The Cam Newton Saga and Seven Deadly Sins: Update Kenny Rogers Interview

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 11, 2010

Cam Newton goes "Airborne" on the Razorbacks
Cam Newton goes "Airborne" on the Razorbacks

Update:  Kenny Rogers retracts his story and changes it for a second time on ESPN.COM Radio in Dallas!  Scroll down for interview.  And let it be said that Kenny Rogers sounds an awful lot like Mudbone from Tupelo, MS.  Net call for all my Richard Pryor fans!  

As a reminder to all of us living in this in this world, there is sin that is inversely corresponded with virtue. In simpler terms, bad is countered with good and it serves as the days ebb and flow.  As we go through the journey of life it is not how we respond to the good times it's how we deal with adversity that is the measure and worth of our livelihood!  

Now with that being said, I am furious, when will this stop?  The residue remains and the assumptions are asinine.  Sad when the majority of college frat boys have cheated at least once in college and every single LAWYER has cheated someone, somewhere, somehow and you can quote me on that.  

Cam Newton is an imperfect human being but aren't we all? 

As I will share in this article his imperfections are the things that make up who he is, where he is at and how he is getting the job done today.  

The origin of what we know as the Seven Deadly Sins started during the fourth century in Greece, published via The Book of Proverbs and finally in Dante's The Divine Comedy. However, The Seven Deadly Sins current home is the battlegrounds of the SEC and far removed from the field mind you!








The first thing that comes to mind since this fiasco began undoubtedly is Envy. It's when they resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. Dante defined this as "a desire to deprive other men of theirs."

Solved, right there, we see something special every time Cam Newton steps on the field or gives an interview.  Cam is the definition of getting his, especially when on the football field.

It goes without saying but I say this all the time, Cam Newton is not only the best football player in the Nation it could be argued he is the most talented and stunning player over the past 20 years. This kind of talent, charisma, good looks and dominating gameday performances has spawned an envious laden character drill down on an imperfect 21 year old kid.

Yet his legacy is being tarnished and in an eight day stretch for that matter!

All that Cam shines with is what kills his detractors the most.

A wise woman said to me a long time ago when payback was on my mind "Living good is the best revenge!" Thanks Momma!

From his movie quality smile to his many touchdown jaunts clearly Cam Newton is reviled by millions but envied by many.

Cam Newton is no angel and his past tends to substantiate that but let's be real...he was a spoiled student athlete while at Florida, did some idiotic things, was given a second chance at Blinn Community College (BCC) and made the most of it to return to the SEC.

Explain to me how that is not punishment for his transgressions committed, it seems less like a second chance?

Some might argue that BCC for someone of Newton's talents was more of a banishing last resort to prove he really wanted to play rather than a second chance.  Believe it or not he went from college footballs mecca to its outhouse as his only option.

Lesson learned.

Now he is thriving in the heartland of the south and living the dream but to no avail, many people want to publicly lynch Cam Newton for the following: Being an absolute Bad Ass on the field, far better than expected and better than most have seen.  These are attacking points for hypocritical middle aged white men that would love nothing more than to destroy his life because he plays for Auburn?

How could anyone not consider Greed as an issue in this matter and on what side do we analyze for the sake of some sort of objectivity in this article.

The greed of Cecil Newton, is it real?

Asking price for his son's services was according to unnamed sources, "recruiters," hopefully assistant coaches was 200k! Are you kidding me?  

If that is true, I imagine the majority of Mississippi State fans are thinking "What a freaking bargain!"  Collectively they would love to go back in time and pony up 100 dollars a piece for the Cam Newton, Cup and Flower Fund!  

If Cecil Newton request for his son's services was to be more than "just" a scholarship was it greed that fueled renovating his church?  Cecil Newton is a Pastor, and with the stigma of televangelists, Cadillac driving deacons it's perception that Cecil is guilty of pimping his son!  

You see, greed is as much a part of modern thought as Coca Cola is a part of Atlanta.  That's why its so easy when putting one and one together that simpler minds agree...Auburn or someone associated with the program renovated Cecil Newton's church for Cam Newton's services.  Not so fast my friend, I need proof, actually I don't ever actually want proof but where is the evidence?

