WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Oct. 28

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 28, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Oct. 28

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    This is the second edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown, written collaboratively by myself and Nathan Giese.

    For those who are not up-to-date yet, check out the first episode here.

    Also, check the link out if you are unsure of how our setup works—especially with rosters.

    You can also check out this week's Raw here, if you have not already.

    Remember to rate the show on a scale of 1-10 (i.e. "8/10"), as this is a competition between SmackDown (Nathan Giese and Kevin Berge) and Raw (Nate Scaccia and Will Agathis).

    Sorry about being a little late. In general, we will try to post these slideshows on Thursday night at 7:00 PM. There were some technical difficulties, and we had to push the show back.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap of last week.

    We see how John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, and Alberto Del Rio made Michael Cole start the WWE Championship tournament. Then we watch the Miz win his match, followed by CM Punk winning his match.

    Then the lights go out and the screen displays a darkened figure pointing toward the ring.

    CM Punk looks confused as the promo ends. Green Day plays.

Opening Segment

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    We open to a great Houston crowd as our commentators, Matt Striker and Josh Matthews, welcome us to the Toyota Center.

    A sudden, massive cheer comes over the crowd as CM Punk's music hits.

    He saunters to the ring, detouring in order to grab a microphone. He then enters the ring and begins to speak.

    "Last week, I beat Alberto Del Rio to move on in the WWE Championship Tournament, but let's face it. We all saw that coming. What confused even me was what followed. I have been thinking all week about the message. Someone is trying to play mind games with me, but they don't seem to understand who I am. I am not simply a wrestler. I am the best in the world. No matter how much you try to rattle me, I will not falter when I get into that ring, so whoever you are why don't you just show yourself already."

    Suddenly, The Miz's theme music hits.

    "Punk, Punk, Punk, you forget yourself. You go on and on about a ghostly apparition trying to play head games with you. All you should be worrying about is facing me next week in the WWE Championship tournament. We all know who the better man is between us." As The Miz pauses, the crowd yells out "CM Punk".

    Punk then interjects, "Yes, I think we all know that, but you know what? Why wait until next week? I'm ready to go if you are." Punk then drops the mic and motions toward the Miz.

    "No, no." Michael Cole can be heard saying as he walks out from the back, "Punk, you will not ruin my show like this. You will not change the set up of my show. The tournament will continue as I dictate it, and that means that the semifinals will not take place until next week. For now, the Miz has earned himself a night off after a hard fought match last week with John Morrison. You, on the other hand, will be competing tonight against an opponent of my choosing. For now though, the show must go on, so get out of my ring!"

    Punk exits the ring with a scowl and begins walking to the back as the Big Show's music hits. Punk and Big Show stare down at each other at the top of the ramp until Punk moves on, and Show makes his way to the ring for the first match of the night.

Match 1: Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler; WWE Championship Tournament Match

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    As we return from a commercial break, we watch a quick recap from last week, as Dolph Ziggler takes out Big Show from behind, injuring the big man's leg.

    We then see Show glaring up at the screen and holding onto his right fist.

    Then Dolph Ziggler's music hits to good heat.

    He walks out with confidence, showing surprising poise in the face of Big Show.

    Ziggler enters the ring, and the two stare down until the bell rings.

    Show barrels right at Ziggler, but Ziggler ducks out of the way. The two continue a game of cat-and-mouse, as Show goes after Ziggler—and Ziggler pulls out some quick kicks to Show's right leg.

    Ziggler then pulls out a huge jumping front kick to the right leg, taking Show to his knees. There is obvious stress on the ligament from the attack the previous week. Ziggler moves in behind Show and sets him up for a leg drop bulldog—only to get caught.

    Show holds onto Ziggler's leg, lifts Ziggler up and hits a reverse powerbomb. Show then wears Ziggler down for a few minutes with some grappling moves. Ziggler gets out and hits a swinging neckbreaker followed by a necksnap as Show rises. He then gets to work on the leg.

    After about five minutes of work by Ziggler on the leg, Show grabs Ziggler for a military press slam but has trouble standing. Ziggler gets out and goes for Show's right leg. As he runs at Show, he gets caught for a monstrous chokeslam. The crowd goes crazy as it thinks Show has won, but Ziggler kicks out at two-and-a-half.

    Frustrated, Show gets up and limps over to the ropes to regroup. He sees Ziggler beginning to stand and tries to grab him, but Ziggler hits a huge Zig Kick (superkick)—even though Show is still standing.

    A frustrated Ziggler goes to the top rope and jumps at Show. He gets caught, but Show buckles under his leg. Though he is still holding Ziggler, he releases enough for Ziggler flip around and attach the sleeper hold.

