FC Barcelona Transfer Talk: 5 Post Forwards Who'd Improve Barça Tactically

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2011

FC Barcelona Transfer Talk: 5 Post Forwards Who'd Improve Barça Tactically

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    Barça has one of the best squads in the world, but Pep Guardiola still needs a tall presence in the area to have another tactical resource at his disposal. 

    What he needs is what is usually referred to in the football jargon as a "post forward."

    In plain English, a forward that is physical in the opponent's goal area, and that is a powerful presence both in the aerial game and distributing balls to teammates with his back toward the rival's goalkeeper.

    In FC Barcelona terms, a striker that's not 1.70 meters tall.

    Pep thought he had one in Zlatan two years ago and experimented with Gudjohnsen on that role, but there is no player in the Barça squad (unless you count Busquets or Pique) to fill that job.

    In this slideshow, we will simply name five options that could fit the bill as a post forward for the Blaugrana, with no regard whatsoever to whether or not Pep, Rossell and company actually have them on their sights as potential signings (even though they should).

    Author's note: This will be the second slideshow in my series of the Role Players Who'd Improve Barça Tactically, so expect to see other slideshows on this subject soon. 

    If you want to take a look at the first of the series: FC Barcelona Transfer Talk: 5 Dribbling Wingers Who'd Improve Barça Tactically.

5. Nicklas Bendtner

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    Age: 23

    Nationality: Denmark

    Height: 1.93

    Team: Arsenal FC

    Transfer Market Value: €8.5 million

    Won't be sold for less than: €12.5 million

    Why he fits:

    Nicklas Bendtner is accustomed to playing a very similar style to what Barça does at Arsenal, and his 1.95 frame fits in with the post forward Barcelona currently doesn't have. 

    With Arsenal, he has also played as a winger so he could bring some versatility as well.

    The fact that he wants out of London and has expressed his desire to be a Blaugrana helps as well. 

    Transfer Value:

    An offer around €10 million should be enough to get the Dane, but given we're dealing with Arsene Wenger, he might want to get more out of Barça. 

    Overall Improvement Grade:  C

    He would be a nice piece and fits the bill and the price, but there are better options available at the same cost. 

4. Gillaume Hoarau

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    Age: 27

    Nationality: French

    Height: 1.92

    Team: Paris Saint-Germain

    Transfer Market Value: €10 million

    Won't be sold for less than: €15 million

    Why he fits:

    The Frenchman has established himself as a fantastic player for Paris Saint-Germain, and even though he's 1.92, he's very talented with his feet and likes to assist almost as much as he likes to score. 

    That said, Hoarau doesn't play as big as his size might initially suggest, but he can still hold the ball relatively well with his back toward the keeper. 

    Transfer Value:

    Paying €15 million seems fair for the French giant. 

    Overall Improvement Grade:  C+

    He is a better player than Bendtner, and he would definitely be a nice piece for Barça coming out of the bench. 

3. Fernando Llorente

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    Age: 26

    Nationality: Spanish

    Height: 1.95

    Team: Athletic Bilbao

    Transfer Market Value: €20 million

    Won't be sold for less than: €35 million

    Why he fits:

    Talent-wise, Fernando Llorente is the player Barça wants.

    He's fantastic in the goal area, and his 1.95 frame gives him all the physical tool he needs to be a dominant presence in the box.

    He's more than decent with his feet as well, but his major improvement would be providing the aerial danger Barça lacks.

    Transfer Value:

    Paying €30 million plus for a benchwarmer isn't nice. But if Barcelona have the money, they should consider Llorente.

    Overall Improvement Grade:  B-

    As a player, he gets a much better grade, but his transfer is too expensive for the role Barça need. 

2. Álvaro Negredo

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    Age: 25

    Nationality: Spain

    Height: 1.86

    Team: FC Sevilla

    Transfer Market Value: €16 million

    Won't be sold for less than: €30 million

    Why he fits:

    The former Real Madrid is one of my favorite forwards.

    Alvaro Negredo has it all. He can play in the box as a post, play as a second forward and has the speed and the skills to dribble defenders as well.

    I'd add him to my team in a heartbeat.

    Transfer Value:

    Cost wise, paying up to €30 million is on the expensive side for a sub. 

    Overall Improvement Grade:  B

    Again, as a player, his grade would be way higher, but his cost just might be too high. 

1. Artem Milevskiy

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    Age: 26

    Nationality: Ukraine

    Height: 1.90

    Team: Dynamo Kiev

    Transfer Market Value: €9 million

    Won't be sold for less than: €15 million

    Why he fits:

    Pep Guardiola liked Zlatan, right?

    Well, Ukrainian Artem Milevskiy is as similar to Ibrahimovic football-wise as they get.

    Like Zlatan, he is more technical than an aerial powerhouse despite being almost two meters tall.

    And also like his Swedish counterpart, he has all the flicks and tricks needed to control the ball and play it to his teammates.

    He definitely fits in Barça with his assist-first, score-second mentality.

    He's not Zlatan, but for your money's worth, Artem is as close as they come for a player like that. 

    Transfer Value:

    The best part: Barça could land him for under €15 million, easy. 

    Overall Improvement Grade:  A-

    Not the best talent in the world, but if I needed a man to play a post forward role on my team's bench, Milevskiy would make me a very happy man indeed.

    I'm sure Pep would find him useful as well.