Only time will tell but I am wondering is coincidental perception the same as reality?

When we speak of Gluttony for the purpose of this article lets define it as big business, Tostitos, ABC, ESPN, etc. These giant corporations and their kick back sponsors could lose in the upwards of $100 million with the "wrong" teams in the BCS Championship Game.

Unfortunately this kind of money, is the type of revenue, Auburn wouldn't deliver in a BCS championship game, nor would TCU or Boise State.    

What if a one loss Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida or Alabama were in the hunt.  These teams would and historically garner more public interest and travel better than the majority of programs.

Alabama?  Don't be naive.

Up until the Crimson Tide's recent and unexpected defeat to the hands of LSU, everyone said win out and you are in.  A one loss team playing in the BCS title game over possibly two maybe three undefeated teams, duh, money talks and Boise walks.  

Did Alabama losing to LSU start this witch hunt? 

Quite possibly and why not? 

The big business sponsors had dollar signs in their eyes as the joint plan with the national sports media, especially ESPN/ABC, was clear.   Alabama as the national darling's were prognostic favorites to defeat Auburn on 26 November 2010.

Alabama wins out, back to BCS title game to defend their Championship and everyone is making serious money.  Whew!

As preposterous as the above claim may be the once respected ESPN now reverting to character defamation as a tactic to divert Auburn's rise to the BCS final is a real theory. 

As redonkulous as this and other claims may be, still it's a possibility.  Conceptualize this; a conspiracy theorist in Boise right now is thinking right on brother, right on.  Big Money has kept us out of the title game too!  

The Wrath of a man when unleashed on a target no matter the cause is damaging and critical to the dreams and goals of all that are involved.   Cam Newton is the victim of some ones Wrath, sadly we are all victims in this, especially the sport of College Football.

The Wrath of whom?  A rejected Dan Mullen, is this saga a product of his Wrath? Apparently yes it is!

The wrath of Thayer Evans and his fellow lead story jockey's.  He and his negative spewing compatriots are a bunch of headline seeking whores… is this their wrath and for what?  Wait a minute, Thayer Evans is too weak to become wrath, he sets high and mighty his Lust for fame.

However, the only lust registered around here is better left unsaid.  I am a family man but Erin Andrews is not only beautiful but a football expert as well!  God blessed us with her charm, smarts and good looks.    

Wow… back on subject, back on subject Voodoo.  

Sloth, the most misinterpreted of the Seven Deadly Sins is the lack of emotional and even spiritual apathy for others.  The many that stand by and lack the courage to say this past week is wrong.  Refusing to defend or rationalize what has transpired makes you as guilty as those that casted the first stone and showed everyone where the flavor of the month is.  

In your eyes you see a grown man, physically, that is dominant in every aspect and his transgressions from his past anger you, me too!  Stupid mistakes when coupled with "free ride" talent can disappoint!  I know it eats you up but in your heart you know he is just a kid and if he was your son, how many chances would you hope he received?    

Pride in this article will serve as the opposite of Dante's definition.  Pride is what you have when redemption is a quality that becomes you.  Pride is in your heart for standing up for what is right and defending your organization.  Pride is what circles the wagons and wins championships.  Pride is how you look at yourself in the mirror when your tired and feel like giving up.  Pride is sometimes all we have to get back up and dust off.

Pretty sure Cam Newton has been humbled over the past three years. 

Pride in your self and knowing where you have been and where you are going is the key to fulfilling life's wildest dreams.  Dream on baby, Dream on! 

Cause we can't help that evil doers see Cam, Living the Dream and their envious posture is written all over their faces.  The current fire is fueled by innuendo and allegations it's turning into the worst case of defamation to a student athlete, ever!  

Only time will tell but at this time Cam is innocent until proven guilty… yeah right… guilty until exonerated by the NCAA or the FBI for that matter.

Cam Newton is a young man making the best of his second chance.  His mistakes have been forgiven by the Auburn Nation, by his friends and family but most importantly, by God.  

Now, Why Can't You?


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