Andre "The Giant" and the 20 Most Shocking Heel Turns in Wrestling History

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IMay 19, 2011

Andre "The Giant" and the 20 Most Shocking Heel Turns in Wrestling History

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    The greatest thing to happen in the wrestling business is to see something get shaken up.

    This is is all about things getting shaken up.  The next 20 slides will all be about the most shocking shakeups to happen in wrestling.

    Some of these we did not even see coming, a few we had inklings about, but they still knocked us out of our seats.  Heck a few of us might even had said some things deserving of a potential heel turn by our parents!   ;-)

    I hope that this article/ranking list will find you well and give you some nostalgia, as well as make you think about what the next major shocking heel turn is going to be.

Honorable Mention: R-Truth

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    John Morrison comes out and steals R-Truth's shot for the WWE Championship.

    He attacks Morrison after the match and proceeds to smoke in Morrison's face.

    This would go on to lead to R-Truth costing Morrison the WWE Championship and putting him on the shelf after three finishing maneuvers on the outside of the ring on RAW.

20. The Rock

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    No one saw this coming, but if you really watch it, you can see it coming a mile away.

    He was on his last nerve and that whole night leading up to the switch, you can see The Rock changing in his demeanor and becoming more like a heel.

    He wins clean, then he wins with a weapon and then he wins by disqualification.

    And the coup-de-gras is that McMahon plays the screw job angle up again and again.

19. Owen Hart

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    The typical getting-out-of-my-brother's-shadow turn.

    It wasn't looking like it was going to happen, with The Hart Foundation back together, but Owen seems to have had enough of his older brother taking all of his spotlight away.

18. CM Punk

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    The Straight-Edge Superstar has had enough of the WWE Universe cheering a drug abusing Superstar in Jeff Hardy.

    So CM Punk took it upon himself to come down and congratulate Hardy on his victory over Morrison, but there is just one problem.

    CM Punk doesn't want to make nice.

    Punk then decides to destroy Hardy ringside.

17. Chris Jericho

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    What happens when your idol deceives you?

    Do you throw them through your Jeritron...?

    Well, Chris Jericho is hell bent on ruining his mentor Shawn Michaels for deceiving him and the whole WWE Universe by faking a leg injury to beat Batista.

    Jericho and HBK would go on to have one of the best feuds in recent years.  If not of all time.

    How do you get out of your mentors shadow?

    Throw him through your Jeritron!

    And thus creating one of the best gimmicks ever in Jericho's "best in the world at what I do"...

16. Kane

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    I do not know what was worse, the fact that Kane has grease all over his face, or the fact that Triple H needed tons of outside help to beat him.

    And the Chokeslam of RVD is the best part for me!

15. Baby Doll

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    If you are managing a large southern man and you have the chance to be with Ric Flair, who would you choose?

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

    Every one of us, even the Rhodes boys, would have joined the Four Horsemen.

14. Randy Savage

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    Jealousy, inadequacy, feeling left in the dust by your best friend.

    These are all traits that Hulk Hogan's friends felt in the WWE and one of the worst trials the Hulkster ever had to go through was the end of the Mega Powers.

    You might think Hogan is the one who is the heel here, but the Macho Man is about to lay the hate down on Hulk Hogan and the entire WWE, well it was the WWF at the time, but we're not a wildlife foundation are we...(If you don't get the joke, just leave the entire wrestling community, or if your new just ask me and I'll explain it.)

13. Triple H

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    One massive reunion + a return of a friend = the best time to lure him into a sense of security only to lay him out in the middle of the ring.

    The Cerebral Assassin strikes again and starts a great feud with HBK that would be pretty amazing.

    Triple H didn't want to be in Shawn's shadow again.

12. Bret Hart

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    A match that started with Bret Hart as the beloved face and Steve Austin as the hated heel really ends a completely different way.

    This would start the New Hart Foundation's reign of American hating.

    Bret Hart would play a great anti-American character all the way up 'till he loses his WWE Title to Shawn Michaels in the screw job.

    Just listen to the cheers turn into boos at the end.

11. Paul Bearer

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    Six years down the drain and The Undertaker is out the door because the man who can destroy The Undertaker is now his new protege.

    No one saw this coming.

    No one at all.

10. Vince McMahon

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    You would think that the man The Undertaker was taking orders from, you know the man who made Taker sacrifice Vince's daughter, wouldn't end up being Vince, right.

    Yeah, that would make a little too much sense.

    The Corporate Ministry is born and well, the terribleness of the WWE ensues.  Think WCW when the nWo has about six different branches.

9. Scott Steiner

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    Who would ever think that one of the greatest Tag Teams in the history of the wrestling business would be broken up just because of the power of a greater organization.

    Well, the birth of Big Daddy Pump starts now.

    This is just one of the heel turns that was to come in WCW, and it definitely got them ratings, until there was no one left to turn.

8. Shawn Michaels

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    Are you disgruntled?

    Do you want to confront your baby's daddy?

    Why go to Maury or Ricky Lake?  Heck don't even call Jerry Springer, but call Brutas Beefcake.

    This is one reason why I don't like barber shops, or at least going with my best friend.

    Just listen to Bobby Heenan...he is amazing.

7. Sting

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    Hogan left the nWo, so did Sting.  Sting was Hogan's only person he could trust.

    Oh wait...maybe not.

    This was a shock and a half to the WcW fans.

6. Shane Douglas

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    Ok, so you just won the NWA World Championship. Now what?

    Ok, so you praise all of the idols who came before you. Now what?

    Ok, you tell them all to kick your ass and declare yourself a NEW company's champion.

    This is why ECW had a cult following.

5. Sgt. Slaughter

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    To get the most heat you ever thought of, turn your back on America, after you have built your whole character on America and with G.I. Joe.

    Check, wow, this was a shocking turn when it happened; sadly I couldn't find video of his first time turning.

4. Steve Austin

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    Austin + Vince + drinking beers - stunner = one of the most shocking heel turns in history.

    The antithesis of Vince McMahon joins Vince McMahon?

    Yeah that's what just happened.

3. Larry Zybszko

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    The Living Legend Larry Zybszko has had enough of living in the shadow of Bruno Sammartino.

    This is like Vince McMahon taking on God.  Oh wait that did happen.

    Anyway, Larry started one of the greatest heel runs ever after this match.

2. Andre "The Giant"

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    Just listen to the commentary, it explains the whole situation.

    Andre was undefeated for 15 years and was never WWE Champion.  He wanted a title match and Hulk never gave him one.

    Heenan "weaseled" his way into Andre's head and had him turn on Hogan. Thus leading to WrestleMania 3.

1. Hulk Hogan

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    Wait, Hulk Hogan is coming to make the save...

    Oh wait, he just leg dropped Savage.

    He is the third man.

    I gotta say Heenan is the most electrifying commentator ever.

    Hogan creates the greatest group ever in the nWo.


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    Like it or hate it.  It is what it is.

    Let me know if you feel that there are any other heel turns that are better than the ones on the list and please give reasons so that they can be considered credible.

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