WWE: The Next 5 Future World Champions

Luis HerreraAnalyst IMarch 3, 2011

WWE: The Next 5 Future World Champions

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    Forced by the retirements and injuries of several big names, the WWE has been pushing new stars in the past couple of years—some with more success than others.

    The Miz is clearly the biggest example of success so far, with him enjoying a long first WWE Championship reign and preparing to headline Wrestlemania XXVII.

    Other pushes didn’t work so well, like Sheamus’ two paper reigns as WWE Champion and Jack Swagger’s horrible time as World Heavyweight Championship.

    That won’t stop WWE from pushing new talent to the main event, and we can be sure that we will have a few more new world champions in the future.

    Who are the next five future World Champions? Let’s take a look.

Alberto Del Rio

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    This is the obvious first choice. Del Rio is already set to headline Wrestlemania XXVII, and he’s likely to get his first World Heavyweight Championship in Atlanta.

    The only way I see Del Rio wouldn’t win in WM is if WWE decides to give The Miz a victory over John Cena, so they wouldn’t like to have two heels winning in the main events.

    However, if that’s the case, the Mexican superstar will just have to wait to Extreme Rules to get the title.

    Among the youth movement, Del Rio is definitely the most complete wrestler in the WWE.

    He has the size, great in-ring work, good mic skills and is a big draw for the Hispanic audience.

    Del Rio will be a top name in the WWE for the next five years at least.

John Morrison

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    Yes, the IWC Golden Boy will be champion sooner or later.

    We just have to be patient.

    Many fans are desperate to see JoMo in the main event, but what they don’t realize is that his slow push is also the cornerstone of a feel-good storyline when he finally gets his first World Championship.

    What Morrison has been doing in the last months is so good that WWE won’t waste him in the mid card forever, although, he still needs to improve his mic skills to become the full package (which Alberto del Rio already is).

    The success of The Miz is also an advantage for The Shaman of Sexy. Their match in the first RAW of the year was just a sample of what this feud could become.

    Patience is the key. I see him as champion before 2011 ends, maybe cashing a Money in the Bank contract against The Miz, but he could also have to wait for around a year.

    John Morrison is not the Jannetty to The Miz’s Michaels. Marty Jannetty was never as good as The Guru of Greatness is.

Wade Barrett

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    The former leader of The Nexus and now “equal-member” of The Corre has already had five world title matches in less than one year in the main roster.

    It probably will take a while before he has another chance, but that could be the one.

    Barrett’s feud with John Cena elevated him to the main event, and although he is currently taking a step back, he has all the tools to be one of WWE’s top heels for the next decade.

    He proved his mic skills since winning the “talk-the-talk” challenge in NXT. He then proved to be a good stable leader in The Nexus, and he has already had some very good singles matches against Cena.

    The Britishman has yet to prove he can hold his own against the top dogs in the company without assistance, but sooner or later, he will.

    I see him as a World Heavyweight Champion no later than 2012.

Sin Cara

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    Místico will have a huge impact in the WWE.

    He has amazing ring skills, and his mic skills (in Spanish) weren’t bad, although he’ll have to improve his English before getting into the main event.

    His size is a handicap (he is just one inch taller than Rey Mysterio), but if Evan Bourne can beat Sheamus in 30 seconds and Mysterio is impossible to beat cleanly, WWE will surely find a way to make it work.

    Given his worldwide popularity and how huge the Mexican market is becoming for the WWE, he won’t have to wait much to be pushed.

    However, I think it would be best for him to have one or two Intercontinental or Tag Team Championships before going for the big gold.

    I see him as World Champion after two years in the WWE, maybe winning his first title in Wrestlemania XXIX.

Cody Rhodes

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    He is not the biggest, the most technical, the best talker or the most charismatic wrestler in the WWE.

    But he has IT.

    After the breaking of The Legacy, Rhodes has made use of his run in SmackDown to improve in all the aspects of his character, while his former partner Ted DiBiase is buried week after week in Raw.

    He still has a long path ahead of him to get his chance in the main event, but step by step the Dashing One is getting more fans.

    His match with Rey Mysterio in Wrestlemania could be a great push for him if booked well.

    I don’t see him as World Champion soon, but I’m sure he will be some day.

Five Superstars Who Won’t Be World Champions

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    These were the five guys that will reach the main event in my opinion.

    There are also a few ones who will get stuck in the mid card.

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