The NFL Lockout Is Boring? Don't Look Past These Time-Consuming Suggestions

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2011

The clock continues to tick on Peyton Manning's imperssive career.
The clock continues to tick on Peyton Manning's imperssive career.Andy Lyons/Getty Images


So is the rest of America.  It's reality—and the feeling is yet to sink in.

So the NFL locked out, huh?  Whoop-dee-doo.  It was going to happen; we had been warned about it over and over. It's just a shame Commissioner Roger Goodell couldn't work some of his magic this time last week.

Should have, would have, could have.  That's about the only answer left.

Welcome to the following alternatives:

Take Interest in the NHL Regular Season: The NHL has a great playoff atmosphere; you can thank the Montreal Canadiens for that. But the regular season draws on like a high school musical—sending distress signals to Commissioner Gary Bettman for a shorter season. It's too late this year, but hockey could be a suitable replacement for the NFL's hard hitting ways.

Xbox: EA Sports will torment teenagers from now until August. Madden 12 will be released, and it will cause mass entertainment.  Obesity and carpal tunnel syndrome potentially increases, sure. But as long as Jimmy can lead the Packers to another Super Bowl, who cares?

Support the NFL Draft: The NFLPA recently issued a statement, telling fans that players weren't told to boycott the draft.  Executive Director of External Affairs, George Attallah had this to say:

"Let me also correct the record: the NFLPA is not asking anyone to 'boycott' anything," Atallah said on Twitter. "NFL Draft in particular. The NFL Draft is special. Players and their families will be in NYC. It just maybe different. We will provide details when we can. Lots of interesting commentary on the possible NFL Draft issue. Fans rightfully frustrated".

Fans being frustrated is an understatement. More like appalled.

Boycott Vicks Nyquil: Because we all know it's impossible to sleep with a cold. And Drew Brees isn't vain enough to sleep in his own jersey.

Keep Tabs on Peyton Manning: With no 2011 season, Peyton Manning adds another year to his belt. At the age of 34, the chances of rewriting the books as the greatest quarterback take a step backward. Brett Favre is laughing. Eli Manning has a sinister smile on his face. The clock is ticking Sheriff.

Support the MLS: Am I telling you to support a rival sport?  No. But soccer isn't all that bad. If you are willing to make the transition to become a dedicated NHL fan, consider MLS. Chad Ochocinco is already one step ahead of you and taking it to the extreme. Gold boots and all.

The Rebirth of Boxing?: Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. continue to dance the days away. Boxing is at an all-time low, while Dana White and UFC travel the globe captivating arenas. Boxing is dead—the sport needs Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Coincidentally, Jerry World is open for business in Dallas.

Audition for WWE: Shawne Merriman thinks it's a good idea. Pacman Jones, on the other hand, has seen it all before. Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William "The Refrigerator" Perry is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Why can't Ray Lewis be the next?

Switch Back to America's Past Time: MLB will succeed the most during the lockout. Ratings were deplorable for Commissioner Bud Selig last season, seeing the Yankees overpowered by the Giants and Jets in New York. Things are about to change. A lockout places a fork in the road, sending fans one way or another. Some may choose David Stern and the NBA, others will select baseball. Bigger cities like Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles will see a newfound interest in MLB, leaving the NFL to claw back when the season returns. Welcome back scorecards and Dodger Dogs.

Budget: Players have been advised to keep an eye on their wallet, literally. Fans could benefit from this advice too. Stay away from the Pro Shop and don't listen to Brett Favre's Wrangler Jeans commercial. Be a tightwad this year, you have the right to be. You are a disgruntled fan after all. 

Consider College Football: If baseball strives, college football grows in leaps and bounds. People still despise the BCS system, but it's better than nothing. You can bet Keith Jackson is excited. And with a scandal occurring each and every year, what's not to love?

Don't Forget the CFL, Either: Wait, they actually play football in Canada?  Yup. Canadians have been waiting for this moment for years. The CFL has only eight current teams, with an Ottawa-based franchise set to expand the league in 2013. Most folks will still overlook their northern brothers, but maybe some will come around to the idea. If not, curling is your other option.

Other Idea's: None of this floats your boat? Don't forget The Masters is coming up. Tiger Woods will be analyzed from pillar to post; his aggression will also be discussed,  While Phil Mickelson attempts to defend his title at Augusta. If golf isn't your thing, there is always Nascar or of course tennis. Your pick.

The lockout is a done deal.  Here are your options.  Don't rush into it, though, you have the next 12 months to make a decision. Boring, isn't it?

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