WWE WrestleMania 27: Results and Match Breakdowns

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IApril 4, 2011

Here is a summary of WrestleMania 27, with all the results and analysis you can handle.

Match one—Edge retains via spear (four stars out of five)

Despite Alberto Del Rio’s dream team's advances in the match and his deconstruction of Edge’s arm, the veteran was able to capitalize during a moment where both superstars were down, and Edge’s experience proved that it was Edge’s destiny to leave the World Heavyweight Champion.

Match two—Cody Rhodes via Cross Rhodes (four stars out of five)

Rhodes showcasing some amazing talent and a real ruthless streak. Rhodes brought out all of his repertoire of moves. Mysterio fighting for a comeback, consistently going for the mask of Rhodes. Lots of back and forth action and finisher teases.

Rhodes is just being brutal with his onslaught, going after Mysterio’s knee brace that broke Rhodes' face.  Close calls for Mysterio throughout.  Rhodes loses his mask, Mysterio with the 619 and Mysterio puts the mask on and a headbutt onslaught.

Wow, this match is really back and forth. Knee brace to Mysterio. And Cody Rhodes wins at WrestleMania, covering his face to the back.

Match three—The Big Show via cobra by Santino into a knockout punch (½ Star out of five)

The camera is showing people leaving to use the bathroom. Priceless. 

Either the Corre needs new music, or the need to look more intimidating while their music plays, because that was a terrible entrance. KaneShow coming out to the patented Big show open Kane music.

So sad that they had to put Kofi in this match to make it more viable. Can anyone tell me why he has to wear that god awful color?  A lot of action to start the match with finishers and big spots, but really disheveled.

Good match to not kill the Corre’s momentum, but really not worth while of even having.

That was a joke.

Match four—Randy Orton via Punk’s flying lariat into an RKO (3.5 stars out of five)

The Orton/Punk package is really well put together. Gotta love how punk says that.  Orton selling the leg with it all tapped up.  Wow that square that they drop down is really sweet looking. I’m just starting to realize how nice this stadium is.  This might be the loudest the arena has been tonight. Really simple match so far, but a lot of story telling.

Orton doing a great sell job on his knee. Punk always looks like he enjoys dissecting his opponents and I love him for it. A loud CM Punk chant, and then you have to listen to Cole and Lawler; please stop selling that match. Orton getting a huge chant and Punk kicks him in the face. Nice back and forth going on now. Wow, now that’s what you call getting crotched.

Nice exchange of evil looks from Orton and Punk when they are in charge of the match. This show is really not disappointing me at all. Other than the last match, this is great. Punk with a figure four with the ring post on Orton. 

Another brutal move on that knee. Orton headbutting to get out. Orton embodies Super Cena, not selling the leg anymore, giving a little sell, but not a good one.  Sick leg sweep into the anaconda-vice.

Orton rolls to the ropes.  Orton with Punk into the ring post into the Hangman’s DDT, this crowd is erupting.  Set up for the RKO…no wait set up for the Punt…and Orton’s knee gives out.  Punk’s face after countering the RKO is a sight to see.  Disbelief and relief all at the same time.  All is said and done.  Punk lost.  Great finish.

HA, Drew Carey Got boooed. Great build up to announce HBK. Does any one else like the way that ramp is laid out for the entrances?

Match five—Jerry “The King” Lawler via Submission with an ankle lock…wait a minute GM states that Michael Cole is the Winner by DQ (1.5 stars out of five)

Oh yeah, J.R. and Booker T coming out to join Josh Matthews on Commentary.  And Cole, wow, what is Cole wearing?  I thought Cena in orange looked bad.  Great promo by Cole to get heat. Stone Cold interrupting Swaggie during his pushups with an ATV, ha. 

The Sheriff is back in town. And has Cole trapped in his Ole Mine. Does Lawler’s cape make you think of a bad villain from a Hulk Hogan movie? Lawler taking out Swagger first and now has Cole cornered and begging in the in the Cole Mine.

 Lawler pulling Cole out of the Cole Mine through a hole. The Cole Mine’s been breached, The Cole Mine’s been breached.  This is awesome. I feel like standing and applauding Lawler right now. Austin’s not even wearing a Ref shirt. 

Good gameplan by Cole and Swagger. If you need to use the bathroom please leave now, this match is just stupid. Haha a Cole-Bomb…this is not a wrestling match. This is not even entertaining.

