Once Again, Cubs Fans Were Promised The Moon and Stars...

Vincent MazurekContributor IOctober 25, 2008

Hello, my name is Vincent Mazurek, and I'm a Cubs fan.  You wanna talk about passion? Let's talk about Cubs fans.  Every year we are to believe that this is the year that will end our reign of pain, and yet every year we are reminded that no, it's next year. 

Some years the team is god-sent, expectations are sky-high, and shamefully enough, some years they suck, its completely excusable because "they're just the Cubs."  Believe me—it’s enough to make Kobayashi throw up a hot dog.

Imagine if you will, a man who pays $200.00 a year to watch this team on a twenty-inch computer screen that he must re-open every fifteen minutes when the screen saver shuts it off.  Imagine he often wonders how they're playing when he knows they're on the field, and he cannot see them.  

He wonders if Soriano got hurt, or if he would have caught it for another million.  He wonders why Ramirez doesn't run hard down the first base line.  He wonders why Derrick Lee's home run total has dropped steadily since the HGH scandal, and if he's the only one who noticed.  He wonders if Zambrano has punched another teammate, or if Piniella has thrown another base.  But as he watches his team lose game one of the 2008 NLDS, there it is.

Booing.  It's the bottom of the fourth, and Ryan Dempster has just given up a grand slam to James Loney, and is walking off of the field, and we(he and I simultaneously) hear booing.  These pitiful fans are thirsty for success, and are so blinded by this thirst that they cannot see they are draining the well with these boos. 

Don't they know this is the team they paid to see?  These are their Chicago Cubs!  How is the highest scoring team in the National League supposed to feel motivated to make up a two-run deficit when the people that watched them do it all year are booing them?!?!

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If this were Toronto in the '90's, Joe Carter would have given these achilles' heel fans a verbal middle-finger, and led his team to a world-championship.  So where's our leader? Where's the head of this group?  Surely one of our soldiers will step up, and set this city straight.

"We are here to play for you, you poor excuses for fans, and we have come to win for you, and if you're gonna boo the home team go south and boo the %#$!! White Sox!! Get behind us and we will bring home what you want.  Boo us and we've lost already!" said Lee, Ramirez, Piniella, Soriano, or Zambrano.  

If only.  If only they did something beside sit on their hands in the dugout, and spit sunflower seeds to their demise.  They cowered, and got swept off the field by the Dodgers, just as a janitor would sweep trash out of the hallway.

Are you ready for the fun part?  I was angry.  I lost my mind, and went numb.  Those that know me, know I’m a smart-ass that is never tempted to hold his tongue.  The very next day, as I purchased a handle of vodka from a local store, the cashier, wearing a Padres shirt asked me what happened.  I was speechless. 

The Padres fan, who cheers for the worst, most underachieving team in baseball(or close to it) feels bad for me.  As sports fans, there are times we feel let down.  Right now, I am reminded of the time a girl wouldn’t dance with me in seventh grade, and everyone laughed as I cried. 

Imagine if you will, a man who pays $200.00 a year to watch this team on a twenty-inch computer screen that he must re-open every fifteen minutes when the screen saver shuts it off.  Imagine if you would watch your team in this fashion, and if you would, think about the last time they won the pennant.