Can Soccer Play a Role in Restoring the United States Economy?

Cesar Diaz@@gritwriterCorrespondent IIMarch 14, 2011

One thing about Soccer and its History is that its always gone hand-in-hand with Politics. Since the time Benito Mussolini used Soccer to promote the Italian Fascist Party to the infamous “Soccer War” between Honduras and El Salvador, soccer was involved.

In the relationship between Soccer and Politics, players have used Soccer as a vehicle to show their disapproval of the government. One famous incident involved Holland’s great footballer, Johan Cruyff. He made the decision to play for Barcelona FC over Real Madrid because he couldn’t play for a club associated with Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco.

Throughout decades, soccer has been utilized as a vehicle to address Social, Political, Economic, and Religious conditions & struggles in other parts of the world. While all those issues may have been addressed, in the end...was soccer powerful enough to inspire the necessary Social, Political, Economic, and Religious change?

In the case of the United States of America, is soccer powerful enough to create new employment opportunities in order to help restore the economy? While it maybe possible in other countries, is it possible in the United States where the NBA, NFL, and MLB are more popular than Major League Soccer?

One man believes so and his name is Kalman Menyhart. Prior to moving to the United States in 2002, Kalman had played professionally for almost 20 years as a goalkeeper for the Hungarian Football Federation and Belgian Football League from 1974-1992.

Following his retirement from soccer, Kalman obtained a Soccer Coach diploma from the Belgian Royal Union of Football Association where he studied in the Federal Soccer School in Brussels. With his coaching credentials, Kalman helped manage Austrian club VSE St. Polten.  

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Now living in California, Kalman believes soccer will help reduce the country's unemployment, foreclosures and the increase of poverty. In an excerpt from his 800-page proposal titled "Reforms, Investments in the US Soccer Guarantee New Employment Opportunities in the USA," Kalman states:

I've been living here for 8 years and was able to get to know the structure of the US Soccer, from the MLS ( Major League Soccer) to the POL (Premier Development League) and also the Private Leagues for adults and kids. I saw many trainings and games and got an idea of what the real level of soccer is in the USA. I was very proud that the US National soccer team made it to the South African World Cup and I was very impressed by the Women's National Soccer team's results.

In the last years, I tried to get the positive and also the negative sides of the US Soccer by comparing it to the European level and other countries from the rest of the world. There has been some growth in the past 8 years but the US Soccer is in need of serious reforms and investments in order to guarantee the future and the growth of this sport and come close to the European level.

He believes that his 800-page proposal: (1) can create 9.5 (plus an additional 5 million) million new jobs in 2011/12/13, (2) can make the case for a new US National Soccer League (with thousands of new soccer clubs) for millions of young Americans and (3) can help shape the definitive future of the US Soccer.

While some may find his proposal to appear outlandish, Kalman is more than willing to defend his position in an open discussion. He is willing to explain how the money borrowed to make his proposal a reality is able to be paid off in 2-3 years while stimulating the United States economy.

I've read his proposal and I will admit that it's interesting. Can it be done? Is it realistic? If you wish to find out more, please contact me and I will gladly forward your information to Kalman. I am sure that he'll contact you and any questions you have for him will be answered.

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