San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson: Toughness Isn't Even an Issue

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJanuary 23, 2008

The pencil-necked geeks are out in full force trying to call LaDainian Tomlinson out for being injured in the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots. You knew they would take any opportunity to blast the San Diego Chargers.

Tomlinson had no business trying to stay in the game, because he was never going to make the type of big play that the explosive Darren Sproles made at the end of the first half.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, who knows the Chargers would be stupid enough to call Tomlinson soft for coming out of that game. This is a guy who finished three straight seasons injured. When you’re a running back and you play through separated shoulder, cracked ribs, and a groin pull to end three separate seasons it doesn’t matter what some pocket-protecting, pennyloafer-wearing, 24 inch vertical-posessing, freckly-faced nerd with a laptop says about you. You are a leader on the field and respected in the locker room.

It was LT that called all the Chargers to a “players only” meeting when the team was 5 – 5 and challenged each man to buy into to what Norv Turner was selling. The team proceeded to win eight straight games before barely losing to the Patriots. This guy is not a great leader?

Yeah right…go buy another pair of Dockers you six flat 40-running water boy. You don’t know anything about team sports.

Any athlete that has to make explosive moves and has had a leg injury knows damn well you need to sit down and let your very capable backups take over for you. Michael Turner and Darren Sproles did a whole lot more than LT would have done if he had stayed in the game.

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I’m sorry, but when Tedy Bruschi runs you down when you’re supposed to be the best running back in the game, it's time to take a seat, buddy.

The previous time LT had Bruschi (and Mike Vrabel) one-on-one in the open field, he easily evaded those guys and took it to the house. Antonio Gates should have taken a seat when Bruschi was able to cover him in the red zone. Hell, your grandmother in her prime had enough speed to beat Tedy Bruschi one-on-one.

And what’s this I hear about Deion Sanders trying to call out Tomlinson for not finishing the game?

This guy is a complete jackass for that one. If I remember correctly, ‘ol Neon Deion made a comeback with the Ravens and was a complete scrub because a turf toe injury robbed him of his explosiveness (which is why he retired in the first place.) Now he wants to criticize LT for stepping aside?

I’m not going call anyone stupid, but...yeah, I am.

I’m still laughing at the vision of Marvin Harrison running by Sanders so fast that he was in the end zone for a 14 yard (or so) TD while Neon Deion was still in his stance, and I am NOT exaggerating. That would have never happened before Sanders was robbed of his speed.

All this LT was “sulking on the sideline” nonsense is just silly. He was just on the sideline. Was LT suddenly supposed to become Richard Simmons in a football helmet? Because you know he had the tights.

Come on.

Where were all of these idiots when Marvin Harrison was sitting on the bench after he was removed from the Colts’ Divisional Round battle with the Chargers? He wasn’t effective, so the coach sat him down. LT was smart enough to know when to have a seat, because he trusts his teammates.

So you bagel and cream cheese-eating, Apple iPhone-programming, tighty whitie-sporting, “no girls allowed” t-shirt-wearing, Klingon face-painting, Optimus Prime hero-worshiping, chess playing chump who went to the movies 12:00 AM on a Wednesday just to see the Star Wars trailer...stop pretending like you know the first thing about toughness and go back to your Thunder Cats DVD.

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