WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Results: Alberto Del Rio Beats CM Punk and What It Means

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 3, 2011

That's right, folks.

We have a new champion...again.

Del Rio, who lost the title to Cena two weeks ago, is champion once again.

This was almost lost in the chaos of the final scene of the pay-per-view, but it will have a huge impact on the promotion going forward.

Why Cena was ever given the title in the first place is beyond me.

He may be a ratings booster, but this title switching is ridiculous. It could destroy the credibility of WWE's most prestigious title.

Regardless, we have a new champion in Del Rio, and he pinned CM Punk. There were heel tactics involved as Cena was locked outside and Del Rio used a steel pipe, but the win was more or less clean.

What does this mean for all three superstars?

Well, John Cena will be fuming on Monday night as he was "cheated" out of the title again. Expect him to insult Del Rio and his reign even though Alberto has shown himself to be a fighting champion at all times.

CM Punk is a more interesting case.

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Lately, he has been pinned by John Cena, Triple H, and now Alberto Del Rio.

None have been losses that will bury Punk, but the accumulation of these losses is becoming taxing on his legacy. He is losing steam fast.

If Punk doesn't come out on Monday and wow us all, he may finally turn into a regular old star again which would be a shame with how much momentum he used to have.

The loss itself was fine as Punk looked great in the match while taking about every major spot. He went through a table, got hit with an AA, and was rammed into the cage about 10 times.

It is just concerning that CM Punk has not pulled off any of the big wins when it mattered lately as his two wins against John Cena are disappearing into the background as afterthoughts.

Now, on to the new WWE champion Alberto Del Rio.

He had to get the title back so that the WWE could appease the Mexico audience during their mid-August tour.

But when that is over? Is WWE going to finally put some momentum behind this possible main event heel?

While he did get a clean pin fall victory, it was not on Cena. At this point, Del Rio does not look at all like a credible threat to Cena. There are only two ways that can be changed.

One, Del Rio pins John Cena even though it will probably involve outside interference. This would have to be a pay-per-view match for the title. Vengeance is coming in two weeks, and WWE could make the big jump there.

Or two, Del Rio makes John Cena tap. I use that second part extremely loosely. John Cena has hardly ever tapped in his WWE career. Since becoming a huge star, he simply has not tapped at all.

It does not need to even be a match (though that would be preferable), but Cena needs to tap out to Del Rio.

It could involve an injured or broken arm angle or have a ton of outside interference, but having John Cena give up to the cross arm breaker would solidify Del Rio as a star.

At this point, Del Rio is the top heel on Raw, but, just like every other heel, Del Rio's kryptonite is the Superman John Cena.

What did we learn on Sunday?

That WWE has faith in Alberto Del Rio.

Now, we need to learn how far that faith goes.

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