    Big Show cannot get out of the hold as his leg gives out completely, and he falls to the mat. The referee checks on Show and calls for the bell.

    Tony Chimel: "Here is your winner by knockout, Dolph Ziggler."

    The crowd gives Ziggler great heat as he gloats in the ring. He then looks down at Show with a devious grin. As Show slowly starts to regain consciousness, Ziggler goes for a steel chair. He gets in the ring and lifts it above his head.

    A huge pop can be heard in the background as Cena runs in and knocks Ziggler out of the ring.

    An irate Ziggler looks on as Cena helps Big Show up. We head to commercial as Cena and Ziggler stare down.

Match 2: Natalya vs. Gail Kim

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    Back to the action, Natalya’s music hits as we hear Josh Matthews on commentary.

    “Welcome back to Smackdown folks in what has already been an action packed night as we get set for divas action.  We’ve got a rematch set for tonight for last week's match that never got a chance to have a conclusion.  We take you back to last week where Natalya’s match against Gail Kim ended under  unusual circumstances.  During the closing moments of the match, the lights kicked out and the next thing we knew, all we heard was screaming from inside the ring.  When the lights returned back on, Kim and Natalya were lying in the ring, Kim laid over Natalya with a banner draped across them saying “Survive.”

    The crowd awaits Natalya’s entrance, but she is nowhere to be found.  The screen cuts to a camera backstage in the diva's locker room, where Natalya and Kim are once again laid out across each other.  Clothes and chairs are scattered across the room. 

    The camera cuts to an incapacitated Kim, who has a red "X" marked on her forehead.  As the camera pans over to the mirror, another message has been left for the divas.  

    This time it reads: “Redemption.”

Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Christian for the Money in the Bank Briefcase

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    When we return from commercial, Daniel Bryan is making his way to the ring, clutching his briefcase.

    Tony Chimel announces: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will have sole possession of the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase.”

    Bryan is now in the ring, looking angrily towards the stage area. 

    Christian comes out to decent heat.  He points happily at Bryan, gesturing that he will soon be holding the briefcase.

    The match begins and Bryan immediately goes to work.  His frustration begins to show, as he has Christian in the corner and barely answers the referee's count of five.  Bryan goes to set Christian on the top rope for a high-impact maneuver. 

    As Bryan looks up, he finds Kurt Angle once again standing at the at the top of the ramp.  Once again, Bryan is utterly confused.  As he stares at Angle, Christian takes advantage and shoves Bryan off the top rope and converts it into a standing flying elbow.

    Christian looks up and finds Angle at the ramp, giving him a cocky grin as we head to commercial.  

    Back to the action: Christian is in firm control of Bryan, having him in a submission hold.  

    Bryan begins to fight his way out of the hold and regains his composure.  A couple elbow to the midsection of Christian, and Bryan is back in the match.  Bryan goes for a few kicks to the chest, pumping his fists and getting the crowd back on his side.  

    Just as Bryan is about to go for his knockout blow, Angle begins making his way down to the ring, sending excitement in the crowd.  Bryan turns around and sees Angle approaching.  Bryan begins yelling at Angle, asking him why he’s even around.  Angle gives no response and continues to walk towards the ring.  

    Bryan turns around and is met with a spear from Christian.  Christian goes for the cover, but only manages to come up with a two count.  

    Christian begins to set up for the killswitch, when Angle jumps onto the ring apron.  Puzzled, Christian walks towards Angle, looking for an explanation.  Before he can reach Angle, Bryan comes up behind Christian for the school boy roll up to win the contest.

    Tony Chimel announces:  Here is your winner, and still the rightful owner of the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase, Daniel Bryan!

    Bryan begins to celebrate and jump for joy.  He turns to look for Angle again, but he’s nowhere to be found.  On the outside of the ring, Christian is kicking the announcer's table , throwing steel chairs and screaming in anger. 

Backstage Interview: John Cena

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    John Cena is backstage with Jack Korpela for an interview.

    Korpela: "John, earlier tonight, you fended off Dolph Ziggler after his match. Why did you get involved?"

    Cena: "Why should that be a question? Ziggler was threatening to hurt a man after a hard-fought match. I was watching backstage, and, when I realized what Ziggler had planned, I rushed out there as fast as possible."

    Korpela: "You said you were watching backstage. Were you scouting out Ziggler in preparation for your possible match next week?"

    Cena: "Yes, I know that I will be in for a fight if..."

    Cody Rhodes walks in and grabs the microphone.

