BYU Cougars Football: "Band of Sisters" Humiliated by Rival Utah Utes 54-10

Scott LambsonContributor IIISeptember 18, 2011

The slogan "Band of Brothers" is inscribed on the front of every BYU helmet this season, but after their futile, historic, effort against rival Utah, in which they were pulverized on national television 54-10, maybe it should be changed to "Band of Sisters."

There are no adjectives to describe the carnage that was left at Lavell Edwards Stadium by a Utah team that flat out embarrassed the heartless Cougars in every aspect of the game.

It was the fourth straight regular season game, going back to last season, that BYU's offense failed to show up to, and combined with the gutless defensive effort it was downright ugly, historically ugly.

This year was supposed to be a turning point in the BYU football program. It was billed as the year the stars were supposed to align.

BYU touted their new independence, their new deal with ESPN, and their all mighty QB in Jake Heaps.

They proclaimed an explosive offense that would be led by new Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman, who said he would bring back the BYU offense of yesteryear.

Yet, it has all imploded, badly, and it will only get worse from here.

Why will it get worse?

Because BYU has nothing to play for. Technically, they had nothing to play for before the Utah game.

It is the hard truth about independence.

Even if BYU had run the table after the Texas loss they were still locked into the Armed Forces Bowl.

Win or lose against Utah, and they were still going to Dallas on December 30th.

It's an ugly truth, independence is only exciting if BYU goes undefeated.

Another reason this season will only get worse, is because now, with the exception of a meaningless game at TCU, the Cougars have nothing but cupcakes on the schedule.

Even if the offense gets rolling, it won't prove very much against the likes of San Jose State and New Mexico State.

So what needs to happen?

1. BYU needs to find a stable conference ASAP. Independence, while enticing in theory, is not going to work long term, especially with the shift in college football going to super conferences.

2. They need to give James Lark a shot a QB. Why not? Jake Heaps, while awesome on paper, has won zero big games. He's had over 10 games under his belt to figure out how to run the offense and he has not lived up to the hype. Hype, he himself created, after calling his own press conference two years ago to announce his coming to Provo to win a national title.

3. The BYU staff and players need to apologize to their boosters and fans for their performance against arch rival Utah. Never in the history of the BYU program, has a team imploded as they did against the Utes on their own home field. Do the staff and players just expect fans to buy tickets because there is a "Y" on their helmet?

Lastly, if BYU is going to proclaim some sort of grooming code then they need their players to follow suit and look classy across the board.

Why does Cody Hoffman have a mohawk with designs or words shaved into the side of his head? Why are players allowed to write all over their arms with black markers. It all looks trashy, especially in HD on national television.

So you can't grow a beard, but you can shave crazy designs into your mohawk?

Strange grooming code.

The truth is, the season ended with the loss at Texas. From that point on, it became an extended fall camp for next season.

If BYU were in a conference, there would still be a season left, a championship to chase.

Maybe next year.


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