Ohio State Football Tattoo-Gate: Kirk Herbstreit Blabs, Vegas Reacts

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 23, 2010

Kirk Herbstreit named names including Terrelle Pryor.
Kirk Herbstreit named names including Terrelle Pryor.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ohio State football has its own little teeny-tiny holiday scandal, allegedly.

Oh, those nasty, nasty tattoos!

This one's a real Willie-Wonker. Seems there was a stash of autographed Buckeye football memorabilia in a Columbus tattoo parlor, discovered during a police raid in response to some sort of shenanigans.

This one has blown up quickly.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit named some names during Wednesday night's broadcast of the Las Vegas Bowl. Terrelle Pryor, the star quarterback, rolled off Herbstreit's tongue, as did running back Dan Herron.

Faster than you can say "$100 on red," the Jan. 4 Sugar Bowl game came off the boards in the book-making parlors that have built those palaces on the strip.

Of course the Ohio State athletic department has started its own investigation of this inky mess and it didn't take long for Pryor to tweet his innocence:

"I paid for my tattoos. GoBucks," tweeted the offensive tower of power that makes the Buckeyes go. Indeed, if you look at those inked-up arms of Pryor, he must have spent a small fortune.

Herbstreit has drawn the bulk of the ire in all of this. Buckeye fans are flat-out mad at one of their own, their message boards are blowing up with all sorts of nasty comments about their former quarterback turned college broadcast star on the World Wide Leader in Sports.

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The main problem in all of this is the implication that there may have been some sort of "barter system" going on down at the ole tattoo house. The cops spilled the beans to the Ohio State athletic department about all this really nice signed stuff. Did players trade autographed items for free ink?

Unfortunately, with the 300,000-page NCAA book of violations, that one may be in there and someone could be declared ineligible for the bowl game in New Orleans.

Now you see why the book-makers are scrambling. They hate this stuff, this uncertainty, this nonsense.

So what's to come out of this?

Did you ever try to get anything done on a college campus over the holidays?

Forget it.

This investigation may still be ongoing come spring semester.

Certainly nothing's going to happen before the Sugar Bowl.

All this fuss over ink on skin.

Unfortunately, the NCAA is the Daddy Warbucks of all rule enforcers.

And Kirk Herbstreit might want to stay off the streets in Columbus for a while.

Someone might hit him with a snowball.