    Rhodes: "If, John, if. That is the big problem with what you are saying. Dolph Ziggler is not your problem—right now. I am. Remember that I told the world last week that I would show them what you really are, and I meant it. Tonight, you are not going through me, so he won't even have to worry about next week."

    Rhodes drops the mic and walks off with the camera zooming in on a focused Cena as we head to commercial break.

Match 4: Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal

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    As we return from commercial, Justin Gabriel is making his way to the ring to his new theme for the Cruiserweight Championship battle royal.  

    Already in the ring are Sin Cara Negro, Sin Cara Azul, Zack Ryder and John Morrison.  We cut away to earlier in the day, when Gabriel is backstage preparing for the show. Ryder comes up to him and asks if he’s ready for the battle royal.

    Gabriel: “Oh I’m ready.  I’m excited to be in my first singles championship match.  But if I don’t win, I hope you do.”

    Sin Cara Negro enters the screens and confronts both men.  “Neither one of you needs to worry about winning tonight, because I’m going to walk away with the gold and prove to everyone that I should be the only Sin Cara in the WWE.”

    Back ringside, Christian is once again making his way to the ring—this time with a microphone in hand.

    “Listen all you little pions. I may have just lost my shot at the WWE Championship, but that doesn’t mean I won’t gladly take the Cruiserweight title as a back up prize. Any gold is good gold.”

    The bell rings and action ensues inside the ring. Christian goes directly after Ryder; both Sin Cara’s attack each other while Gabriel and Morrison rumble in the far corner.  

    Chaos continues inside the ring as all six men have each attempted to eliminate their combatants.  It takes a solid three minutes before any man is thrown over the top rope.  

    The first to be eliminated is Sin Cara Negro after being hurricaned out of the ring by Sin Cara Azul. 

    But Negro isn’t about to let Azul have the last laugh.  Rather than returning to the backstage area, he reenters the ring and eliminates Azul.  By technicality, both men are out of the battle royal, leaving Morrison, Ryder, Christian and Gabriel left in the battle royal as we cut to commercial.

    Return to commercial and we are now down to Gabriel, Ryder and Christian.  We see a shot taken during commercial break of Christian hanging Morrison up on the top rope in a way that can only hurt a man.  Christian took that opportunity drop kick Morrison out of the ring.

    Back to the action where Ryder and Gabriel are double teaming Christian in the bottom turnbuckle in the corner.  Christian, exhausted and angry, wonders whether he can make it through the match.

    Ryder sets up for the Broski Kick in the corner while Gabriel watches.  Once Ryder hits the kick, Gabriel comes up behing Ryder and throws him out of the ring, leaving only Gabriel and Christian in the ring.  

    Garbiel begins to take control of the one-on-one battle, firing kicks and jabs into the lower half of Christian's torso.  Gabriel starts to feel it, and begins flying off of the ropes directly into Christian.  After a third side kick, Gabriel winds up for one more spinning heel kick—only to have Christian duck out of the way and convert it into a Killswitch.  

    Christian takes this opportunity to attempt to throw Gabriel out of the ring.  As he’s hanging onto the top rope for dear life, Gabriel delivers one thunderous blow to the top of Christian’s head, knocking him out in the process. 

    Gabriel pulls himself onto the apron and notices Christian lying in the perfect position for the 450 splash.  He begins to climb the turnbuckle, still in a haze from the killswitch. 

    Christian begins to stumble to his feet and notices what Gabriel has planned.  As Gabriel is about to reach the top rope, Christian rushes to his feet and shoves Gabriel to the outside of the ring.

    Tony Chimel: Here is your winner and the Brand New Cruiserweight Champion, Christian!

    Christian is elated.  He has a huge smile on his face and clutches that fresh Cruiserweight title close to his chest—much like he did when he won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. 

    He begins to make his way to the top of the stage.  He turns back to the crowd and holds up his newly-won Cruiserweight Championship high for all the world to see.

Match 5: CM Punk vs. ?

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    We return to a huge pop as CM Punk arrives.

    He enters the ring and waits for his opponent to show up.

    He seems ready to go as the music for Jack Swagger hits.

    He has decent heat as he enters with a cocky grin on his face, which he keeps until the bell rings.

    The two lock up and trade power moves until Swagger gets an edge with a shoulderbreaker to the chest.

    Swagger works over Punk for a few minutes, until he feels confident to go for the Swagger Bomb. As he jumps off the turnbuckle though, Punk gets his legs up.

    Punk then hits a nice falcon arrow. He works over Swagger followed by a diving elbow drop.

