2011 NBA Draft Grades: Grading Marcus Morris and the Houston Rocket's Draft

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJune 24, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Grades: Grading Marcus Morris and the Houston Rocket's Draft

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    The Houston Rockets made some interesting moves on draft night and seemed to have come away with an overall solid draft.

    The Rockets are a team very close to the playoffs, even in the tough Western Conference, and are a few moves away leaving the lottery group.

    Here are the grades for the Houston Rockets draft.

Pick 14, Marcus Morris

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    Marcus Morris was a solid pick for the Houston Rockets, even if they did pass on Kawhi Leonard to get him.

    Marcus is the more NBA-ready and more polished half of the Morris twins, and while some label him a "tweener," he can play the three-spot and four-spot and is versatile.

    The one problem with the Morris pick is that they are now stacked with power forwards and may have to move on in the near future.

    Overall, it was a solid pick and will give the Rockets some help right away, which is what they need.

    Final Grade: B 

The Rights to Pick 20, Donatas Motiejunas

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    The Houston Rockets acquired the rights to Donatas Montiejunas from the Minnesota Timberwolves and got a guy with a lot of potential but who isn't totally NBA-ready.

    Montiejunas is legitimately seven feet tall and can move very well for his size. That said, he needs to bulk up and get tougher to produce in the NBA and for the Rockets.

    Montiejunas has a chance to be a very good scorer in the league, and if he gains some healthy weight, the pick could pay off.

    The Rockets did pass on Jordan Hamilton here who would have filled a hole at small forward for them, but it's clear they liked the potential of Motiejunas more than anything.

    If they can find a spot on the team for Motiejunas, he could become an offensive weapon and a risk worth taking at 20.

    Final Grade: C+

Acquring Johnny Flynn from the Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Young point guard Johnny Flynn was part of the Donatas Motiejunas deal the Houston Rockets made with the Minnesota Timberwovles and was a nice pickup by the Rockets.

    Flynn suffered from bad teammates, a bad system and a bad coaching staff while in Minnesota and a change of scenery is just what he needs to get another shot at becoming a successful NBA point guard.

    The Rockets didn't give up much to get him, and it is low-risk, high-reward situation in Houston.

    Even if Flynn turns out to be a solid backup for Houston, the deal would be worth it, and Houston would have made a good trade.

    Final Grade: B

Pick 38, Chandler Parsons

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    The Houston Rockets got good value when they took Chandler Parsons in the second round of last night's draft.

    Parsons has potential to be a solid NBA player, and while he will never be a star and may never be a starter, he is a low-risk pick and could turn into a solid rotation player some day.

    Great teams make good picks in the late rounds of drafts, and the Parsons pick may be one of those good picks.

    Final Grade: B 

Overall Grade

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    Overall, the Houston Rockets had a solid draft that should improve their team in the long and short term.

    They got a versatile power forward in Marcus Morris who should make their rotation in his first year, a project international player who could some day turn into a good scorer, a young point guard with some potential looking for a second chance and solid college player who should make for a good NBA role player.

    The Rockets definitely improved from this draft and should take them a step closer to getting back to the playoffs.

    Overall Grade: B+ 


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