Ohio State Should Get the Death Penalty and Jim Delany Should Demand It!

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IApril 25, 2011

I'm sorry I got caught!
I'm sorry I got caught!Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Disclaimer: If you are looking for someone who is going to present an unbiased opinion on a subject you care about, stop using the internet! Everyone is biased—the only difference is whether they admit it or not and at least I openly admit it.

It was this time a year ago, when USC was finally going to get punished for its cheating and enabling in the Reggie Bush fiasco, that I wrote this article.

I was very harsh and to the point about what I thought should happen to USC. In comparing USC to Ohio State's recent violations, I have come to the conclusion that “The Ohio State University” should receive the death penalty.

I despised what USC did and I know in my heart as most people do, that Pete Caroll had to know something was up. But in Ohio State’s case there is iron clad proof that Jim Tressel, not only knew what was going on, but actually condoned it.

I have heard that Jim Tressel is a good man and this was a one-time lapse in judgment, but that is a load of crap! People in this country go to prison everyday for a one-time lapse in judgment and Tressell should have at least been fired.

The Ohio State University administration is now officially a joke. There is no way to regain credibility after this fiasco.

Ohio State's solution to its coach bald face lying to the NCAA and to the school was a two-game suspension and a 250,000 dollar fine. Oh and the biggest joke of a press conference ever put on by a public institution. That was the most insincere apology I have ever seen. I would sooner believe that Charles Manson is a reformed man than Tressel’s apology and BS story.

Before the comment board explodes with "it is a five game suspension not two," keep in mind that decision only came down after the players' appeal of their five game suspension was turned down.

The Ohio State University and Jim Tressel only added games onto the suspension because of the public outcry about how big of a joke their punishment was.The president of Ohio State University even made a joke about how he hopes the coach does not fire him.

Is this a school or a football factory? Even SEC school presidents would not make a joke like that in midst of such a scandal.

The fact that Tressel knew of the allegations in the first place should be enough for the NCAA to hammer OSU, but the fact that he lied to the University and the NCAA about it, should warrant serious sanctions.

Obviously the NCAA is going to have to do something major because The Ohio State University is treating this whole problem as a minor issue. However, the NCAA let them skate in the first place when it sacrificed its credibility by letting the "tattoo five" play in the Sugar Bowl.

How will that complete sellout of integrity affect its ability to make a decision on this whole matter? Will the NCAA be so outraged that it gave Ohio State a pass that it throws the book at them or will it continue to lose credibility by falling in line with the joke penalties?

There is however another piece of this puzzle that has remained noticeably quiet throughout all the developments. Jim Delany, the head of the Big 10, has on numerous occasions reminded the world that the Big 10 puts academics and integrity above winning (usually this crap comes after OSU is taken to the woodshed by an SEC team).

Jim Delany has had harsh words and suggestions for the SEC in how its member institutions skirt the rules. So I ask Big 10 country where is all this hard-nosed integrity talk now?

If Jim Delany wants to maintain one shred of integrity, he should step up now and suggest serious and harsh sanctions be placed on The Ohio State University. But in the end he is just a liar and a joke like his OSU buddies.

I am an Alabama fan and I know point-blank that Alabama and the SEC as a whole are far from innocent victims of the NCAA, but I can proudly say that no violation any SEC school has committed in the past 20 years even holds a candle to this level of corruption.

I would sooner root for Auburn(I am crying and dying inside) than ever have one shred of respect for  The Ohio State University and Jim Delany! As far as the rest of the country is concerned, they can start calling themselves “The Joke of an Institution” because that is all they represent anymore.

Then again, what do you expect from a conference that has 12 teams and refers to themselves as the BIG 10?


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