Barcelona Announce First Shirt Sponsor

Andre RojterCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2010

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of solidarity and tradition in world football, Barcelona's iconic blue and red kit will now have a paid sponsor for the first time in team history.

It is possible that once the Barca board took a look at the offer they jumped up and down in joy. The team has signed the single richest deal for a shirt sponsor in the history of world football.

Qatar Foundation, an entity focused on advancing education and scientific research, is a not for-profit organization, which will still allow Barca to include the Unicef stamp along side the newly paid-for one.

For the privilege to allocate their company with Barca and its millions of global followers, the Qatar Foundation will shell out a record € 150 million over the course of five seasons.

If Barca doesn't have a problem paying for one of the highest paid squads without sponsorship money, imagine what they could do with an additional 30 million Euro yearly.