I think I’d rather watch the Snooki match right now than this. Uh oh, watch out it’s the An-Cole-Lock!  The crowd is pretty much dead right now.  Swagger threw in the towel, what? Stone Cole uses it to wipe himself off.  Stunner alert. Stunner, Stunner, Stunner! 

Cole slapping away Austin’s hand and Lawler taking it to him.  The announce team is really selling Lawler’s right hand. Loud Jerry chant now. Even Austin is getting into this match now.  1, 2..Lawler pulls up the shoulder.

An ankle lock and Austin asks Cole twice if he gives up slowly, as Cole is slapping the mat. I’m so glad this is over. Booker T getting into the fun of it all with a Spinner-roonie…and Austin hits a Stunner for good measure. Beer for everyone. Uh oh, it’s time for the Raw GM to chime in. Another Stunner on Matthews after he read the GM’s disqualification notice.

Match 6—The Undertaker via submission with the Hell’s Gate (4.5 stars out of five)

Taker vs Triple H is the sixth match of the night…WHAT!?!  At least J.R. is calling this match. Great promo video for the streak match. New music for Triple H with a grouping of shields in front of him, revealing HHH with his Skull Crown over his face and a blinding white light shinning on him…it goes black and The Game plays. 

At least he didn’t look like a barbarian this time. And he’s not bright orange either, good tanning job this time by him.

Undertaker’s entrance is really eerie and I’m loving it. Taker looks like he just rose from a grave. Wow that Jonny Cash song is amazing. Taker’s had a lot better entrances before. I like the back and forth clips of Triple H and Taker during this entrance. 

I feel like it’s high noon and there’s about to be a gun fight. Taker’s in tights tonight instead of those awful pants he wears. Back and forth striking to start out and right away already using the steps on the outside.

The Spanish announce team protesting Undertaker’s dismantling of their table and Triple H, sends Taker through the Cole Mine only to have taker sit right up. The crowd is eating this up.

Again to the back and forth into a jumping lariat.  And some old school reversed into a flip. J.R. and Lawler are really calling a good match.  Brutal match, they are really using the outside of the ring.  Another announce table being dismantled.

Triple H going  for a Pedigree reversed into a choke slam back into a pedigree to an up and over.  It looks like H might have hurt his wrist.  Time for a breather…a good two minutes without any action now.  Taker over the top rope into Taker. A Holy you know what chant breaks out! Wow, that Cole Mine is destroyed. More breather time.

The steel steps are back into play. Taker runs into a spinebuster onto the Spanish announce table. This match still isn’t as good as either of HBK/Taker’s matches.  Back into the ring…and a choke slam for a two count. Last Ride countered into the corner countered into the Last Ride into a Pedigree into a snake eyes into a spine buster…two count.

Out come the chairs. into a Taker big boot. Taker with the chair now…wow that just folded on Triple H’s back and into a Pedigree…Two and 7/8’s count. They’re going up top and a counter into the Last Ride…and another two and 7/8’s pin, but this time by Taker.

Tombstone Piledriver!  And a two count…Taker showing his frustration. With the chair again…Taker is setting it up for another Tombstone.  Triple H with a DDT onto the Chair!  Both men are out…yet another breather.  Both fighting to get up Taker’s up first into another Pedigree and….a kick out!  Going for another Pedigree, that’s the third and…Another kick out!

Triple H is in disbelief and frustration.  Undertaker Taker-Triple H chant building.  Triple H with the chair now…and a huge shot to Taker that knocks H off balance.  And another…HHH yelling stay down and now with an onslaught of chair shots into Taker’s back. Taker is getting back up to Triple H yelling stay down.  With the chair again into a head shot.

Taker’s laid out trying to get up. Triple H is just looking on yelling stay down…just die…what’s wrong with you.  Taker back on his feet  wanting more from Triple H.  H with a Tombstone of his own!!! One...Two…and a kick out.  Triple H back up to the other side of the ring and is in a complete shock.  Triple H leaves the ring and gets The Sledgehammer.  Taker still trying to get up…it looks like the streak may be over. And a Hell’s Gate!!!

Triple H is starting to fade…and he gets the Sledgehammer only to drop it.  The match is over and the streak continues…19-0!  A great match.  It started really slow, but the ending really made it enjoyable.  Triple H is bleeding from the bridge of his nose and Taker is still out on the ground with a trainer attending to him.

Both walk to the back, Triple H holding his arm selling the Hell’s Gate and Taker just falls really selling the beat down, but still trying to crawl to the back.  Taker looks like he’s passed out. The trainer calls down for a cart and they are going to stretcher the Undertaker out.