    He calls for the GTS, but the Miz can be seen heading down to the ring. As he jumps onto the apron, Punk hits him square in the face with both elbows. Swagger uses the distraction to knock down Punk and apply the ankle lock.

    The Miz looks pleased as Punk looks ready to tap, but Punk uses his leg strength to throw Swagger forward. Swagger hits the ground hard. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice as the Miz looks on in dismay. Swagger taps.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, CM Punk"

    Punk smiles as his hand is raised and stares at an angry Miz.

Main Event: John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes; WWE Championship Tournament Match

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    As we return, Dolph Ziggler joins the commentary booth.

    Matt Striker: "Great to see you, Dolph, and congratulations on your big win."

    Ziggler: "Thank you, Matt, I appreciate it, though did anyone really doubt what the outcome would be? I certainly didn't. Big Show is not called the World's Largest Athlete as a compliment."

    Cody Rhodes enters to his music as the commentators talk about Ziggler's match.

    When John Cena's music hits though, Ziggler goes silent and scowls.

    Rhodes and Cena lock up at the bell, and Cena uses his power advantage to get momentum and hit an emerald flowsion.

    Cena holds Rhodes down with a headlock and exerts his size to put pressure on Rhodes' neck. Cena keeps control for about three minutes as Ziggler goes off on Cena for bullying the smaller Rhodes. "So much for Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect."

    Rhodes pulls himself to the ropes and kicks Cena off of him. He taunts Cena as he gets up which causes Cena to run at him and hit a huge clothesline taking them both out, flying to the outside of the ring, as we head to commercial.

    When we return, Rhodes has taken control after a wheelbarrow suplex into the barricade.

    Rhodes controls the action for a while with some submission holds including a figure four leg lock. Cena fights out for a monstrous belly to belly suplex. As Rhodes tries to recover, Cena hits a throwback and preps for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

    As he comes off the ropes though, Rhodes gets up and hits a dropkick. He heads to the top for a crossbody. Just as he jumps, Cena recovers and grabs him going for the AA.

    Realizing where he is, Rhodes squirms out and gives Cena a hard kick to leg. He positions Cena for the Cross Rhodes and hits it!

    As the referee begins to count, Ziggler runs over and gets Cena's foot on the bottom rope. The referee hits for three and is about to signal for the bell; however, Ziggler yells at him to look at Cena's leg. The referee sees that Cena's foot is on the bottom rope and calls off the count.

    Rhodes loses it in frustration, as he doesn't know why he didn't win (he did not see Ziggler move the foot). In anger, Rhodes begins to stomp on Cena, taunting him with a You Can't See Me. He grabs Cena and tries to lift him up for his own AA, but Cena reverses the move. He grabs Rhodes and hits the AA for three.

    Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, John Cena."

    Josh Matthews: "I cannot believe we just saw Ziggler help Cena. Why would he help Cena of all people?"

    Matt Striker: "Perhaps, it was strategy for next week. I don't know yet. Wait..."

    As John Cena is celebrating, Ziggler runs in with a steel chair and bashes Cena hard across the back of the head. He hits him several times then lifts Cena up and delivers the Zig Zag.

    As Cena lays there, Ziggler grabs a mic and walks back inside to stare down Cena as he lays on the ground.

    "I don't know if you would have lost without my help, John, but I was not going to sit by and let an opportunity like this pass me up. Let's face it, John. You are the biggest star in the WWE. No one gets to the top without dealing with you at one point or another. I realized after you got in my way earlier tonight that there was only one man I wanted to face on my way to becoming a WWE Champion for the first time. I don't care about beating Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Big Show, or even CM Punk. I want to beat you, Cena. I want the whole world to know that I did not become a champion because of a fluke.

    I have competed for months now as a "former World Champion" yet no one gives me any respect. They all say I didn't deserve to hold the title because I won it on a technicality. They say that I don't belong in the same league as any former World Champion. You wouldn't know what that feels like though, would you? You're the poster boy. You are the main event. You have been given opportunity after opportunity. Well, that all ends now!

    I am no longer a caddy for a racially confused wimp. I am no longer a cheer leader dressed in all green. I am not the man who has to introduce himself to everyone on the roster. I am not even the same man who won the World Heavyweight Title in January."

    He grabs Cena as he is standing up and hits him with a superkick. He then grabs Cena's head and says, "My name is Dolph Ziggler, and I am the man who will finally put you down."

    He drops Cena, and the credit rolls as Ziggler stands over a hurt Cena.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in next time to watch the semifinal matchups, as Dolph Ziggler takes on John Cena and The Miz faces CM Punk.

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