Tim Tebow Vs. Matt Stafford: By the Numbers

Tim PollockSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2008

Before the big showdown this weekend in Jacksonville, I thought a rundown of the two leading SEC quarterbacks, Tim Tebow and Matt Stafford, would be appropriate.

Understand that this is not a judgment call on my part—this assessment is based purely on team and individual statistics.

Team win-loss record 

Both teams have only one loss, although Georgia does have an additional win due to Florida’s two bye weeks already taking place.  Both teams have great wins, ugly wins, and blemishes. 

Georgia and Florida have played two common opponents, LSU and Tennessee, to similar scores, so it’s hard to take anything from those performances. 

On with the stats...

Total pass yards per game

Stafford: 243.2
Tebow: 202.1

Pass efficiency rating

Stafford: 145.9
Tebow: 157.6

Completion percentage

Stafford: 61.6 percent
Tebow: 63.4 percent

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Yards per completion

Stafford: 8.5
Tebow: 8.6

Touchdown to interception ratio

Stafford: 12-5
Tebow: 12-2

Longest pass from scrimmage

Stafford: 61
Tebow: 70

Total rushing yards

Stafford: 60
Tebow: 227

Longest run from scrimmage

Stafford: 30
Tebow: 20

Total yards per game

Stafford: 250.8
Tebow: 234.6

Sacks taken

Stafford: 9
Tebow: 10

For more team-oriented numbers that deal specifically with quarterback play:

Third down conversion percentage

Georgia: 44.4 percent
Florida: 45.7 percent

Red zone offense

Georgia: 27-31 (21 touchdowns, six field goals)
Florida: 28-29 (20 touchdowns, eight field goals)

Red zone interceptions

Stafford:  2
Tebow: 0

From the numbers, it seems an argument can be made for both quarterbacks as to who is having a better year.

In the end, though, whoever comes out as the winner this Saturday will likely earn top billing.