Match 7—Snooki via Snooki-body drop (two stars out of five)

Oh great, Vickie is out yelling "excuse me!!"  Not getting a lot of heat.  That screen is huge!  J.R.’s commentary during JoMo’s entrance is great.  “I’m always in slow motion…I own a few bathrobes.” How can Snooki be following up Taker/HHH?  This is just horrible.

The Diva’s start the match out fast and Snooki slaps the pretty of of Ziggler. It’s Trish and McCool to start after McCool pushes Layla out of the ring.  Some nice Diva action to start.  Decent moves and some really nice story telling.  Trish and McCool tumble to the ground from the top.  And Trish takes out LayCool from the apron.

And a chick kick, but Ziggler pulls Trish off into JoMo taking Ziggler out of the ring into a StarShip pain, neck breaker.  And Snooki is getting booed.  Some nice athleticism with a cartwheel hand spring butt bump and a Cartwheel body drop for the win over McCool.  Better match than I thought it would be, but I’m thankful that Snooki got booed.

Match 8—Draw, restarted by The Rock and The Miz retains via The Rock’s Rock Bottom on Cena (3.5 stars out of five)

Great Miz intro into this match.  Did I miss the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus match or did the WWE scrap it?  The Miz is definitely getting a nice push with this promo.  I wonder if they’ll start selling those inflatable letters at WWEshop.com?  The Miz is out first.  Not a big pop, but not a bad one either.  Alex Riley is out with him, no surprise there.  The upside down WWE spinner is really just bothering me.  It doesn’t feel right.  Someone should tell A-Ri that bedazzling is not in anymore.

What is up with Cena’s entrance.  This is really cheesey.  The prayer is really nice, but really Cena?  Hey look he’s wearing a normal color again.  Nice pop for Miz during the announcement.  JR’s really pushing Miz right now.  Miz and Cena feeling each other out.  Cena’s got the strength advantage, but Miz is really getting over.  Nice back and forth to start the match to tell a n interesting story, but Cena is really bad at telling a story in the ring.

The crowd has been dead in this match.  No one is getting hype at all.  Real slow match, I hope it gets better.  Cena out of the way and Miz hits the corner.  Cena with his leg drop and this match just gets worse..  Miz out of the way and Cena into the corner.  Miz is building up for a nice running kick to the face.  Another boot to the head on Cena.

Cena misses a shoulder thrust and a nice dropkick to his side on the ground.  Another kick to the head.  And the crowd is dead.  Cena counters a Skull Crushing finale into the Super Cena routine into an Attitude adjustment, countered into a kneehigh DDT.  Two count and a guy in the front row is trying to get a Let’s go Miz Chant.  Cena going for an STF into a counter into a Moonlit Drive.

Miz takes off the ring post cover and the ref puts the cover back on.  A roll up by Cena the ref catches it late, the cover is still off Miz trys to get Cena into the corner and Cena counters.  Cena with an TF and Miz gets to the ropes.  The crowd is starting to get into the match.  Riley takes Cena into the exposed buckle.  Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale and a close two count.  Miz goes for another and the ref gets taken out.  Attitude Adjustment, but the ref is out from Cena throwing the Miz into him.  No one to count.

Riley hits Cena with the briefcase and Cena kicks out with an even closer 2 count.  Miz if frustrated and Riley is flipping out.  Miz with the case and he hits Riley.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment and The Miz kicks out.  Miz to the outside and Cena is baffled.  Cena in a four point stance and he clotheslines Miz into the ring bell barricade and the Miz try to get out while Cena kills Miz into the cement.  Double Count Out.  The Rock comes out and restarts the match.  He Rock Bottom’s Cena.  The Miz retains!

Highlights of the night

—Edge and Christain destroying Del Rio’s car

—Cody Rhodes entrance with the hood up, it is dark and disturbing, but ultimately awesome!

—Yes…Mae Young, Yes, Yes, Yes! (The People’s Struddle, haha)—Punk standing on Orton’s leg (iconic moment)

—The aftermath of the Taker/HHH match

—Snooki getting booed

—Miz’ promo video

Worst Highlights

—Catpain Mysterio (Wow and I thought he had worn some really terrible outfits, but wow, this is just terrible)

—Snoop Dogg’s audition

—Eight-man tag team match

—Pee-wee Herman, just no (What the pee is cooking? WTF)

—Swagger carrying out the “orange puppy," as J.R. put it

—Snooki getting the pin

—Cena’s entrance


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