The Greatest Moments in Wrestlemania History

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 10, 2011

The Greatest Moments in Wrestlemania History

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    This list will be in no particular order and will include only some of the greatest moments, so I'm sure some of your personal favorites will be left off.

    Make sure to leave some comments on the moments that were not included that you thought belonged on the list.

    Alberto Del Rio is on the main picture and, of course, has yet to make his Wrestlemania debut, but it's mostly wishful thinking on my part that I will see him do something special this year in Atlanta.

    What do you hope to see at this year's Wrestlemania?

Stone Cold Wins His First World Title

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    The crowd was ready for the changing of the guard, and on this night they got their wish.

    Austin countered sweet chin music into a stunner, and as Mike Tyson made a super quick three count, the Austin Era had begun.

    All you had to do was listen to Jim Ross repeatedly yelling out, "Stone Cold!" to know something special had just occurred. 

Hulk Hogan Returns to Save Eugene from Muhammad Hassan

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    Eugene couldn't be more excited to be at his first Wrestlemania, but as Hassan's music hit, Eugene's dream quickly became a nightmare.

    Eugene wasn't really aware of what was happening, then he suddenly was being taken apart by Hassan. As "Real American" came over the speakers, the crowd was taken back in time as they witnessed their former hero marching to the ring and quickly disposing of Hassan and his henchmen. 

The Undertaker Retires Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels knew he had given everything and that it wasn't enough.

    All he could do was taunt the big man and basically ask him to end the match and his career. On the stage where Mr. Wrestlemania made his name, his career was now over.

    In a world where no one ever keeps their word as far as retirement goes, HBK has proven to be the far.   

Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit Celebrate as World Champions

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    "Two of us have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead."

    Yeah, it was something like that. These two men were brothers who traveled the world, for years perfecting their craft. As the two men, World Champions of their respective brands, celebrated in Madison Square Garden that night with the confetti dropping from the rafters, they realized that they were at their peak.

    It was a moment that even they probably never thought would happen. 

Sunny Debuts L.O.D. 2000

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    The aging veterans were on their last legs and were dismantled months earlier by the New Age Outlaws.

    A 15-team battle royal opened Wrestlemania 14, and as Sunny led her men to the ring, a new and improved Legion of Doom was introduced.

    They quickly ran through the other teams and proved that they were still relevant.  

Trish Stratus Joins Christian

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    Trish Stratus ran to the ring during the underrated Chris Jericho-Christian match where it was thought she would support love interest Chris Jericho.

    As Trish accidentally cost Jericho the match, it was revealed that it was no accident at all, but instead a plan orchestrated between Christian and Trish.

    A stunned Jericho was once again assaulted by Christian. As Christian and Trish walked towards the exit, Trish made it clear where her allegiance was as she planted a huge kiss on the creepy little bastard. 

Shawn Michaels Drops Down from the Rafters

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    Shawn Michaels music hit, and he was nowhere to be found.

    Lawler hilariously stated that HBK's mentor Jose Lothario would take his place. As Jose Lothario climbed the first rope, we realized something was up. He then pointed towards the rafters where a spotlight was then shined on the Heartbreak Kid. Seconds later and Shawn dropped from the rafters and landed in the middle of the Anaheim crowd.

    It was a breathtaking moment that would prove to be only an appetizer to the match that was to come. 

Bret Hart's Title Win Celebration

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    Hart finally reclaimed the Championship he had lost a year prior, and this time there was no doubt that he was the man.

    As Piper raised Bret's hand, some of the wrestlers came out to congratulate the newly crowned champ. Included in the celebration were some of the top superstars of the time, such as the Macho Man, Lex Luger and Razor Ramon, as well as other legends such as Bob 'Spark Plug' Holly.

    Luger and Razor lifted Bret onto their shoulders and gave the champ their endorsement.  

Randy Savage Celebrates His First WWF Championship

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    It took the Macho Man four matches in one night, but what the four matches proved was the Savage would be a fresh, new type of champion.

    He was smaller, yet more agile than Hogan and ready to take on competitors both big and small. The lasting image will always be of the lovely Elizabeth, along with the title, on the shoulder of the Macho Man.  

The Rock and Hulk Hogan Share a Stare-Down

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    The Skydome was electrifying as a match they never thought would take place was only moments away.

    The Rock and Hulk Hogan approached each other and then stopped. They stared each other down as the Rock surveyed the crowd. The place was ready to explode, and the two men hadn't even made contact yet. 

CM Punk Wins Back-to-Back Money in the Banks

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    In many ways, Christian should have won the briefcase at Wrestlemania 25.

    The response when Christian nearly pulled down the briefcase was insane. It was not meant to be, as instead CM Punk began the first man to win 2 money in the banks, and he also did it on back-to-back years.

    Edge does not count by the way, since he got the briefcase the second time from Mr. Kennedy. 

Hogan Loses Cleanly and Passes the Torch

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    The match was huge and the crowd was divided.

    Hogan was being pushed aside, however, to make room for Vince's new star. Hogan lost cleanly for the first time in years then handed the belt personally to the Warrior, making sure he would not be forgotten and that he would still receive the spotlight.

    Warrior would be gone about a year and a half later. 

Stone Cold Joins Vince McMahon

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    Stone Cold and Vince had one of the best feuds ever.

    It was the man finally standing up to the boss and doing what we all wanted to do to our bosses. Which is why this is a moment most of us just didn't want to see.

    As McMahon helped Austin defeat The Rock, the two shook hands and shared a beer. The crowd that night was still in denial as they stood firmly behind their home-state boy.

    The long-term effects couldn't have been worse. 

Shawn Michaels Retires Ric Flair

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    The retirement still counts to me since Flair has never wrestled in a WWE ring again, and that's where it counts.

    It was a very emotional night as Michaels was forced to put an end to the career of one of his idols. Flair went out with pride and dignity, yet he couldn't hold back the tears as he realized that it was the end of an era. 

Macho Man and Elizabeth Reunite

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    They had been estranged for over two years.

    Savage became the Macho King and got a new valet in the form of Sensational Sherri. The Macho Man had just lost to The Ultimate Warrior and his career was now over. Sherri kicked Savage while he was down and this made the first lady of wrestling run down to the ring to help her former man.

    Savage finally realized he was wrong and embraced his woman like he never had before.

    The people in attendance, as well as Liz, held back tears as the Macho Man, just like three years prior, once again placed his lady on his shoulder.

    He lost his career (I know, I know) but gained so much more. 

Stone Cold Never Gives Up

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    He was battered, bruised and bloody and, more importantly, trapped in the sharpshooter.

    Austin pushed himself off the mat seemingly breaking the hold, however, Bret never let go and simply regained his footing and pulled back on his sharpshooter even harder.

    Ken Shamrock asked Austin if he quit, Austin screamed out no and then finally passed out from the pain. Hart was victorious, but Austin gained so much more in the process.

    He gained the respect of the wrestling world, and also a whole new fan base. 

The Body Slam Heard Around the World

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    It is probably the biggest moment in wrestling history, and there would probably be no WWE today if it wasn't for this moment and match.

    Hogan attempted to slam Andre as soon as the match started and the result was Andre falling on top of Hogan with the Hulkster nearly breaking his back.

    The match was almost over before it even started.

    In the end, however, Hogan "Hulked Up" and mustered the strength to finally get the giant up for the body slam. The crowd erupted; it was iconic and it is a moment that will live forever.

Some of Your Favorites?

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    What are some of your favorite Wrestlemania moments, and what do you hope to see at this year's big event? 


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