Pro Wrestling: Heroes of Wrestling Past: Al Snow...and Head

Nick BolyardContributor IIIMarch 2, 2011

WE WANT HEAD!  (Yes, I chose to start an article with that sentence...that'll catch their eye).  Al Snow may have never gotten his due as a WWE performer and he may have been the butt of many many jokes. One thing Al Snow is, in one word, a hero. That's right, the guy with the mannequin head and "HELP ME" written backwards on his head is a hero.

The crazy man from Lima, Ohio always found a way to make himself stick out from the rest of the crowd. Snow made his debut in ECW in 1995 against the late Chris Benoit in what many call the match of the year.

Soon after working in ECW and Smokey Mountain Wrestling, he joined up with WWF, along side his SMW partner, Glen Jacobs (now known as Kane).  

Once in the WWF he became a superhero. He was bitten by a radioactive blue person and became Avatar (you may of heard of this, they made a move about it). He decided he didn't live high-flying 3-D adventure so he became Shinobi (you may of heard of this, they made some Sega games based on him). 

He also disliked being a ninja, for a little while at least. He then joined up with Marty Jannetty (pause for laughter) and became Shawn Michaels replacement in the New Rockers. He was now known as Leif Cassidy.

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WWF decided they did not want him on their team against ECW, so they shipped him to the original land of extreme, where he became Al Snow. The basis of his character was as a result of years of "jobbing" in the WWF, he developed schizophrenia.

He also joined a group known as the J.O.B. Squad (which was way better than DX and nWo). They tried to help poor Al, but it was Mick Foley who gave him the best advice.  

Foley told Snow, to get anywhere in this business he needed to "get a little head." This prompted Al to bring his mannequin head to the ring, something that the crowds loved.  

Snow would return to WWF with head behind him. Perhaps the first impact was felt when he fought and lost a hardcore match, against none other than Al Snow. Yeah, not even the Brooklyn Brawler can say he lost to himself.

Making things worse for Al Snow was the evil Wal Mart pulling his and head's action figure from shelves, because it promoted violence to women. Come on, he isn't going to use a guy head, that would be weird. After this Snow would get involved in one of his biggest feuds.  

He then brought in his dog Pepper (hey...my dog's name was Pepper) to ringside. Following a hardcore match with Big Bossman, Pepper was dognapped. To reconcile the situation, Bossman made Snow some lunch. However, they tasty dish was revealed to be Pepper. 

Bossman had fed Snow his own dog. This led to the most epic match of all time, known as the Kennel from Hell! I mean, it was a steal cage inside a Hell in a Cell, how could it not be great?  

The man who gave Snow that life changing advice, Mick Foley, had wrote a book that included many Al Snow jokes. In addition, Foley was forgetting Al in favor of being friends with The Rock. Snow was furious and began to feud with Foley and the Great One. This didn't go well for Al.

In 2000, Snow joined forces with the legendary Steve Blackman. They formed the best tag team ever, known only as Head Cheese. This odd couple never won  the tag titles, but they had some great backstage moments.  

Also, Blackman beat up old people at a nursing home. After not finding much success, they split. Snow then won the coveted European Championship and began to embrace Europe and the culture of the various nations. After he lost the belt, snow never found his footing again.

Snow would go on to be a trainer for the original Tough Enough and had a stint as an announcer. Snow would then hit the independent scene, after an unsuccessful return to ECW. He wrestled for various independent promotions around the world, including one in my town, 304 Wrestling.

More recently, Snow has been working for some promotion known as TNA as a road agent and now is a producer. Not to shabby.  

Al Snow may of never been WWE/WWF Champion, but his legacy lives on in all of our hearts. The man who fought himself, let Steve Blackman use nunchucks on old people and coached up John Morrison is truly an amazing talent.  

As for Head, its whereabouts are unknown. Maybe Head found a body and settled down, maybe Head works at Target. Perhaps it is in Al's closet. We will never know really.  

Only one thing is for sure, this duo is deserving of a spot in the Hall of Fame.  

Thanks for reading the second edition of Heroes of Wrestling Past, I hope you have enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment below with your favorite Al Snow and Head memories. Also, let me know who you want to see on upcoming editions of Heroes of Wrestling Past.

Thanks again!


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