allowing you to settle your differences in the ring.

    You seek legal counsel instead of proving to everyone that you deserve "one more match" by competing inside the squared circle."

    Christian: "Do you have a point, Cena?"

    Cena: "Yes, I have a point. I am proposing to you a Best of Three series between John Cena and Christian, one match tonight, one match this Friday on Smackdown and the potential decider at Vengeance.

    Christian: "I have already said that I will be refusing to compete on Smackdown unless Teddy Long steps down....so I will just have to beat you tonight and finish the job at Vengeance.

    Christian hits Cena with the microphone and starts beating on him after the cheap shot, a referee runs down to the ring and the match begins.

Christian vs John Cena

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    Christian nearly scored a huge victory over Punk this past Friday on Smackdown and is determined to beat the other top babyface on Raw tonight.

    Christian builds on the damage done by the mic shot and dominates Cena, getting in all of his major offensive manoeuvres.

    But then Cena hits the comeback button and here comes the "Five Moves of Doom"!

    Five Knuckle Shuffle connects and now Cena is going for the AA but Christian escapes and bounces off the ropes going for a Spear!

    But Cena leapfrogs the Spear attempt and catches Christian on the rebound with a Drop Toe Hold into the STF. 

    Christian eventually taps out.

    Winner: John Cena

    "Captain Charisma" has the last laugh however hitting the celebrating Cena with a nasty Spear catching "Superman" unawares!

Beth Phoenix Gauntlet Match

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    The Divas Champion comes out to the ring accompanied by her best friend and fellow "Diva of Doom", Natalya.

    Beth Phoenix: "I watched the Barbie Dolls compete for a Divas title shot at Vengeance and Eve Torres got lucky to pin Natalya.

    But, Eve darling, your luck has just run out! At Vengeance I am going to crush you and I am going to send you screaming back to the beauty salon!

    Tonight to prove my dominance over the entire division, I am running a Gauntlet and I defy any woman in this company that thinks they can hang with the "Glamazon!"

    AJ's music hits and the "Spark plug" from Smackdown is the first to go up against the dominance of Beth Phoenix.

    She is able to counter the Glamslam into a roll-up but Beth kicks out at two and proceeds to Powerbomb AJ to the mat for the three.

    Eliminated: AJ

    Next up is another former NXT rookie, Kaitlyn, and she looks in the mood to take full advantage of this opportunity.

    Kaitlyn is able to knock the Champion off her feet but Natalya grabs hold of her leg from ringside, stopping her from capitalising on this build-up of momentum.

    As a result, Natalya is banished from the ringside area but Beth takes advantage of the distraction and hits the Glamslam for the elimination.

    Eliminated: Kaitlyn

    Here comes Alicia Fox who crosses paths with Natalya on the ramp and the daughter of Jim Neidhart takes down Beth's next opponent with a vicious Discus Clothesline.

    Fox is rolled into the ring and Beth uses the Sharpshooter to make her tap out.

    Eliminated: Alicia Fox

    Kelly Kelly is determined to get her hands on her deadly enemy and she slaps Natalya full in the face on her way to the ring.

    Kelly and Beth continue their rivalry with a series of counters and big moves that highlight their in-ring chemistry.

    Kelly comes so close to beating Beth but the K2 only yields a two count and then she finds herself caught in that unique submission manoeuvre which forces her to submit.

    Eliminated: Kelly Kelly

    Phoenix refuses to release the submission hold and now the No. 1 Contender, Eve Torres, is on her way to the ring but instead of breaking the hold, she goes to the top rope to perform a Moonsault.

    She connects with Kelly Kelly taking a large part of the blow but the Divas Champion is also severely damaged.

    1-2-3 and Eve has pinned her opponent for Vengeance and will carry all the momentum with her going into her championship match.

    Winner: Eve Torres

Chris Hero vs Alberto Del Rio

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    Hero walks out to the same music as his tag team partner but he is unaccompanied by Castagnoli, clearly wanting to face this huge challenge alone.

    Del Rio comes out and he is strangely unaccompanied by the two Sin Caras who must be preparing for their main event match with Punk.

    Hero puts up a real strong showing and takes ADR to the limit in a match that is of pay-per-view quality.

    Near falls, twists, turns and plenty of drama ensues as eventually Del Rio wins with a vicious enzuigiri to the side of the head.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Main Event: CM Punk vs Los Dos Sin Caras: 2 on 1 Handicap Match

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    The Main Event is up next….

    First Sin Cara Negro and Azul come out to some nice heat from the crowd.

    Then Punk’s music hits and a huge pop from the crowd! Punk comes out with a white scarf, mocking Alberto Del Rio!

    While Punk is on the turnbuckle getting ready for the match to begin, the two Caras double power bomb him from the top rope, the bell rings and Azul goes for pin but only gets the 2 count.

    For the following three to four minutes the Caras alternate time in the ring while punishing Punk, until the WWE Champion counters a clothesline from Negro and hits him with a huge enzuiguri.

    He then hits a Shining Wizard and a Bulldog followed by a cross body from the top rope!

    Negro is able to get away and tag in Azul, who runs at punk, only to get hit with a vicious dropkick and for the following two to three minutes the Champion dominates Azul, also hitting his Running Bulldog and clothesline combo which knocks Negro off the apron.

    Punk then hits a DDT on Azul, and the camera switches backstage to Alberto Del Rio in his locker room watching the match on a TV screen.

    Back to the ring, Punk is going for a GTS when Negro strikes him from behind with a dropkick to the back and Azul hits a DDT in mid air while punk was falling.

    Azul tags Negro and they begin hitting huge double teams, when out of nowhere Punk locks in the Anaconda Vise but Azul breaks it up!

    They hit a double Suplex on Punk who looks exhausted.

    For the next three minutes Punk is being severely damaged when they both hit a double clothesline then Azul goes to the top rope and hits a C-4 , followed by a Lionsault/Senton bomb by Negro, Azul goes for the pin 1,2,3,.


    After the match CM Punk hits a GTS on a celebrating Azul then locks in the Anaconda Vise on Negro, who quickly taps out and is screaming in pain , Del Rio comes out but only stands by the ramp and does not enter the ring, Punk lets go and stares down Del Rio to end the show.