8 Reasons Why Bud Selig Should Be Fired Today

Ryan GuellowContributor IOctober 28, 2008

Bud Selig and George W. Bush have something in common. Both are totally inept at their jobs. Selig phoned in another one last night as Game 5 of the World Series was suspended. 5 innings have been played and there are still 4 more to be played at some point (hopefully) in the near future. The question every baseball fan wants to know is… ‘Why was the game started in the first place?’ It’s 2008, we have Doplar 7000’s. We know when it’s going to rain and for how long. Why even chance that this would happen? Well “Bad Decision” Bud Strikes again. What makes this writer mad the most is that Selig never takes on any blame or ever considers he made a bad decision. Sounds like another leader we all know…(cough…Bush…cough). I have decided to list the blunders Selig has made as either acting commissioner or official commissioner.

1.     1993: One of Selig’s first move as acting commissioner was to reinstate George Steinbrenner. If you don’t remember Steinbrenner was banned for life from Major League Baseball by then commissioner Fay Vincent for conspiring against Dave Winnfield. Steinbrenner supposedly paid a known gambler and Mafia member to dig up dirt on the Hall of Famer because he didn’t like Winnfield. Seems like it’s just a case of George being George so Selig pardoned him. All the while the Major League hit king Pete Rose can’t get a plaque in the Hall of Fame for things he didn’t even do as a player. So here is a case of siding with ownership over the players.

2.     1994: The MLBPA strikes. So a former owner, whose family still has stake in a team, is supposed to fairly preside over a labor dispute between the players union and the team owners? Who do you think he was fighting for? We lost a World Series, a Home Run race, and the Montreal Expos with a shot at the pennant because greedy owners need new collective bargaining agreements.

3.     1998: He adds two new teams to the league. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Diamondbacks would win a World Series in 2001 and the Rays are AL Champs this year. So why was this a blunder? Three years later he holds a meeting, 48 hours after the Diamondbacks win the World Series, to contract the Expos and the Twins. Why did he add two more teams if other teams in small markets were failing? This leads to Selig being indicted on racketeering charges and a law suit of $300 million because he was blamed for conspiring to get the minority owners of the Expos out. This never went to court but an arbitrator and Major League baseball lost and had to pay an undisclosed amount. Bud Selig is a racketeer according to an arbitrator.

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4.     2002: The All-Star Game. He calls the game after the 11th inning and institutes a rule that makes the once meaningless fun exhibition game for fans into a deciding factor in home-field advantage for the World Series. So a team who may have the worst record in the playoffs could theoretically get home field advantage over the team with the best record. Why do they even play the games if the All Star game means so much?

5.     2005: Selig testifies in front of congress that he had no idea there was a steroid problem in baseball. I guess he doesn’t own anything that takes pictures. I mean how else could he not have seen the changes in the leagues top players? He turned a blind eye to the whole thing and made the most coveted records in baseball history jokes. McGuire, Sosa and Bonds tear the game apart under Selig’s guidance.

6.     2006: The World Baseball Classic. For some reason Selig decides hold this international competition in the middle of spring training. So these games for international bragging rights are in essence Spring Training All-Star Games, where players play 3 innings and then ends with a flurry of minor leaguers and injuries. Luis Ayala lost a complete season in the last one. Why not have it November? This way if someone gets injured they have 3 months rather than three weeks to get ready for the regular season.

7.     2008: Opening Day in Japan? The National Past-Time of America opens up in Japan at 6:00am on the East Coast and 3:00am on the West. So If you are an Oakland A’s fan excited for the new season, I hope you don’t work because you have to be up before dawn to watch a baseball game. The only question was why? Why are you catering to fans that can’t go the 160 games of the season? Why alienate the fans that fill the stadiums so you can suck money out of the Japanese? Why?

8.     2008: World Series Game 5. This all leads us to yesterday. Bud, why do you put yourself in the position to fail? You said that you told the teams that the game has to go nine innings but neither manager recalls this conversation. If you did say that it wasn’t going to be a 5 inning official game why didn’t you call it earlier? Why would you wait for the rain to fall sideways? Were you waiting until it turned to hail? Did you just want to destroy the infield in Philadelphia? You make no sense.

I just listed eight things that a leader of an organization did wrong that jeopardized the integrity of the organization itself. If you in your everyday job did THREE things like this you would be fired. You would be working at The Olive Garden until you messed up too many orders, then you would be out on the street. It seems like that there are only two people who can get away with such things…Bud Selig and George W. Bush. Bush has to be gone this year, maybe we should think about term limits for commissioners. That will never happen as long as the owners are making money hand over fist.

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